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Author has written 8 stories for Kingdom Hearts, Inuyasha, Secret Circle series, Misc. Books, and Harry Potter.

Hey! I like to make lists so if you don't like reading lists, sorry. o_~ But ya, I like to co-write with people. I like writing song fics and reading them.

My sister is Sun-Princess2 so please check out her stories. She currently has two stories. An Inu-Yasha one and a Sailor Moon one.

Also please check out my cousin cold-night09. Right now she has a Yu-Gi-Oh story, an InuYasha story and a story based on the Darren Shan Saga.

Also check out my friend's stories. His username is MaraudersReiandSei! He has an awesome story that he is putting up on Harry Potter.

My friend, Yasha's_gurl, is on here too! Please go check her out. She does pretty much any anime. GO GO GO!

Name: Kat... Something

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Hair Colour:Currently brown hair

Eye colour: grey/blue

Mood: meh...

Fav. Color: grey

Fav. Music: Rock,Jrock

Fav. Bands: Dir en Grey, Plastic Tree, Malice Mizer, OLIVIA, David Bowie, Versailles, Gazette, DangerGang, and so on... and so forth.

Pet Peeves: People that eat loudly, annoying people that follow you around all day that don't leave you alone, people that speak/write TOO properly (i dont mind in stories or formal things though), sappy sappy sappy love songs, people that continually ask the same question, posers, and just all around annoying things. nods

Fav. Pairings (If you notice a spelling mistake in these names please tell me how they are spelled thanks):
~~Quistis/Seifer (lol)(FF8)
~~Rinoa/Seifer (FF8)
~~LeBlanc/Nooj (FFX2)
~~Paine/Baralai (FFX2)
~~Reid/Meredy (TOD2)
~~Reid/Farah (TOD2)
~~Keele/Farah (TOD2)
~~Farah/Ras (TOD2)
~~Chat/Reid (TOD2)
~~Clef/Umi (RE)
~~Hikaru/Lantis (RE)
~~Fuu/Ferio (RE)
~~Xiao Qiao/Zhou Yu (DW)
~~San(Princess Mononoke)/Ashitaka (PM)
~~Kamui/Kotori (X)
~~Fuuma/OC (X)
~~Sorata/Arashi (X)
~~Karen/Seiichirou (X)
~~Yuzuriha/OC (X)
~~Subaru/Seishirou (TB)
~~Subaru/Mitsuki (TB)
~~Hokuto/Seishirou (TB)

I love playing:
~~Final Fantasy
~~Kingdom Hearts
~~Valkyrie Profile
~~Suikoden 3
~~Dynasty Warriors
~~Tales of Eternia (Also called "Tales of Destiny 2" for PS but there is a Tales of Destiny 2 coming out that is a whole different story and they used the wrong name so...)
~~Tales of Symphonia
~~and other RPGs.

I like reading, riding horses, playing volleyball, drawing fanart and doing a lot of other things.

I like the following animes (some are mangas, meh):
~~Oh My Goddess
~~Princess Mononoke
~~Spirited Away
~~Blood the Last Vampire
~~Haibane Renmei
~~Tokyo Babylon (Manga)
~~Fruits Basket
~~Final Fantasy: Unlimited
~~The Cat Returns
~~Valley of the Winds Nasicaa
~~Suikoden III (Manga)
~~Trinity Blood (Manga)
~~Chibi Vampire (Manga)
~~NaNa (Anime)

Fav. Books:
~~NightWorld Series-L.J.Smith
~~Vampire Diaries-L.J.Smith
~~Song of the Lioness series-Tamora Pierce
~~The Immortals series-Tamora Pierce
~~The Protector of the Small series-Tamora Pierce
~~"Trickster" series-Tamora Pierce
~~Forbidden Game series-L.J.Smith
~~Dark Visions series-L.J.Smith
~~Dracula-Bram Stoker

Anime/Game guys that are mine (and ONLY MINE MUAHAHAHAHA):
~~Squall (Final Fantasy 8)
~~Cloud (Final Fantasy 7)
~~Vincent (Final Fantasy 7)
~~Haru (Fruits Basket)

My favourite lines are:
~~When life gives you lemons, throw them at people
~~Oh look a castle!
~~nonono... clears throat I'm Jane (Disney's Tarzan, Jane)
~~Are you sure this water's sanitary? It looks questionable to me!(Disney's Tarzan, Tantor)
~~It Ran away with the spoon!
~~Stop it! Don't do that!
~~I'm such a ditz! lol

Please R&R my stories. I don't mind criticism (especially on my spelling). I aspire to become a great writer in writing: novels, poems, songs and just plainly everything creative. Thanks.

I love my reviewers! THANK-YOU to each and every one of you! Here is the list of my WONDERFUL reviewers:
~~Haunt of Twilight
~~Jenna(not signed)
~~dianna (not signed)
~~Kae (not signed)
~~Ivy (not signed)
~~anonymous (not signed)
~~Jez101 (not signed)
~~hell...long review. way too long(not signed)
~~Walks with Starz (not signed)
~~Rusty(not signed)

-hugs every reviewer-


When Everything Changes- Rated:Currently PG (rating will probably increase) - Taken off to turn into an original story.
Summary- Year 2500 AD. Rian helps fight a war over Earth against the Kanashimi. The human race lives on Saturn's moon, Titan. On one expedition to Earth, Rian is given a beautiful lavender jewel. The Kanashimi discover their whereabouts on the expedition and Rian is abandoned on Earth. While hungry and lonely, she looks to the sky and silently makes a wish before falling asleep. She wakes up in a world she has never experienced, and in a body she must adapt to in order to survive. She meets up with familiar characters; InuYasha, Kagome, Sango, Miroku, Shippou, Sesshy and others, along with a whole new cast of characters including Sheena and mysterious Sedantsuyosa. Will Rian get home and help the human population of the future? Are the Kanashimi really trying to kill them?

Grace's Escape - PG - Mis. Books (The Cay) - Finished
Summary- What happened to Phillip's mom when they were attacked? Where did she go? Did she survive? In my opinion on what happened. No Spoilers. to tell you the truth i hated the actual book.

Through the Eyes of the Cat - G - Mis. Books (The Cay) - Finished
Summary- You know how Phillip thought, felt and what he did, now see how Stew cat, the cook's friend and cat, feels and acts. From Stew's POV. Not many spoilers, don't worry. Does not go through the full book. Ihated the book "The Cay".

My Happy Ending - Rated: PG13 - L.J. Smith (Forbidden Game) - Finished
Summary- Takes place after the end of Forbidden Game. Tom has broken up with Jenny and she's not taking it very well. Her friends are keeping things from her and she's never felt worse. Songfic to Avril Lavigne's: My Happy Ending.

A Moment of Happiness - Rated: PG13 - L.J. Smith (Forbidden Game) - Finished
Summary- Jenny enters the Shadowmens' world to engrave Julian's symbol into the runestave again. Songfic to Dir en Grey's: Ain't Afraid to Die.

Cry of Help - Rated: PG-13 - Kingdom Hearts - Finished
Summary- Takes place after the end of the first Kingdom Hearts. Everyone on the island is dead except Kairi and the Heartless that have invaded it. Sora never comes back and Kairi can't take it anymore. One shot.

Only One - Rated: PG-13 - InuYasha - Finished
Summary- Kagome and InuYasha have another spat and Kagome goes home (again). She didn't bring the Shikon Jewel with her so she can't get back. Will they see each other again? And do they want to? Songfic to Yellowcard's: Only One.

Cruel Fate - Rated: PG - Final Fantasy - Taken off to edit
Summary- What happens when certain teenagers find out that they have the ability to turn into aeons? Can they get together to save the world from the other aeons who wish to destroy and take over the earth?

Fallen Angel - Rated: PG-13 - InuYasha - W.I.P.
Summary- Kagome does a calling spell but nothing happens, she thinks anyway. She collapses after the calling spell without knowing what happens. Sesshomaru's follower, Jaken' walking stick blabs a prediction "the angel of demons comes to cause the downfall of the mighty lord", which alarms Sesshy since the staff's earlier premonition came to be true.

A Token Salvation - Rated: PG - Harry Potter - W.I.P.
Summary- Wynter, Remus Lupin's younger sister, has just entered Hogwarts. This girl hides a secret that no one knows about, and is about to take a ride on the most adventurous thing that has ever happened to her. This story takes place back in time when Lupin, James, Sirius and such are still in school. It is an introductory story to a story that I will write when this story is finished.

Work that will be put up soon:

Breathe - Rated: unknown - X
Summary- Song fic to Michelle Branch's "Breathe". Kotori's POV. Based on the X movie.

Silver and Cold - Rated: unknown - L.J. Smith (Night World)
Summary- Song fic to A.F.I.'s song "Silver and Cold". Undecided on Night World book.

Everybody's Fool - Rated: Unknown - Not Decided
Summary- Song fic to Evanescence's "EveryBody's Fool".

Tuesday Morning - Rated: Unknown - L.J. Smith (Forbidden Game)
Summary- Song fic to Michelle Branch's "Tuesday Morning".

Pieces - Rated: Uknown - Unknown
Summary- Song fic to Sum 41's "Pieces".

I will post more soon. I'm really into doing songfics so thats what I'm doing. I have more songs in mind for doing song fics but no storyline yet. I will put them up when I can.

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One More Chance by Sun-Princess2 reviews
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Rated for some language, nothing bad I just don't wanna get reported. These are Darren's thoughts after saving Steve and running away from Mr. Crepsley. Features Linkin Park's "Breaking the Habit."
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Serena had a baby at 16 and had to give it up... when she finds her daughter, can she also find love?
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What He'd Do For Love: The Unheard Story by Maiden of the Moon reviews
We've all heard Inu-Yasha's version of our favorite feudal fairytale, but what about the bad guy's side? He has his own story to tell. Who knew Naraku was a romantic? (Rated for language, InuKag referances)
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After a scene she witnesses in the forest, Kagome reflects of her feelings for Inu-Yasha. Wishes are granted. Inu/Kag
Inuyasha - Rated: K+ - English - Romance/Fantasy - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,030 - Reviews: 48 - Favs: 17 - Follows: 1 - Published: 7/26/2003
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A Token Salvation reviews
The story takes place in the time when James, Remus, Sirius and Wormtail are attending Hogwarts. Bad summary..Please R&R and tell me what you think and I will give you a cookie.
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Inuyasha - Rated: T - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,694 - Reviews: 9 - Favs: 3 - Published: 7/31/2004 - Inuyasha, Kagome H.
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