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Ahoy! How's it goin'? RennyKUN speaking, so here's the weather :

I used to have a crapload of poems submitted here until the site changed, allowing the submission of -last I checked- only story-format fanfics. This..kinda messed things up for me. All my poems have been moved to my old account on, if ever you feel like swingin' by. My new DA account is linked as my above Homepage, sooo...yeah. Come. Praise me.

I've only ever written one actual fanfic ("Threads of Fate" fanfic, 'n case you're actually wondering) that I haven't even looked at -let alone read or revised- in the past 2 or so years. Though I hope to try my hand at the 'trade' once more, right now I'm swamped with work IRL, art-related stuffs, other online obligations and pure innocent laziness. Sooo..fanfic writing is kinda last on the list for now.

NEways, some fandom-related shit 'bout moi :

Fav. Animes

FLCL (Fooly Cooly), FullMetal Alchemist, Samurai Champloo, Ghost in the Shell, The Boondocks, Cowboy Bebop, Rurouni Kenshin (really wants to see Samurai X), Aureka 7, Trinity Blood, and Bleach.

Fav. Mangas

Death Note, FullMetal Alchemist, Naruto, and One Piece.


Monk, House, The Simpsons, Dead Like Me, Angel, and action/drama-ridden DC comics.


Of the few games I've ever played (including one Tony Hawk game, 2 Spyro games, SSX Tricky, 2 Dark Alliance games and maybe 2-3 others) I've always been a fan of "Threads of Fate". A kinda old-ish Squaresoft game, not overly long and sporting ok graphics with somewhat repetative music. In total, it's still a very lovely RPG (google the ToF sequal petition, will ya?).

Long live traditional PS2!

Regarding fanfics..if there's one thing I've gotten so utterly sick of, it's all the strong yaoi/yuri, slash, incest, and 'romance' (not to confuse grouping) that's become an enormous pain to hafta filter out vast amounts of when doing any search, even when specifying the genre. Cliché pairings like Sasu x Naru and Luffy x Zoro appear all-too-often, and rarely do you find any such fics that could be considered somewhat decent writing. It's not as if I flat-out hate the genre, but personally I'm just tired of finding ungodly amounts of crappily-written anime/manga-based OOC sexscapades leeking into unrelated genres. Romance is good, but there's a place and a limit to how much a person can stand "blablah X whatnot", even if it's actually meant to be heart-to-heart romantic involvement. Same could be said for a few other genres, but this is the one I, personally, feel like ranting about.

I'm a sucker for action/fantasy/drama/angst and maybe a splash of relevant, well-written romance with a backbone. I've read some pretty good Horror fics here, too. I daresay this site is home to a number of literary prodigies. As for me...currently I'm something of a literature enthusiast. One who likes to write and read, but has no patience to actually Author any literary works.

's been REAL homedidlyos, catch me if you can.


(Formerly known as Flame o.F. Cheers to my new pen name)

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