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Oy... I need to revamp my bio. >_ Name: That's for me to know, and ...well, that's for me to know. *nyah*

Penname: My penname is from Rurôni Kenshin - if you don't know what a bokken is, it's the wooden sword that Kaoru is constantly bonking the guys over the head with. ^_^ The name just came to me in a fit of... inspiration? Sleep-deprivation? Too much sugar? I don't know, it just sort of... hit me over the head. (Not unlike Kaoru's bokken.)

Age: highschool

Gender: female

I like anime; I seriously doubt I'll write fics about any other shows I marginally like; Star Trek in its various incarnations or anything else. The animes I like are listed in order of preference:

Rurôni Kenshin - Got hooked on the lousy dub that aired on Cartoon Network's even lousier Toonami; have since immersed myself in the show. Am currently hoarding whatever manga I can get hold of... I just wish they would release the graphic novels sooner...

Yû Yû Hakusho - Again, watched CN's Adult Swim one night and was impressed with the audacity of Togashi-sensei-- who killed his main character within the first episode of the series. Have since become vaguely fascinated with the manga version, serialized in Shônen Jump.

InuYasha - Adult Swim again; actually, a friend lured me into watching the first episode, I believe. Have bought random volumes of the manga (in stupid left-to-right format).

Cowboy Bebop - Every anime fan I've talked to (currently consisting of two friends and my boyfriend) said that Bebop rocked; so, I jumped on the bandwagon sometime while Adult Swim was airing it - cool show, but the ending doesn't leave much to speculation. It's one of my sayings; Too many loose ends tied makes for a very boring ride.

As for fics-- go ahead and laugh; I know I don't have any yet:

RuroKen - I'm a fan of traditional pairings, K+K, S+M, etc.
I like anything that isn't senseless comedy-- I've read things with surprisingly little substance. And some things were just stupid... I'm not into character-bashing (much as I make fun of Kenshin being so dense with women - i.e. - Kaoru), and I actually *LIKE* Tomoe. XP I can't understand why people hate her so much...

YuHaku - Traditional pairings here as well; I love any good Hiei angst-- and Hiei/Kurama angst? Whoo... just be sure it's not shônen-ai, don't have a strong liking for the K+H pairing.

IY - Traditional pairings (so I'm not very original, so sue me), though I can always dabble in the occaisional alternate pairing. Oh-- and the Sess+Rin stuff? *shudders* That's fine, so long as Rin's not the same age she is in the show... that's just... wrong. O_o; Can you say pedophilia? *shudders again*

Bebop - Haven't read many fics about the Bebop crew; not big into romance fics, I'd rather read more about the friendships they depict so expertly in the show than Spike and Faye drooling over each other (no matter how expertly written...).

I'm not just for romance fics, I do read all kinds of fics that sound interesting, be they action/adventure, drama, or whatever-- and even I don't know what'll sound interesting until I read it for myself.

Now for quotes for your enjoyment by your lovely AB:

They say I have ADD, but they just don't understoh look! A Twix! *eats twix*

I'm not insane, I just look, act, think, and talk that way.

Classmate: Do they really believe people evolved from monkeys?
Moi: No. Primates.

I may add more later... >. Signing off,

~Angry Bokken

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