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Yellow, my name is Julia. I like writing fanfic to anime mostly but if I really become a fan girl to a movie I'll write a fanfiction to that. Most of my stoires are pretty well writen and long also, so please do enjoy. I am a self proclaimed goth, so most of my stoires will be darker. Most of work will include 'dark humor' so you get it or you don't.

Favorite movies:

American PsychoOld BoyThe Boondock Saints-The Devil's Rejects
Silence of the lambsHannibalDark Water (orignal, not the crappy remake)
RinguJu-OnJackass-Less Than Zero-Unleashed-House of 1000 corpses-Changing Lanes-Snakes on a Plane-Falling Down-Old Boy-All The Jason,Freddy,Chucky,Mike Movies-Natural Born Killers- and like 200 more.

Favorite bands:

Crossfade-Cold-Godsmack-Linkin Park-Everlast-Rob Zombie-Metallica-Korn-Alexisonfire

Favorite Books:

Anyting by Bret Easton Ellis, his most popular works include American Psycho and Rules of Attraction, he also wrote Less than Zero. His stoires are really not for the faint of heart, or even for more 'normal' people lol. His works are some of the darkest peices of fiction you'll ever come across... yet wonderful!

Favorite animes/mangas:

DeathNote-Elfin Lied-Inuyasha-Le Portrait de Petit Cossett-Confidential Confessions-XXX Holic-Chobits-GodChild

Update-Friday-June 8

And the day the computers are shut off at the school, I finish and upload the last chapter of 'About Her'. Now here is where my death comes in since I have no computer I have to take time off during the summer. Hopfully I'll be getting a computer this summer, which would be da bomb digady... I dunno. But I'll try, I'm just happy 'About Her' is all up and running, so do enjoy that and have a lovely summer!

Update-Monday-June 4

Told you I'd get the new chapter of 'About Her' up, and RIGHT now I'm working on the new chapter. I'm just looking for a song, a little hard for this chapter, but I really like how it is going. Depending on how I write (since ALL my fanfic is writen on the spot) this might be the last chapter, or there may be one more, I can't really tell yet. Ok bye!

Update-Friday-June 1st

OK I have been working really hard on the new fanfic 'About Her', I just need to make corrections, which means Monday it will be up. School is almost over so that means no computer for me, I swear I will try my damnest to get the whole fanfic up before summer, and besides, its getting REALLY good and I can't wait to write more


Marilyn Manson's version of 'This is Halloween' is a sick song. Anyways, I'm back with a new story, which I really shouldn't be since my first idea should be only about school, but its a remake of 'All the Time', now titled 'About her'. I hope you all enjoy, and it starts of very differently, less gorey for now. Enjoy!

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About Her reviews
”I can’t kill Keade, I won’t let you have the jewel” I said and tears rolled down my cheeks. “Very well, but you let Kikyou remain dead, remember this, Inuyashakun. Farewell” He said then suddenly turned around, gone.
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The hate without reason drove him insane. Her unmistakable beauty taunting him like so many times before. The same one that had beat him down despite his demon side and power, the faultless powerful miko. Even as he hated her, he respected her. New
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The death of Inuyasha and Kikyo redone and much different. Warning, if a Kikyo And Inuyasha fan, may cause depression
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