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Author has written 4 stories for Inheritance Cycle, Halo, and Attack on Titan/進撃の巨人.

Teenage male weeb who writes crappy fanfics. Not necessarily proud of that fact, but not exactly ashamed either.

I live in the U.S. and might sort of be ashamed of that.

Plus I generally have no life being involved in school and theatre, video games, and martial arts as well as writing for myself and for this site.

Speaking of, the stuff I have posted here is definitely NOT my best work and is a horrible barometer of what I'm capable of. I'm not on fictionpress and I don't know if I'll join it or AO3, but I tend to write better for original work. I'm taking a little sabbatical from my currently updating projects to hopefully improve my performance when I return to fan fiction, but I'll be back soon because I want to kick off the New Year. The reason I've been inactive for this long (I'm so, so sorry) is that I refuse to post half-assed material and after slamming my face into the keyboard repeatedly failed to produce the chapter I wanted, I took my eyes off Fate Unleashed for a split second and then the characters, who I haven't paid in three months, stole my car and drove away. So as soon as I track them down, you'll know because I posted.

In the meantime, enjoy sporadic posting of one-shots for various unrelated fandoms as I stretch my narrative legs and try to get my mojo back. I've been personally concerned about the overall quality of Fate Unleashed as of late (mostly because it alternates between blatant fanservice and rambling plotholes, as well as poor character establishment that stunts my opportunity for development as the story progresses) so when I've explored some more sophisticated writing forms I can come back to it and future chapters might be at my full potential.

Okay we're going to do categories now:

I'm a fanboy of plenty of things.

For instance, Star Wars. I'm one of those fans who loves the original trilogy, hates the prequels, and is very happy with The Force Awakens. Also ROGUE ONE YEET

I also got into Dragon Ball Z about two years ago through the Abridged series by Team Four Star, and I have come to love the actual show and manga as well. Sure, there's a truckload of narm to make fun of, but there are examples of skilled storytelling and powerful atmosphere as well, on top of having lots of shirtless muscled guys shooting lasers which is always a plus. DB Super is okay, but I like how Battle of Gods handled the Beerus arc better.

I recently discovered One Punch Man (along with everyone else in America) and am already hooked after 12 episodes. The theme song is probably the most awesome thing I have ever heard musically and the show is hilarious because it makes fun of every single anime trope I've ever puked at in my long career of weebdom.

I used to like Naruto, but I was unhappy with Shippuden's ending. Kishimoto let us down in a number of ways.

Halo is my favorite video game franchise of all time and Halo 5 was pretty good. I would have liked to see more of the Chief though.

I also play Destiny, and I'm a huge fan of its lore. Count the Metal Gear universe in as well, though I'll never even look at an MGS game that wasn't made by Hideo Kojima, so Konami can kiss my ass.

Tokyo Ghoul is one of my favorite manga and anime because of the lack of clichés, the awesome music, the fighting, and the fact that the studio has the nerve to show all that blood everywhere which honestly just makes it more real.

I'm a huge fan of the Legend of Zelda. My favorite games are Wind Waker and Skyward Sword. I deliberately avoid considering Ocarina of Time or Majora's Mask as my favorite because unlike most of the fanbase I don't have huge ass nostalgia blinders and raise those games up like the Holy Grail. I also favor Skyward Sword because it has the best representations of Link and Zelda, and portrayed their unique relationship in a subtle but complete way. It had the best music and story, too. I'm aware of its weaknesses gameplay and structure-wise, but that's not where its value is to me.
In any event, I'm about as hype for Breath of the Wild as I've ever been for anything ever.

Might as well address the elephant in the room: I'm shipping trash.

I ship lots of people from lots of fandoms and I rarely dabble outside my given OTP but I can keep an open mind.

Since I just talked about LoZ I'll start there. I ship Link and Zelda, or Zelink. Some ships that really piss me off are A) when Sheik isn't Zelda because the fangirls who want yaoi are in denial, and B) when Dark Link is shipped with anyone, especially Link or Zelda.

I'm really not sure why no one has thought to ship Genos and Tatsumaki from OPM yet. Ever since she threw him into a wall with telekinesis, I've had an itch.

Attack on Titan is infamous for shipping. It's a mess. I am willing to try new foods with Eren and various cast members, preferably Mikasa these days (my opinion on Annie is that her feelings for him are one-sided; and as a crack ship, Historia). Jean and Marco, along with the canon ship of Ymir and Krista, are my token gay ships and I love them very much. I used to hate the idea of Eren and Mikasa being together, but since they're not biological and are more like close friends than siblings it's okay I guess? I mean, I'll sit through it. I will only accept Levi with Petra because it is life. Ships that piss me off are A) anytime Eren is paired with Levi. Not because it's slash, I'm fine with that; but because of the age difference, the lack of any real romantic chemistry between them, and because it's overdone, and B) Armin and Annie, because the entire ship is based on two lines of dialogue and also because it breaks up a few headcanons of mine.

Same factor goes for Naruto, except I'm finding myself less adamant as time goes on. I like the idea of Naruto and Sakura together, but Hinata really grew on me, as seeing their relationship dynamic realized in the gaiden has been fairly nice. I still believe that Sasuke doesn't really deserve Sakura, but he's working to atone for it, and I've come to really like him as a character.

I have a soft spot for the complex relationship between Cortana and John-117 in Halo, because it's not quite romantic but it's deeper than that, and deeper than a simple friendship as well, which I find really beautiful.

A lot of my fandoms that remain are blanks where I only ship what's canon, such as DBZ, Tokyo Ghoul (I mean Touken here), and Star Wars, or they just don't have a romance element at all.

Okay now that that's over with, here's what I'm working on right now.

Fate Unleashed: Technically my first fanfic, and the idea is shaky because I was twelve but I stuck with it and it emerged a few years later as an ambitious, mediocrely written fledgling story until I cleared chapter four and then it actually got sort of good. It has an OC as the main character, which is usually a sure sign that it will be awful and a huge trend with fan fiction newbies, but people seem to like Ayel and I took pains to make sure he was complex and not a Marty Sue. I'm a hypocrite because I often ignore summaries with OC's in them and I don't plan to use another OC for a long time unless the story is only set in universe and has no canon characters in it.

Anyway, the basic plot of Fate Unleashed was written by George Lucas, just like the Inheritance Cycle was, and it is now an alternate universe because Chris Paolini announced he's writing a fifth book. So after the end of the series Arya and Eragon hooked up in a brutal mangling of Arya's character like the fans always wanted, the new Riders are here and there are too many of them to manage except by largely ignoring the dragons in narrative, and there are a plethora of tropey but generally likeable OC's which include our hero: Ayel, who is sometimes witty but also an impulsive prick with anger issues and severe psychological trauma. Anyway, there’s this stereotypical and contrived villainous force in the land that killed his dad and enslaved his village so he wants revenge and also has to save the kingdom from it while balancing his relationship with possibly the only balanced character in the story, Opheila, who became a love interest way too quickly just to showcase my inexperience in developmental chemistry. Along with their friends the other Riders who swing between getting along too well and not well enough, and their teachers the exasperated Eragon and Arya who were saving the galaxy when their grandfathers were in diapers, must go on a quest to find the power in themselves to overcome this unspeakably generic evil. Anyhoo, they all are going to go to the place, do the thing, get the things, kill that one guy, and save the world. The end.

Bartimaeus: Nobody panic; I only took this down because it's not currently updating and needs to be retitled as well as reordered, and just generally overhauled. In the meantime I plan for the far future with it because I will be revisiting all my Stroud books after Fate Unleashed.

In addition to that there are a couple of original ideas floating around in my head, if you're interested.

Hounds of War: A semi-futuristic, war-torn alternate Earth has been terraformed and destroyed by natural and man-made disaster beyond geographical recognition. From the rubble rise advanced societies that degenerate into a worldwide conflict of opposing factions, determined to unite humanity whether by peace or violence. The story follows a ragtag band of dysfunctional young "heroes" who joined the military to protect their country and make the world a better place...only to find out how naïve they really were. There's a lot of angst, some self-discovery and psychiatric analysis, a dash of sour romance, and a heaping bowl of action.

Between Stars: Basically, Adventure Time, Legend of Zelda, and Trove had a baby. It's a lot better than it sounds, but it's still in pre-production, if you will.

Umm that's all I can think of to write READ STORIES EAT COOKIES HAVE A GOOD DAY

Writing Problems

*types a word and then sees that it has the notorious red squiggly line* you wanna fight Google Docs I know I spelled that shit right" *types a word and it turns out it is not an actual word* WELL THAT SHOULD BE A WORD" “I wrote the word ‘said’ in my work 124 times FUCK” *makes inhumane screeching noise when someone interrupts my typing midsentence* The blinking cursor of a blank word document *spills beverage on notes* *cat sits on laptop* ‘I’m in the middle of writing a good chapter and my laptop is about to die and the charger is on the other side of the room, why is my suffering so real’ *stares off into space for upwards of five minutes* ‘Am I characterizing a character so well because I know the character or am I writing them as I would write myself’ A WILD WRITER’S BLOCK APPEARED “lol who needs sustenance when I’m IN THE Z O N E Feeling like you will never be able to write well again Feeling relief when you get inspired and write like crazy That feeling of inspiration that makes you shiver and makes your nerves buzz oneshot? more like ‘oh-shit-this-morphed-into-a-thirty-chapter-novel'shot *more staring into space* lol what’s dialogue having to pee but can’t because I’m IN THE Z O N E being IN THE Z O N E Being OUT OF THE Z O N E and crying about it comparing myself to other writers (never do OK) switching POV accidentally BLANK WORD DOCUMENT Tenses *stares more intensely into space* *computer starts whirring like crazy* babe I know this writing’s fire but you need to calm down *looks into empty beverage mug* why *sees a cliché* *cringes* will the reader understand what I’m saying here lol I hope so sleep? what’s that lol *thinks about writing while at social events* *gets inspired to write at the most inconvenient of times, such as at the dentist’s or in the shower* *gets zero inspiration when actually has time to write* WRITER’S BLOCK B L A N K W O R D D O C U M E N T *stares into space forevermore*
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