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Author has written 2 stories for Pirates of the Caribbean, and Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Err...HI THERE!! readers run and hide behind chair oh come on, i am not that bad am i? looks in mirror EEK!! i see your point..anyhoo, you people really wanna know about me? ok then: name: aint gonna tell ya so nah! age:14 gender: female Nationality: English ( Woo-yeh!!) star sign: Taurus. Yeh, i know the bull: stupid animal. oh and just so ya know, i am nothing like my star sign, 'k? that is directed at Aranel Of Mirkwood by the way likes: Snakes, food, ferrets, food, mooses, food and anything containing SUGAR!! YAY!! oh and Lord of the Rings, food, Pirates of the Carribean,food and computer games ( Nintendo are the best!!)And TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES!! hugs Donny dislikes: PE Teachers, exercise, being social, reality TV and fish. Oh, and my maths teacher!! brain melting- turning to mush!! hobbies: eating, reading, chatting to friends, computer games, and thinking up plots to KILL MY EVIL PE TEACHER!! MUHAHAHA!! PUNEY HUMAN WILL TREMBLE AND DIE!! BECAUSE I AM THE FIRE-BREATHING-FERRET!! MUHAHAHAHA!! sorry, i do that sometimes. If you hadnt already guessed, my friends seem to think i am slightly schitsophrenzic, havent a clue why. Oh and other writers have muses or plot bunnies, where as i have mooses and plot ferrets. The moose is called Manfrid and the ferret is called Marvin. These are the same as plot bunnies and muses except they are bigger and hurt more when they jump on you. I also, just to confuse things a little more, have 71 FBF's. kinda mini-me's but with ferret ears and tails. They like sugar and swinging on the light fittings. And last but certainly not least, i got Donny the Teenage mutant ninja turtle! He is literally a babysitter for the others and the only responsible one of the group (including me actually) Are you still reading my mad and strange ramblings? go away and find your self a life. Or better yet, find two and send me one, ok? I wanna go kill things!! WOO YEH!! dances to Mexican hat dance ARRRRIBA!! readers: blink blink Err...hehehe...i going... NOW! BYE!! readers breath sigh of relif and bring out party hats And before i go readers all sigh again and put away party hats i wanna say hi to all my friends: Aranel of Mirkwood, Laymisse, KServo, Tsunami, PonyPaz, Jacksavvyluv, Blackcrystaldragon and Johnissooooooooooooofit ( i dont know this John and it is not in my opinion, my heart is for Orlando Bloom or any nice guy who will give me SHERBERT!!) if i left anyone out, i apologies and will send you a prezzie by flyingferret mail, ok? security guards from mental home come and drag her away NOOOOOOOOO!! I WANT TO CONTINUE BRAINWASHING PEOPLE WITH MINDLESS RUBBISH AND DESTROY ALL PE TEACHERS!! MUHAHAHAHA!! guards throw her into padded cell NOO!! LET ME OUT!! LET ME OU... hey, these walls are bouncey!! YAY!! BOUNCY BOUNCEY BOUNCE!! MEEBLE, WIBBLE FISH MOOSE, MOOYAK MUFFIN!! BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!

EDIT: This is The Fire-Breathing-Ferret now aged 18. I am so sorry. Man I was annoying. Way too much sugar. I can thankfully say Im much better now :) But anyone who experienced me aged 14...Im terribly sorry :) Anyway, I dont write fics, and I dont use this account anymore, except for the alerts. Sorry again. ~ FBF

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