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Hey everyone, I'm BLiberal&QuestionAuthority. I used to be Sun+Moon,Earth+Sky, but not anymore.
My real name is Caroline, cause obviously, my pen name is a little bit of a mouthful.
Anyway, I'm sure you'll be wanting stats.

Age: 17. Almost done with my junior year of high school. Almost a senior, suckas!

Gender: Female (also straight and single, for any of you nice men out there _~)

Height: 5'8"

Hair: Brunette, straight and silky, down past my shoulders.

Eyes: Big, brown, doe eyes. I also have glasses, but not the big, dorky kind. The small and sassy kind. A warning to others of what they're getting themselves into.

Fave Food: I have a strange love of grape tomatoes. I just can't stop eating them.

Least Fave Food: Potato salad. If you try and make me eat some, you.will.die.

Addiction: Coffee. It is my ambrosia of life. There is a running joke between my friends that coffee is the reason my hands are so soft. My fingerprints have "burned off" due to me always carrying around scalding cups of coffee. looks at hands Well, I can still see the prints, so I don't know WHAT they're talking about.

Fave Movie: Making me choose is cruel. Can't do it. I will say this, though. I love action and adventure movies. Anything where someone is getting shot up, cut up (sword fights, people!), or blown up. I'll write romances, but I hate to watch them. I'm sorry, but I don't want to see people fogging up the screen for 30 minutes. Get to the good stuff already! The screen-foggers get blown up That's better.

Fave Book: Again, don't have one, but America, by John Stewart and the creators of The Daily Show, is just too damn funny! What can I say? I love the funny.

Other: As you can tell my my name, I'm a liberal. I live JUST outside of Chicago, in a predominantly liberal/Democrat neighborhood. If I could vote, I would have voted for Obama and for Kerry. I love Obama, and if he runs for president one day, I will cry for joy. I would have voted for Kerry, on the sole purpose that he would have been the lesser of two evils, though I still think that there would have been a few things wrong with his ideas. I hate Bush. Plain and simple. I think that the man is an idiot, a horrible president, and a liar. I would have no problem if the man just fell off the face of the planet right now. Actually, I'd do a happy dance, and throw a barbeque.

If I could ask Bush 1 question face to face: Mr. President, you have told the American public that you are going to try and pass an amendment to the constitution that states that it will be unconstitutional and against the law for homosexual couples to marry. You base this on the supposid facts that homosexuality is morally wrong, and that the "sanctity of marriage" must be protected. You also say that marriage is ment to be between a man and a woman for the sake of procreation. However, the Government is supposed to have no say in marriage, as marriage is a religious based practice, and to bring religion into politics would be a direct violation of the seperation of church and state. And, if you try and back out of this reason, and say that marriage is for procreation only, and homosexuals can't procreate, what about female couples who have artificial insemination? Isn't that procreation, as a child is the end result of the practice? And also, couldn't baring marriage from those who cannot procreate naturally mean that you would also have to bar heterosexual couples that are unable to have children from getting married? Tell me, Mr. President, would you bar one of your daughters from being able to get married, just because she was barren? Would you bar your other daughter from being able to get married, if she was in love with a woman? Tell me, Mr. President, where there is one place in your amendment there is not a violation of a precedent, or a violation of rights?

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