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Author has written 4 stories for Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Avengers, Pokémon, and Katekyo Hitman Reborn!.

Hello guys, Harlequin K here. I love writing stories about almost anything but these days my main focus is Pokemon stories which I hope everyone enjoys.

Other universes that I want to explore in the future would be a Voltron/Power Ranger crossover, Underworld, Percy Jackson, The Tomorrow People, Marvel Comics

Pairings I like:







Spiderman/ Captain Marvel


Captain America/ Rogue

As for my current stories here are the status

Percy Jackson and the Warrior of Olympus - Permanent Hiatus: the reason been that I have a block regarding this story.

Earth Mightiest Heroes: Assemble - Permanent Hiatus: the reason been that I have a block regarding this story.

Titans - On going.

Character Guide to Titans

Ash Ketchum - Trainer from Pallet Town competing in the Indigo Conference with the dream to become a Pokemon Master.

Badges: Boulder Badge

Ash's Team:

Growlithe (Male) - Starter

Ability- Justified

Combos - Charge Ember ( hold ember for a period of 10-30 seconds before firing), Charge Tail (Charge Ember for attack and Iron Tail for defense), Iron Burst ( Iron Tail Flame Burst)

Moves - Ember, Bite, Roar, Morning Sun, Iron Tail, Flame Burst.

Nidoran (Female) - First Capture

Ability - Poison Point

Combos - Poison Sting long and short range.

Moves - Scratch, Growl, Double Kick, Poison Sting

Rhyhorn (Male) - Second Capture

Ability - Rock Head

Moves - Horn Attack, Take Down, Dragon Rush, Thunder Fang, Stomp

Joe - Trainer from Vermilion City who wants to prove that the Pokemon Technical Institute trainer policies are wrong and wants to become a Gym Leader.

Badges: Boulder Badge

Joe's Team:

Bellsprout (Female) - Starter

Ability- Chlorophyll

Combos- Sleep/Poison/Stun Whip (status spore Vine Whip), Whip Barrage (Vine Whip Ingrain)

Moves- Vine Whip, Growth, Poison Powder, Stun Spore, Sleep Powder, Ingrain.

Pidgey (Female) - First Capture

Ability - Keen Eye

Moves - Tackle, Sand Attack, Gust , Quick Attack

Machop (Male) - Second Capture

Ability - Guts

Combos - Focus Chop (Focus Energy Karate Chop), Focus Kick (Focus Energy Low Kick)

Moves - Karate Chop, Low Kick, Focus Energy, Foresight, Low Sweep.

Gym Leaders

Brock Stone- Second youngest Gym Leader of Kanto, world renown Pokemon Breeder.

City- Pewter City Gym

Personal Team:

Steelix - Starter











Gym Leaders and their teams will be posted as the story progresses.

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