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Imprisonment of the Elemental Phoenix Race news:

So I have gotten the next three chapters for it for a while... yeah, they're pretty long too. Just leave a review on chapter 5 saying whether you want em or not. If you don't, then I'm posting my story elsewhere.

Good day and thank you.

Note: If you have been removed from my favorite authors list, it's either because you haven't updated anything since the year 2004, you deleted all of your stories, your writing has gotten so bad to the point I can't stand it anymore, or it's because you left and you are never coming back. =P

Name: Not telling unless you're a friend. My real name anyway. You may call me Yeshua Fan ithough. Who knows? Maybe I'm about to change my pen name again? Lol.

Well! I am Yeshua Fan! I used to be known as Rose of the Moon, and I used to have 3 fanfics up until someone hacked into my account and deleted them! My ex. did it, but okay. I've gotten my revenge for it. Now I'm revising one of the fanfics. The first chapter of it is up. It's a different version, so tell me if it's improved okay? I've decided it should go deeper into the war part of the story. Plus, I hated the last version...

I am now only interested in Breath of Fire and Makai Kingdom. I'm actually apathetic when it comes to Suikoden, especially after the third game...

Faluna: OMG! The seaweed monsters are going to kill us! XD

Kurai: (Burns seaweed) So cliche... a seaweed monster... what will Suikoden come up with next?

Yeah, I actually found two quality Suikoden fanfics, other than that, most of them are Mary Sue bashing, so most stories in that category aren't quality work. It's amazing how much time someone can spend writing a story just to bash someone else... Funny, most of the flamers are adults too. Shouldn't they make themselves look like a better role model for children? Honestly... I think the flamers in this category are too obsessed with the game to see what they're doing. (No adults with no lives huh?)

Who cares if a person is a Mary Sue? Sheesh... it's time to grow up. I swear... people get so much worst everyday on this website. =P

I do remember two authors sending me an insulting e-mail about a fanfic I used to have in that category after taking it down many months before they sent the e-mails. (Funny thing, MONTHS after I took down the story.)

It was funny really. They were assuming things about the fanfic, and the wrong things at that.

One also called me a "stupid teenager" that really bothered her.

The other called me a bitch for hating flamers and people who jumped to conclusions about my stories.

(sigh) But my friend had a simple opinion to these insults.

"Morons like them need to be killed in order to increase the intelligence population." -Gallows Stalker

Funny, yes? Btw, this is meant to show those people how they really sound. It sounds foolish, doesn't it guys? That would probably be because it is foolish. "Foolish insults from foolish people."- from a friend of mine

GENDER: Okay, before someone gets this wrong, I'm FEMALE!

Age: All you will know is that I'm a teenager who has two more years of high school left after this one, so yes I'm a sophomore!




That movie was awesome! If you want the music to it, just go to!


video games






MILES! (Someone who really needs to grow up... sick bastard too...)

This guy just takes advantage of every girl he meets when he gets the chance. If you read his LJ, you'd catch the other reasons as to why I loathe him.

Brandon (He's a liar... I'll leave it at that...)

Really really really really mushy romance crap! Aka, Romeo and Juliet:

I loathe this because that version of love at first sight really disgusts me! You supposedly fall in love at first sight, then one day later, you get married to that person! It's so stupid! One day! You don't even know the person! I mean, wtf! It's two teenagers acting on impulse!

Scott (Don't ask... we established it at school after an arguement on who hates who the most.)

yaoi/yuri (No offense people, but I don't go that way... I will try to respect it by not making a really bad comment about it.)

George Bush (Have you ever met a descendant of Andrew Jackson by brain power? Or maybe someone who can really dance around questions?)

Security officers at my school (paranoid little fat cops...)

Fav. Quotes:

"We are one... One for each other, one forever"-Ruben Leal Garza.. I love him so much..

"I believe everyone has at least one skill that they excel in over all others... it's something that defines who they are."-Yeshua, aka, chaos; Xenosaga

"That's an interesti- I mean SEVERE wound you have there!"-Marivel; Wild Arms: 2nd Ignition

"Demons don't love... they rape!"- Johnna and me

"The sun needs to be shot down so then Crimson Nobles can rule the world and enslave the surviving human race! Bwahahahahahahaha!"- Me (I'm just joking sheesh...)

"How does it feel to live in a constant haze of stupidity?"-Hiei: Yu Yu Hakusho

"All this time I thought you were a brilliant strategist. When all along you have been a lucky fool."-Kurama: Yu Yu Hakusho

"There is no love in heaven... You have to go find it yourself."-Rath: Dragon Knights

"You will go no further, for her sake I will not fail!"-Ash: Phantom Brave

"Who gives a license to someone who doesn't know where the moon's at?"-Leslie

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