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Author has written 17 stories for Hunger Games, Avatar, A song of Ice and Fire, BioShock, Warhammer, Stellaris, Frostpunk, Avatar: Last Airbender, and Undertale.

Hello readers.

I started writing fanfiction stories in 2014. However, I have been thinking them up long before then. I started writing stories for The Hunger Games series, but have since broadened my horizons.

I started writing fanfiction stories because I had an idea for a story, but when I looked around I could not find anyone who wrote anything similar to it. So I decided I would fill that up, and thus I began my first stories. Personally, I feel the need to take the road less traveled and write stories that are not often told, or at least to tell common plots with a new twist.

I also have an account on Fictionpress, where I write historical fiction. Currently that account is pretty bare, but I intend to add more as time goes on.


All of the pictures used in my stories come from online, as I can not draw to save my life.

I want to say right away, I NEVER LEAVE GUEST REVIEWS. If someone is is leaving guest-reviews under the name T.J.98, then it is not me. It is an impostor, using my name for his own purposes. Additionally, if you are the person leaving guest reviews under my name, PLEASE STOP! You are not fooling anyone, and you are being very cruel and frankly pathetic.

My Stories

I am proud to say I have written a good amount of stories. Unfortunately I have some stories that I have had to put on hold, but I will be sure to finish them when I can.

Trigger Disclaimer:

I should warn you that many of these stories feature depictions of sensitive subjects. I write about such things because I like to capture the entire human experience -both joyous and painful- but if you feel reading such things will make you uncomfortable or brings up painful memories then it would do you well to avoid reading or to proceed with caution.

My Stories

"Hunger Games" Stories:

HEADCANON TIMELINE - This series encompasses stories which do not outright contradict the canon events of the series.

Cries of The Fallen - This story looks at Gale Hawthorne in his old age and at the end of his life, being prompted by the ghost of a peacekeeper who died in The Nut to repent for the atrocities he committed during the Second Panem Uprising.

THE LYSANDER TIMELINE - This series take place in an AU in which the Capitol ultimately defeated the Second District Uprising.

A Peacekeeper's Duty - This is the first fanfiction story I've ever written. It follows a Peacekeeper named Lysander, cousin and close friend of the deceased Tribute Cato, as works to keep order in Panem as the discontentment in the country reaches a boiling point. It is meant to show how a good person can be manipulated by propaganda and end up supporting an evil regime. Taken on it's own, without the accompanying sequel, it could also be considered part of the Headcanon Timeline.

A Peacekeeper's Nightmare - This is the sequel to "A Peacekeeper's Duty", following Peacekeeper Lysander as he fights against the Uprising in order to protect loyalist civilians from revolutionary excess.

On the Subjugation of Districts - This is a look at Romulus Thread's brief tenure as Head Peacekeeper of District 12, from his perspective and framed as an autobiography written after the fact. It looks at what his motivations might be and why he

THE ABDUCTION TIMELINE - This series takes place in an AU in which Katness and Cato, among several other civilians from around the world, are kidnapped by secret agents of District Thirteen as part of a eugenic breeding program. Another change is that District Thirteen was never ravaged by a plague as it was in canon, and so could be even more dystopian in nature.

A Prisoner In Thirteen - This story features Katness and Cato being kidnapped from their respective homes by covert agents of District Thirteen. Now the two of them are forced to marry and to live together in an Orwellian city, with only themselves and an unlikely ally to rely upon.

Innocent - This story takes place concurrent to "A Prisoner In Thirteen", focusing on one of the consequences of Katniss' abduction. Because she went missing the populace of District Twelve became overwhelmed with paranoia and a desire for someone to blame. The Peacekeepers gave them Gale, falsely accusing him of murdering his friend. Now it falls to Darius to vouch for him, but can he save Gale in time?

THE AUXILIA TIMELINE - This series takes place in an AU in which Peeta is forced to become a Peacekeeper. There is only one story in this timeline currently, but I plan to write more for it.

Auxilia - This story follows Peeta as he unwillingly serves as a Peacekeeper for Panem. He builds his own confidence, makes close bonds, and is forced to uphold President Snow's cruel regime. However he retains his own conscience. INCOMPLETE.

"Bioshock" Stories:

What Am I? - This is an AU in which Jack Wynand is recruited by the Lutece Twins to rescue Elizabeth from Columbia. He will be leaving behind his new home on the surface and his five adopted daugthters to do this, but finances and conscience compel him to leave. On the way he will face another corrupted city and meet a woman like none other he's before encountered. Along the way Jack and Elizabeth will both grapple with the question in the title. INCOMPLETE.

"Warhammer 40,000" Stories:

To Live For Yourself - A Krieg Death Korps Veteran named Karl Werner is facing an existential crisis after his regiment was settled on a recently conquered world, and an Eldar Guardian named Alria of the Ulthwé is forced by a corrupt governor to help him locate and plunder the treasure of her ancestors with the souls of her squadmembers being held as ransom. Can these two learn to live for themselves and to love each other? INCOMPLETE, POSSIBLY AWAITING RE-WRITE.

"Stellaris" Stories:

The Old Energy Miner - A retired miner from a Mining Station describes to his grandson in conversation a little of what life was like for him in those days, especially how he barely survived a pirate attack on his station.

They Are Welcome Here - An old man and an infant girl from the Thimoid species are among a handful of forlorn refugees, the last survivors of a genocide on their world perpetrated by the XT-489 Eliminators. They talk about grief, faith, and hope as their ship hops from system to system in a desperate attempt to find a new home before food runs out.

"Frostpunk" Stories:

The Scientists Legacy - This is a one-shot story in which, following the great blizzard, a scouting party from new Manchester heads to Legacy in order to meet and thank the scientists there whose generous supply convoys saved their city. However, when they arrive, they discover that these scientists had to sacrifice everything to send that aid …

"A Song of Ice And Fire" Stories:

THE LYANNA TIMELINE - This is an AU timeline in which Lyanna survived the Tower of Joy and married Robert.

Healing Together - This is a love story in which Lyanna Stark survives her ordeal at the Tower of Joy becomes Robert Baratheon's wife. Lyanna comes to love Robert back, and they both learn how to heal from traumas they suffered in their past.

THE HEADCANON TIMELINE - This is a timeline which doesn't outright contradict canon events.

Heartbroken - In this one-shot story, shortly after the death of Lyanna, Eddard finds Robert about to commit suicide and must stop him from making such a terrible mistake.

"Avater: The Last Airbender" Stories:

THE HEADCANON TIMELINE - This is a timeline which doesn't outright contradict canon events.

Occupation of Gaipan - This story follows a Fire Nation Soldier named Captain Goro as he commands the small garrison over the logging village of Gaipan, and how a group of anti-Fire Nation partisans lead by a youth named Jet attempt to dislodge them from the region. INCOMPLETE.

"James Cameron's Avatar" Stories:

THE HEADCANON TIMELINE - This is a timeline which doesn't outright contradict canon events.

The Outcast Clan - This story speculates into the fate of Na'vi who fail their clan's rite of passage but don't die in the attempt; it posits that they are banished from society and forced to live on the fringes as untouchables. This story specifically looks at one Outcast Na'vi and his son, on how they struggle to survive on the margins, and how they ultimately find a home and acceptance in a Catholic Mission established by the Sky People.

Crossover Stories:

UNDERTALE/A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE CROSSOVER STORIES - These are crossover stories between the worlds of the Undertale Videogame and the A Song of Ice and Fire book series.

The Lion's Bride - In this story, Asgore Dreemurr is Lord Paramount of the Monsterlands, a small but magically powerful kingdom in Westeros. To avoid Lannister Invasion, he arranged for his two adopted daughters to marry into the winning families. The elder of them, Lady Undyne, is ambivalent about marrying a man or a Lannister, but Daven Lannister has a good heart and she might be surprised.


I only delete reviews for my story if they are entirely unrelated to the story itself. The reason for this is that I think everyone should be allowed to judge whether or not the commentator is valid. However, I will only respond to reviews left with an actual account (provided that the person leaving the review is not harrassing me or my friends): I can not respond to anonymous reviews.

I do usually respond to reviews by sending Private Messages, of the review gives an actual description of their thoughts. I try to be courteous and to explain my own thoughts, whether the review is positive or negative. I welcome both praise AND criticism, as all feedback is good feedback.

I should say this: if you don't like one of my stories, at least have the courage to post with an actual profile. I can't explain where I'm coming from if I can't PM you back. Needless to say I will not be responding to guest reviews.

As mentioned above, and this is very important, I NEVER LEAVE GUEST REVIEWS. If someone is is leaving guest-reviews under the name T.J.98, then it is not me. It is an impostor, using my name for his own purposes. Additionally, if you are the person leaving guest reviews under my name, PLEASE STOP! You are not fooling anyone, and you are being very cruel in doing this.

You should write fanfiction stories too

Do you like my stories? Do you dislike my stories and think you could do it better? Be my guest. No seriously: writing new stories is a wonderful way to increase creativity and to make others happy. Maybe you have a story nobody else has thought of? Maybe you have a story someone else has thought of but that you think could be done better? In any case, write and read. Do people like your story? If so, Great! If not, don't be discouraged: all that should matter is that you like your story. Even if you don't like your story, it can still make a good learning experience for those hoping to improve their work.

There are some professional authors and businessmen who claim that fanfiction is bad, that it violates copyright, that nobody should use their characters their setting in a way that they disapprove of. While it is tempting to feel possessive of your creations, ultimately such thinking is futile. Copyrights expire sooner or later anyway, so it is impossible for an author to prevent others from playing with their characters indefinitely as said characters will eventually enter the public domain. In fact, the reworking of someone else's works to create something new is a vital part of the creative process and has resulted in countless great works. So please, don't let anyone tell you not to write fanfiction.

Quotes to live by

"Every genuine work of art has as much reason for being as the earth and the sun."

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Justice is complicated and the sublimation of our baser instincts -though difficult- is the only thing that separates us from the anarchy of beasts."

-John Oliver

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Everybody has a story to tell, but not everyone gets to tell their story. Lysander Hardley is a peacekeeper fighting against the second uprising. Now war has come to District 2, and all peacekeepers will be forced fight as their homeland becomes the deciding battlefield of the war. Can he protect his home and family from the war? This story is the sequel to "A Peacekeepers Duty".
Hunger Games - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Suspense - Chapters: 50 - Words: 42,067 - Reviews: 64 - Favs: 8 - Follows: 10 - Updated: 6/20/2014 - Published: 2/1/2014 - Cato, Gale H., Enobaria, Romulus T. - Complete
A Prisoner In Thirteen reviews
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Everybody has a story to tell, but not everybody gets to tell their story. Lysander Hardley is a peacekeeper, so his job is to maintain order. However, he and all the other peacekeepers will be given a seemingly impossible task: defend their homeland.
Hunger Games - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Suspense - Chapters: 51 - Words: 64,586 - Reviews: 51 - Favs: 11 - Follows: 15 - Updated: 2/1/2014 - Published: 9/6/2013 - Cato, OC - Complete