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Author has written 2 stories for Naruto.

I have an interest in a lot of different fictional universes, but the primary one is the Narutoverse. I've been watching the show since I was a kid, and when I discovered manga I switched to it, so I have a lot of drafts for different stories ready, although I usually have no time to put them on the paper (figuratively speaking. Also, English is not my mother language, so, naturally, it takes me more time to form my thoughts in English then a native-speaker.

Now then, Just so you could have a picture of what I have in mind, here are some of my ideas for fanfiction:

1: Will of Iron

As we all know, shinobis aren't the only people who can use chakra: there are also samurais, and I always wandered about their background, abilities, and, of course, how would Naruto changed if he was raised as a samurai. There are two courses this fanfic can go: Naruto is brought to the Land of Iron at a very young age and is raised by samurais, or it can be "Naruto is trained by X" kind of story, in which case his sensei will be Tatewaki, a travelling Ronin from a filler episode.

Status of the story: plot is not thought through.

2: Mist Demon's Redemption

Is there a chance that if Zabuza lived he would've redeemed everything wrong he had done? Even after being recruited by Orochimaru to become a new leader of Sound Five? A story that shows that even a blood-thirsty demon can become a symbol of hope for those who don't have anyone else to rely on.

Status of the story: the plot is under development.

3: The Progenitor Clan

Orochimaru always sought the best vessel for himself, and Sasuke Uchiha seemed to be perfect. But one can't be too perfect, and in his quest for power Orochimaru found a way to unlock the full potential of the ancient clan. How the events would unfold if during the chuunin exam Orochimaru implanted First Hokage's DNA into Sasuke?

This is a very dark fanfiction, and although Sasuke is initially the only one who undergoes some changes, the plot is going to change dramatically, featuring many characters at once.

Status of the story: The plot is well thought through till the latest arcs.

And, my top 3 favourite characters:

1. Zabuza

The most badass nukenin in the show, a true shinobi who actually relies on stealth rather than on a fancy "Chakra Magic". And if that fails, he can always cleave his target in a half with one the Legendary Seven Swords that literally feeds on humans blood. Always emotionless, always one step ahead, he leaves only one emotion for his adversaries: Horror.

2. Danzo Shimura

The man is considered to be one of the most hated characters in Narutoverse... and that is also a reason why I like him. Despite his ruthless approach to any threat, hunger for power, and ocasional cowardice, the man has always, even in the last moments of his life, put the well-being of his village first. Operating from the shadows, always plotting, Danzo has discarded such things as sympathy to human beings, friendship, and honor - all for the greater good of his home. And that makes him a hero in my book.

Also, dat arm tho.

3. Kabuto Yakushi

One word that comes to my mind when I look at Kabuto Yakushi: grey. And not just because of the color of his hair. The boy has spent his life spying on different villages, blending in so much that his very own identity began to dissolve. Working as a spy on numeroues people at once, he eventually decided, that it's time for the pawn named Kabuto to become a king - and he did, though in the only way he could: by adopting other personalities and abilities. And, despite his best attempt, the boy still failed to recognize himself; just for that he earns my sympathy.

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