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Author has written 9 stories for Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean, Les Misérables, and Les Miserables.

What can I say about myself?

What can I say for myself?

To put it plain and simple, I might not want to say anything about me at all. I would prefer to have my stories talk about me, about my ideas, about my writing, about the sometimes strange interworkings of my curious head...

I am german, I'll reveal as much, studied and PhD-ed in physics, which is probably as far from writing as you can get - but what is a girl to do... and writing has become something like my second nature.

Writing in english is - of course - quite a different thing. I probably spent a total of 4 weeks in english-speaking countries, and even though I try my very best, at times it still shows. My job has brought me closer to the english language again, but more because it's the common link between people from all over the world, and I am feeling, that instead of improving my english, I am picking up a slightly weird mixture of London slang, french colored english, swedish expression and american english... which probably makes up for strange reading. Yet, this is no excuse for poor grammar and silly mistakes, even I - being a non-native speaker - cringe at times, and I sincerely hope, that I can uphold somewhat of a small standart concerning my writings - in other words, I try not to be to abysmal.

I take advice, none the less, of course, and I am glad for it.

As to what I write... I have done Lord of the Rings stuff and finally lost myself in my Pirates-Story, which has a sequel all planned out as well (if only real life were not to interfere at times...). I also have a Phantom of the Opera draft, but what I planned may prove to be a bite more than I can chew, even in german, so probably don't expect the english version... any time... soon.

And very recently, I've fallen into a new obsession of mine - Les Miserables - which has been an obsession music-wise for a while, but it's only since a short time, that I did discover it as a story itself...

And for those with more curiosity: I am trying my hand in blogging of geeky stuff

My dos and don'ts:


Nice, original characterisations

OCs, even some falling in love with characters from the fandom, if done originally, keeping the fandom character in character

A good first chapter. If this doesn't catch me, I'm likely not to read it at all.

Stories developing slowly and realistically. I rather take the time to read and wait, instead of looking for a "quick cookie"

Good writing style, poetic and descriptive writing


Mary Sues (like for almost everybody)

Blatant writing errors. You will never find all errors in a text, and neither will I. But even as a non native speaker: If you're not good enough to put together a sentence, write to build up your skills, but spare me for the time being.

The sentence: Story better than it sounds / Story better than summary/etc in summarys. Sorry folks.

Too much head-over-heels for characters where it really doesn't fit.

Elementary logic. No problem with a flaw or two, but the overall thing should make sense, guys ;-)

Stories to be had:

LotR fandom

  • From shadows I come: A Houses of healing variation, Éowyn and Faramir all the way. A rewrite of the sadly short tolkien chapter on that matter, and my personal interpretation of that scene. Story is completed.
  • Aus Schatten gekommen: Same thing in german: Eine Variation über die "Häuser der Heilung", die Geschichte von Éowyn und Faramir. Eine Umschreibung des viel zu kurzen Tolkienkapitels, und meine persönliche Interpretation dieser Episode. Geschichte ist fertig.
  • A song unsung: Originally a response to a challenge: Éowyn joins the Rohirrim during the battle of Gondor, but it's her, not Gandalf, who finds Faramir being burnt by Denethor. The challenge struck my fancy, but I have, sadly, somewhat lost interest for it in between. Since I don't like unfinished stuff, I may pick it up again, but for the moment it is abandoned, sadly.
  • PoTC fandom

    Gloved: An alternative continuation of the "Curse of the Black Pearl". A story of an ancient charm, a ghost imprisoned and a story of love and hate that has been carried throughout centuries in abundance. All too soon those, who were drawn into the plots of Barbossa some time ago, find themselves in another ploy of a different making, that may shatter all that they hold dear and true to them. Chasing ghosts as well as the links of sorcery deeply rooted in their own past, our heros race time and evil intent alike to ultimately save what is left of Port Royal. Story is completed

    Les misérables fandom

  • City of glass: An alternative universe, where the government decides to move in on the plans of a revolution before it actually begins. All to soon, Les Amis de l'ABC and their associates find themselves threatened and haunted, and still, there is a revolution to be planned. Currently posting!
  • Ma tendre Musette: A spinoff of the city of glass canon, featuring the backstory of Joly, Musichetta and Bossuet, which turned out to be capricious to be fit between the lines of the main plot. Self standing fic, that can also be read on its own.
  • Shadows and echoes: Another spinoff of the city of glass canon, featuring some AU and future stories, little writing excercises, a little shippy stuff. Not necessarily completed, but also not really work in progress. If something drops out of the city of glass production process, I may put it there...
  • Two pillars and an arc: Yet another city of glass spinoff, although this is more of a standalone. The response to a challenge in the abaissee forum: "Write a story around those three words: "Javert, gate, dreamy" ". I took up the idea and this is what happened. One-shot, and completed
  • What we were and what we are: An idea a while ago - to write Enjonine AUs revolving around interesting historical events. I got down to a siege-of-Magdeburg variation, that's all that there is for now. In my mind, there is still a white-rose-variant (which scares the living daylights out of me), probably something around Hambacher Fest, and maybe a variation around the roman-germanic conflicts... I just need to put myself to writing it...

  • City of glass: Dramatis personae

    (List of relevant OCs)


    La courgourde d'Aix

  • Jacques Morier, spokesman of the Cougourde, law student. 23 years old, badly wounded
  • Sylvain, 22 years old, shot to the leg
  • Armand, 24 years old, young noble, wounded and wrestling with death
  • Marc Lamarin, newly arrived to Paris, law student freshmen, 16 years old.
  • Antoine Verez, Polytechnical student
  • Phillipe Tiranien, Member of the Cougourde. Orphaned, lives with his sister Madeleine
  • Stéphane Barilou, Politechnical student, member of the Cougourde.
  • Joseph Sicar, second spokesman, 23 years old, law student as well, currently absent from Paris.
  • Robert Velu: Medical student, friend to Joseph
  • La barrière du Maine

  • Antoine Virille, Journeyman marbleworker, junior spokesman of the Barrière du Maine group. Brother to Jacques. Deceased
  • Jacques Virille, Master marbleworker, senior spokesman of the Barrière du Maine group. Brother to Antoine. Deceased
  • Pierre Lafargue: Marble worker, member of the Barrière du Maine group. About thirty years old.
  • Eustace Reverre: About thirty years old. Painter of facades
  • Saint Antoine

  • Marcel Devereux, spokesman, deceased
  • John Sellers, Englishman, carpenter, came to Paris as a journeyman
  • Jeanne Sellers (Jane), born in Saint Antoine, now married to John Sellers
  • Lucien, relatively young, involved in gambling
  • Christophe Anillon: stonemason, burly, ill-tempered man
  • Picpus

  • Frater Antoine, relatively old, monk of the Picpus fraternity. Fatherly friend and ally to the Picpus cell
  • Vinceaux – tailor’s son (and tailor himself). One of the figureheads.
  • Namelle – young baker (shopowner). Married, a child.
  • Vincent Griollet – Works in the Dufranc porcelain manufacture
  • Laurent Abati - young student. Originates from the Caribbean
  • Deverre - Member of the section, aged around thirty. Workingman
  • Beuragu - young law student. Originates likewise from the Caribbean
  • Le globe

  • Alexandre de Cambout: Presides over the committee that edits the liberal newspaper le Globe. As a side occupation, he prints most of the leaflets for Les Amis. Deceased
  • Hélène de Cambout, née Dufranc: Wife of Alexandre de Cambout, daughter of Aristide Dufranc. Heavily involved in the dealings of le Globe and leaflet printing
  • Pierre Berat: Xylographist for le Globe. About 40 years old.
  • Students

  • Ramon Deleric, Polytechnical student, half Spanish.
  • Franc Goudin: Theology student
  • Politicians:

  • Aristide Dufranc: Father to Hélène de Cambout. Member of Parliament both under the July Monarchy and the Bourbon Restauration
  • Gamins

  • Sylvain: Lives with Gavroche in the elephant. 8 years old.
  • Jean: Lives with Gavroche in the elephant. 9 years old.
  • Pucet: Lives with Gavroche in the elephant. 5 years old.
  • The girls in Rue de la Chanvrerie

  • Adelaide: Creole born in the french part of the Caribbean. Earns her living as a seamstress. Once involved with Courfeyrac
  • Elodie: Red-haired girl, seamstress. Charming and seemingly carefree. Involved with Bahorel
  • Louise: Blonde, seamstress. Charming, easy and a little shallow. Involved with a workingman in the Dufranc factory.
  • Miscellaneous

  • Madame Allevesse: Wife of the owner of the house Courfeyrac lives in. Has a soft spot for Courfeyrac
  • Giubet: Aide to Javert. Middle aged, efficient man.
  • Kataczyna Woroniecka: Emigre of polish heritage. From a Minsk family. Has lived in Paris nearly all her life. All but engaged to Feuilly (if her mother would not interfere)
  • (Appearances of historic persons)

    Saint Simonians / Le Globe

  • Olinde Rodrigues: French banker, mathematician and social reformer:
  • Barthelemy Prosper Enfantin: French social reformer:
  • Michel Chevalier: French engineer, statesmen, and editor of Le Globe:
  • Police

  • Henri Gisquet: French banker and Prefect of the Paris police 1831 – 1836 (french, unfortunately, I found no good english reference)
  • Mischellaneous

  • Heinrich Heine: German poet and political journalist:

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