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Author has written 12 stories for Hunger Games, Avatar, A song of Ice and Fire, BioShock, and Warhammer.

Hello readers.

I started writing fanfiction stories in 2014. However, I have been thinking them up long before then. I started writing stories for The Hunger Games series, but have since broadened my horizons. currently my collection also includes a story based in the world of James Cameron's Avatar, a story based in the world of Warhammer 40,000, as well as a story based in the world of A Song of Ice And Fire.

I started writing fanfiction stories because I had an idea for a story, but when I looked around I could not find anyone who wrote anything similar to it. So I decided I would fill that up, and thus I began my first stories. Personally, I feel the need to take the road less traveled and write stories that are not often told, or at least to tell common plots with a new twist.

I also have an account on Fictionpress, where I write historical fiction. Currently that account is pretty bare, but I intend to add more as time goes on.


All of the pictures used in my stories come from online, as I can not draw to save my life.

My Stories

Trigger Disclaimer:

These are the stories I have written. Judge them for yourself. Leave reviews detailing your thoughts. Though I should warn you that many of these stories feature depictions of sensitive subjects such as war, sexual assault, depression, drug use, totalitarianism, communism, and suicide. I write about such things because I like to capture the entire human experience -both joyous and painful- but if you feel reading such things will make you uncomfortable or brings up painful memories then it would do you well to avoid reading or to proceed with caution.

My Stories

Hunger Games Stories

Peacekeeper Series - This series is an AU in which The Mockingjay's Uprising was defeated and President Snow maintained control of Panem. It looks mostly at Peacekeepers and their viewpoints, to explain how normal humans can justify supporting an abnormally inhumaine Government. It also explains how uncertian a Rebel Victory really was, and looks at what a Rebel Defeat would have meant for Panem.

"A Peacekeepers Duty" [COMPLETE] - This is a story from the point of view of A Peacekeeper named Lys. It shows the first half of The Mogkingjay's Uprising through a loyalist lens. It explores the power that perception, propaganda, and censorship have on someone's ability to make informed decisions. If you like that, then you'll like this story. If you like lots of action and firefights then you'll like this story.

"A Peacekeepers Nightmare" [COMPLETE] - This is the sequel to A Peacekeepers Duty. It focuses on the same things as the first story, and it also focuses on the horrors of war and the dangers of believing that a just cause can justify an unjust action. This story gets kinda AU. If you can get past that, and if you likes "A Peacekeepers Duty", then you will like this as well.

"On The Subjugation Of Districts" [COMPLETE] - This is a story following Romulus Thread's occupation of District 12, as told as an autobiography written by him. If you ever wondered about the inner workings of Thread's mind, this is the story for you.

Prisoner In Thirteen Series - This series is an AU in which District 13 kidnaps civilians from the outside world (Katniss and Cato being among those kidnapped) to divirsify the district's gene pool. It looks at the dangers of totalitarianism in government, the importence of human rights, and the ability to overcome in the face of obsticles.

"A Prisoner In Thirteen" or "Selection" [COMPLETE] - This is a story in which District 13 kidnaps people from around the world so as to counteract genetic stagnation. It looks at what life in District 13 might have looked like before their population was decimated by plague, and it gives a startling look at the evils of Eugenics and Communist Totalitarianism. If you like that, you will like this story. If you like stories in which Cato and Katniss are romantically involved, you will like this story.

"Innocent" [COMPLETE] - This is a story taking place in the same timeline as "A Prisoner In Thirteen". It focuses on Gale being falsly accused of a crime he didn't commit, and Darius trying to clear his name.

Postbellum Panem - This series is really just a collection of stories looking at Panem after a victorious Mockingjay's Uprising. These stories focus on what the surviving characters were able to accomplish and what lives they lead afterwards.

"Cries Of The Fallen" [COMPLETE] - This is a story that takes place well after the events of The Hunger Games. It focuses on a Ghost visiting a now-elderly Gale and reprimanding him for his Wartime Atrocities and for being so mean to Katniss in his youth (all with the intent of making Gale repent, of course). This story is inspired in great part by A Christmas Carol, but with it's own twists.

Auxilia Series - This series is an AU series focusing on Peeta Mellark being conscripted as a Peacekeeper, how he adapts to situations, and how he attempts to reshape Panem for the better.

"Auxilia" [INCOMPLETE] - This is a story in which Peeta is forced to serve as a Peacekeeper as punishment for accidental manslaughter. It shows a Peacekeeper's Life through the eyes of someone who previously saw Peacekeepers as the enemy, and it shows Peeta's attempt to avoid being a Pawn for President Snow.

A Song Of Ice And Fire/A Game Of Thrones Stories

Stormey Skies - This is an AU series focusing on how House Baratheon might have been different if Lyanna Stark had not died at The Tower of Joy.

"We Can Heal Together" or "By Your Side" [COMPLETE] - This story is an AU in which Lyanna survives giving birth to Jon Snow and in which she marries Robert Baratheon. It looks at what shaped their personalities and their relationships with others, and how both might have developed had Lyanna not perished. This is one of the few stories in which Robert and Lyanna are romantically paired, and also one of the few stories in which Rhaegar and Lyanna were NOT lovers. If you find any more, please by all means let me know.

Tales of Westeros - This is a series of One-Shots, some AU and some not, taking place in The Seven Kingdoms.

"Heartbroken" [COMPLETE] - This story is a one-shot focusing on how Lyanna's death might have affected Robert. In this story, Eddard Stark attempts to prevent Robert Baratheon from taking his own life.

James Cameron's Avatar Stories

Songs of Humanity - This series focuses on Human Activity on Pandora, and takes a very Pro-Human view.

"The Outcast Clan" [COMPLETE] - This story is about a Navi who has been banished from his clan for failing to complete a rite of passage, and about how he encounters and is taken in by a Human Mission spreading Christianity.

Bioshock Stories

"What Am I?" or "The Specialist" [INCOMPLETE] - This is an AU story taking place after the events of the first Bioshock Game. In this story, Jack Wynand is sent to Columbia to rescue Elizabeth DeWitt. This story discusses overcoming traumatic upbringings, struggling against obstacles, and the nature of what it means to be a human. In addition to oodles of Action, this story also features a Romance between Jack and Elizabeth (one of the few stories to feature such a romance).

Warhammer 40,000 Stories

"To Live For Yourself" [INCOMPLETE] - This is a story of romance between a Krieg Death Korps Veteran named Karl Werner and an Ulthwe Craftworld Eldar named Alria. This story also explores cultural exchange and common enemies of the two races, as well as the tug-of-war between personal pursuit of happiness and duty to society as a whole.


I do not delete reviews on my story. The reason for this is that I think everyone should be allowed to judge whether or not the commentator is valid. However, I will only respond to reviews left with an actual account (provided that the person leaving the review is not harrassing me or my friends): I can not respond to anonymous reviews.

I do usually respond to reviews by sending Private Messages, of the review gives an actual description of their thoughts. I try to be courteous and to explain my own thoughts, whether the review is positive or negative. I welcome both praise AND criticism, as all feedback is good feedback.

I should say this: if you don't like one of my stories, at least have the courage to post with an actual profile. I can't explain where I'm coming from if I can't PM you back. Needless to say I will not be responding to guest reviews.

Additionally, and this is very important, I NEVER LEAVE GUEST REVIEWS. If someone is is leaving guest-reviews under the name T.J.98, then it is not me. It is an impostor, using my name for his own purposes. Additionally, if you are the person leaving guest reviews under my name, PLEASE STOP! You are not fooling anyone, and you are being very cruel in doing this.

You should write fanfiction stories too

Do you like my stories? Do you dislike my stories and think you could do it better? Be my guest. No seriously: writing new stories is a wonderful way to increase creativity and to make others happy. Maybe you have a story nobody else has thought of? Maybe you have a story someone else has thought of but that you think could be done better? In any case, write and read. Do people like your story? If so, Great! If not, don't be discouraged: all that should matter is that you like your story. Even if you don't like your story, it can still make a good learning experience for those hoping to improve their work.

There are some professional authors and businessmen who claim that fanfiction is bad, that it violates copyright, that nobody should use their characters their setting in a way that they disapprove of. While it is tempting to feel possessive of your creations, ultimately such thinking is futile. Copyrights expire sooner or later anyway, so it is impossible for an author to prevent others from playing with their characters indefinitely as said characters will eventually enter the public domain. In fact, the reworking of someone else's works to create something new is a vital part of the creative process and has resulted in countless great works. So please, don't let anyone tell you not to write fanfiction.

Quotes to live by

"Every genuine work of art has as much reason for being as the earth and the sun."

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Justice is complicated and the sublimation of our baser instincts -though difficult- is the only thing that separates us from the anarchy of beasts."

-John Oliver

"Voting is a right. Take it away and you ruin democracy."

-John Oliver

"Ignore the racket made by these savages. ... We've beaten them before and when they see our weapons and feel our spirit, they'll crack. ... Forget about plunder. Just win and you'll have everything."

-Gaius Suetonius Paulinus

"Following the light of the sun, we left the Old World"

-Christopher Columbus

"Inflict not on an enemy every injury in your power, for he may afterwards become your friend."

- Moslih Eddin Saadi

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To Live For Yourself reviews
Karl Werner is a Settled Veteran of the Krieg Death Korps. Alria is a Sanctioned Xeno of the Ulthwé Guardians. Chance has introduced them, and Duty compels them to cooperate, yet gradually and inexplicably their feelings for each other grow beyond mere toleration. The shadows gather; can they learn to live for themselves, and can a human and an Eldar ever really love each other?
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