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Hey, you, yeah you!

You're totally awesome if you've found your way to my profile! Come and stay for a while, read my stuff, write porn with me, PM me if you're bored or want to talk! Seriously bros, I've got way too much time on my hands for someone who has all advanced classes in school... So, a little about me, yes? I live somewhere in the United States, not saying where. I attend high school, I'm currently in my Senior year, so sorry if I ever can't post regularly, I'm traveling a lot to look at colleges and whatnot! Also, I can't seem to find where I thought I'd put my other links in here, so let me add this in! On Tumblr, I'm user its-a-freakin-metaphor. If you want to talk to me or just chill in general, PM me and I can give out my Skype or something. I don't bite guys, I love meeting people.

Just like my name says, I have a terrible tendency to procrastinate, so I do apologize if I don't post regularly, sometimes I'm busy and sometimes I'm just so tired and lazy I don't feel like writing! Oh, I have an older Fan Fiction account, but while I was working on one of my Spamano (Hetalia) stories, someone flamed very rudely and then blocked me so I couldn't respond. Now, if you want to flame then go right ahead, but don't be a dick and then block me so I can't reply to you, that's childish. Grow a pair. Also, that uninspired me and I just didn't feel like finishing... I'm so sorry if anyone out there knows the pain of an author stopping with a story, but there's usually a story behind it, and I really got upset over that person, because they said some mean stuff about me as an author as well. So yeah. What crawled up their ass and died, right?

Anyways, I'm majorly into the Hetalia Fandom as of the moment, so most of my stories for the time being will be all around that. I love doing AU's, whether they're just gaukens, or fantasy stories.. I do it all! I love pretty much every anime that's out there, so it's possible that I'll do some different things... So, here are few of the many pairings I absolutely adore!

  • UsUk
  • FrUk
  • FrUsUk (*threesomes are the bomb*)
  • SpaMano
  • FraNada
  • PrUk
  • SpUk
  • FrUs
  • Greece x Turkey
  • PruRom
  • PruAus
  • I love many, many more of course, but me being blond and all (not to mention American, I'm a double jinx!) I tend to forget things often. I prefer to write yaoi, with any other form of pairings I just feel... awkward. I don't know why, so sorry! X3 Anyways, I hope that you enjoy my writing, I want to become an author when I get older, so if you have any helpful tips to give, then feel more than welcome to PM me!

    I strongly believe in the language of 'Prussian', by the way! Whenever I write PruAus, or even anything with the mention of Prussia/Gilbert in it, I always get comments for saying one thing. I call him 'Prussian', or for example I say 'The Prussian laughed'. You get my point.. Anyways, I won't break on this rule! I know that there is technically not a language for the awesome empire of Prussia any more, but he is the personification of the Prussian Empire, so therefore he is PRUSSIAN. Surely I've made it clear enough now, I get soooo many comments on that.

    I seem to have issues with remembering things whenever I post, so I'm just going to put this in bolded lettering:

    I do not own Hetalia, nor any of its characters.

    I do own the porn I write about them though...

    That's all I've got to say for now, so I will release you into my wild writing!

    IMPORTANT FOR A SHORT TIME ONLY: I am going to a very large anime convention in August, and I am a bit (sososososo short on money) for cosplays, contacts, wigs, etc. So I'll also be doing commissions for things. It sounds kind of lame, I know, but I'm getting desperate ;3; Firstly, I'll accept money (I'll leave the rates below), but if you have any pieces of cosplays, I may be willing to trade that! If you're interested, PM me and I'll give you an address, visa versa. I'm looking for almost anything relating to Hetalia, Attack on Titans, and Black Butler! But anything would be appreciated.

    Alright, rates! Firstly, I'll do any anime, tv show, or movie I've heard of! (Just run it by me!) So Supernatural? Hell yeah, Sherlock? Duhhh! Hetalia, Black Butler, SnK, Fruits Basket, Death Note, Ouran High School Host Club, you name it! I've seen a lot of stuff! (I apologize if you think the rates are a little high, but realize even a one-shot is at least 10 pages by my standards, and I spend hours working on them!)

  • One-shot: 10$ This can be either fluff or smut, any gay, straight, lesbian (or whatever else your mind can conjure up) kind of pairing. Keep in mind, a one-shot to me is 10-15 pages. You can either be unspecific (just a pairing), or you can have every little detail planned out. I don't mind!!
  • Two-shot: 15$ Pretty much double a one-shot length wise, two chapters with 10-15 pages in each. Same rules apply to above, fluff, smut, both, whatever!
  • Three to Five chapters: 20$ Keep in mind, this would range between 30-65 pages, and if I get really inspired to write it, even more!
  • Anything above 5 chapters: 30$ No story I write will go over 15 chapters, but that's still a good bargain for your buck!
  • Alright! Like I said, I know the prices can get up there, but I spend roughly 5-7 hours on a chapter alone, just writing it all out, checking it, going over it and adding in words to make it better... I have a friend who proofreads and gives advice, the whole deal! I think people that write a lot, like me, understand how hard it is to come out with a quality, 15-20 page chapter! Anyways, this is especially for you if you have that crack pairing you can't get out of your head, that you absolutely adore. I'll write it for ya!

    Sorry for mooching and asking for money, I'm a poor blond teenager who wants ALL OF THE COSPLAY! XD

    Now, I will officially release you into all of my wild writings!

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