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Sorry for not updating for awhile! I'll be back to writing really soon.

Some Exciting News: Kuroko no Street Artist!

For the past month, I've been collaborating with the talented artist yellowoctopus333. We've been doing alot of planning together and are finally ready to reveal our creation. Together, we're writing and drawing a series of both pictures and fics that go together, set in the Kuroko no Graffiti Artist AU.

YellowOctopus333 is on DeviantArt, telling the story of Kuroko's elementary school and middle school years through Kuroko's street art. Each of her pictures is of one of Kuroko's creations, and just by looking at them in succession you can tell what was happening in Kuroko's life as he was painting them, and how things began to change, both for better and for worse.

Meanwhile, here on, I'll be posting the written part of the project, a fic called "Kuroko no Street Artist," set shortly after Winter Cup when, for an art class project, Midorima and Takao begin putting together an art survey of work by the famous but elusive street artist known as The Shadow. At first Midorima is only going along with Takao's idea for this project because it's easier than resisting, but the more he sees of The Shadow's work, the more hauntingly familiar the story it tells starts to seem. You can see the cover art for it now, at this link: http:///art/Kuroko-no-Street-Artist-Coming-soon-480484218

And make sure to check out Yellow Octopus 333's pictures on DeviantArt. She is illustrating every single picture described in the fic, and each one is going to be accompanied by a microfic, written by me, that is being posted exclusively alongside her artwork. The first three are already posted and can be read at the links below:

1. I'm Shadow: http:///art/I-m-Shadow-481154894

2. Alone in the crowd: http:///art/Alone-in-the-crowd-481603146

3. Invisible: http:///art/iNViSiBLE-482597867

4. No One Sees What's Inside: http:///art/No-One-Sees-Whats-Inside-483347372

5. BFFs: http:///art/bff-484510204

6. Basketball Collage 1: http:///art/basketball-collage-AKA-signature-war-487452017

I love anime, manga, and sci-fi/fantasy books. You wouldn't know it right now by the fics I've been writing but, I usually stick with more supernatural stuff. But I guess what's most important to me in a story are excellent characters whose interactions are fun to read about. I'm very into the Facade web novels right now. The three main characters in that fic are a 14 year-old diagnosed sociopath, a bipolar junior beauty queen, and a street kid whose ability to see through illusions got him diagnosed as schizophrenic. I highly recommend them because they are free to read and they are excellent stories. (You can read those here: http:///?page_id=1062 )

I hope you enjoy my fics!

A Different Side Of Me Spin Offs

Something I didn't anticipate when I started A Different Side Of Me was that I'd want to write more stories about those sides of Kuroko featured in the oneshots. But I do want to write more, and I've been getting alot of requests for continuations of them, so I thought, why not? I've been trying to think about the best way to organize them, and right now, making separate fics for the continuation stories, or the stories that elaborate on the oneshots, seems like the best way. So, I'm listing them here, as sort of an index.

RimFire - Continued from Kuroko no Drift Compatible. A Pacific Rim/Kuroko no Basuke crossover, in which fate and extenuating circumstances have led to the Seirin Basketball team discovering they're drift compatible, and becoming Japan's first line of defense against the kaiju. Kuroko and Kagami copilot the Jaeger with the highest kill count, RimFire. Kagami is seen by the public as humanity's ace. Kuroko refuses to allow his name to even be given to the public, content simply to be Kagami's shadow. But things change when the Generation of Miracles join the ranks of recruits scouted as potentially drift compatible.

Misadventures With A Mafioso - Continued from Kuroko no Yakuza. After Winter Cup, Akashi was kidnapped for a ransom that his father wouldn't pay. Things were about to take a horrible turn for him, when Kuroko arrived, and shot all of Akashi's kidnappers dead. That was when Akashi learned Kuroko was a member of the Black Hands, one of the smaller, but still considerably powerful yakuza groups in Tokyo. More specifically, he learned Kuroko was a member of the main family of the Black Hands, and has quite a bit of clout with his family. Since then, incidents keep popping up that make Akashi glad the little shadow is on his side, even if he still can't figure out what he ever did to deserve a friend like Kuroko.

Shadow Games - Continued from Kuroko no Sherlock. Kuroko's hobby of people-watching has evolved into the ability to do Sherlock Scans and notice details that the majority of the world would overlook. His own moral code forces him to act when he sees something wrong happening, and the boatload of psychological issues he's been carrying since middle school have been twisted too, causing him to take dangerous risks and act self destructively at times. Luckily, he's got Kagami and the rest of Seirin to watch his back.

Kuroko no Violinist Links

The song Kuroko plays with his friend's band is Lindsey Stirling's Phantom of the Opera medley found here:

And I couldn't find a violin solo of Again, but here is a link for my favorite English translation of the song, sung and translated by Adrisaurus. Kuroko chose that song to send a message to the Generation of Miracles, even though he knew it would probably go over their heads because they didn't know the lyrics. Have a listen to hear the words that he wanted to reach them, even though he never spoke them.

Links for Other Fics

Hollow is based off the Kiseki no Shiai PSP Game, where Seirin goes to the mountains for their second training camp, and suddenly all the other teams with Generation of Miracles on them start showing up too, one after another. Alot of funny stuff happens, but there are also several touching conversations between Kuroko and his former teammates. The most complete translation I've found of the events and conversations is at: http:///2012/09/01/translation-kuroko-no-basuke-game-training-camp-arc/

Puppy Love was inspired by the drama CD where Aomine runs into Nigou on a streetball court and ends up playing basketball with him, and actually having fun. You can listen to the sound clip of that segment and read the translation at http:///tagged/drama-cd. It's midway down the page, and there's some other cool stuff too, like a sound clip of Murasakibara saying, Marie Antionette style, "If there's no food let them eat snacks"

Right now I'm taking a break from A Different Side Of Me. I still have plenty of ideas for it, and I am NOT abandoning it in any way shape or form. I've just got a ton of fics In Progress right now, and half of them were spin offs from A Different Side Of Me. And I've got even more ideas for more spin offs from the chapters of it that don't have spin offs yet. So you can see how I'm getting myself into trouble, lol. So, I've decided that ever 10 chapters of A Different Side Of Me that I complete, I'll take a break to manage some of the spin off fics that sprung from those ideas.

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Kuroko no Street Artist reviews
At first Midorima thought graffiti was just vandalism, and nothing more. But while working on an art project with Takao, putting together a survey of work by the elusive street artist known as The Shadow, Midorima begins to realize that there's more to graffiti than just letters scrawled in spray paint - and that the story these pictures are telling is hauntingly familiar.
Kuroko no Basuke/黒子のバスケ - Rated: K+ - English - Friendship - Chapters: 3 - Words: 6,337 - Reviews: 123 - Favs: 702 - Follows: 756 - Updated: 9/30/2014 - Published: 9/12/2014
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When Sword Art Online turned into a death game, Kenma was one of the 10,000 players trapped inside. Kuroo wasn't. No one ever tells the stories of the people stuck on the other side, or how waiting for your friend to wake up, knowing there's nothing you can do to help them is its own kind of hell.
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