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When you first become a writer, you have to wonder if there's a part of you within the characters.

When the shadows overtake, and you blossom in the darkness, you have to wonder if there's a part of the characters within you.

Hello there,

I've been writing stories for some time now, I've had some wonderful reviews, followers, favourites, and met some lovely people in persuing my own literary desires via this site.

Most of my stories are rated M, because I don't plan them. Authors are supposed to plan things out, structure them, and have a beginning, middle and end, but that's just not how it works for me. My ideas spill like warm melted chocolate, and it's my job to find a suitable mold, set them in that shape, then top them with whatever sweet delicacy takes my fancy. Sometimes it's dark chocolate, sometimes it's light, and sometimes I skip the drama altogether and go for some fluffy marshmallows, but whichever it is, I can't wait to take another bite.

I respond to all my reviews, because I adore it when people do the same for me. We're a community, if someone takes the time to voice their opinion, they deserve a response in return.

Note, I fangirl about a lot of things, mostly otome games, whether it's Diabolik Lovers or Jessica Jones, you can find me with all the other people who're fawning over the sexy characters. ;)

In case you were wondering about me, I'm a 22 year old female who loves writing, otome, animals, and being insane. But I'll tell you a secret, all the best people are. :D

Feel free to message me, I love reading them, and I don't bite. Promise.

My main crush in the actor world is Ian Somerhalder, because Damon Salvatore is so sexy.

My main crush in the anime world is Sebastian Michaelis and Izaya Orihara because haaah.

Finished stories

Immortal restraint - Bound by blood (Damon Salvatore as Christian Grey, contains some violence and some risque content.

I ship:

Penny x Talon (IG)

Damon x Elena (TVD)

Ayato x Yui (DL)

Kou x Yui (DL)

Ryuzaki x Misa (DN)

Penny x Sheldon (TBBT)

Malcolm x Jessica (JJ)

Bella x Jacob (T)

Anastasia x Elliot (FSOG)

I want:

Sebastian Michaelis

Damon Salvatore

Christian Grey (Though only as Jamie Dornan and only because of those eyes...)

Jacob Black

Malcolm Ducasse

Prince Alcot (Don't judge me.)

Laito Sakamaki

Kou Mukami

Ayato Sakamaki

Ruki Mukami

Carla Tsukanami

Ryuzaki Lawliet

Ota Kisaki

Eisuke Ichinomiya

Roberto Button

Keith Alford

That's pretty much it, feel free to say hi, I don't bite.

I hope to hear from you soon!

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Because I'm not human
A story filled with the undeniable chemistry of Elena Gilbert and Damon Salvatore. She knows there's good in him, no matter how relentlessly he teases and chides her, but when his situation turns dark and he falls into the shadows, can she be his light at the end of the tunnel, or will he fade away altogether? Rated M for Damon. ;P
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Damon Salvatore, the elusive mystery millionaire stars as Grey in this Vampire Diaries themed twist on the original tale. Elena Gilbert, the young innocent journalist stumbles upon his life and when they find a connection, it truly becomes an unbreakable bond. Though Elena isn't sure if she wants to be free, or spend forever in blissful captivity...
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You're a maid in the hotel Tres Spades. Your boss hates you, her co-workers are always by her side, making your life hell. Then one day, you're pulled into a world you couldn't even begin to imagine, the epitome of luxury. But things are not always so perfect in paradise... (Reader x Bidders)
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