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HELLO!HI!HOW YA DOIN! WASSUP?!ALOHA!~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~
About Me
My name is Keke-Pania Lea StarLix (It's Hawaiian.) Some people call me Amaya (Night rain) though. I'm a crazy blonde so ya might think I'm a little wierd, but I'm just a normal American girl (yeah right). Okay, and just to let you know I hate preppy peoples! I live with my mom and big sis in Indiana I was also born there!(yeah I'm a small town kid) And I hate my Jackass dad (He does NOT live with me!)

I also have 10 cousins! (Little kids are annoying!) 4 aunts and 3 uncles. (BIG family!) And a half-sister I've never met.
Then there's Sergeant, my Grandma's dog. Sometimes I seriously think he's gay.

I'm a tomboy/punk like person. I'm very, very religious I love Jesus and God! So I thank them for everything! And I'm also thanking you for reading and reviewing!

My personality: Well let's just say that I love to make people laugh! When I took the Inuyasha personality quiz I ended up being Inuyasha. I'd say that I act a lot like him. But 1. I'm not really as rude as he is. 2. You know how Inuyasha says he hates himself when he's human? That's kinda how I am. I'm a very cheerful person. 0_o And wierd!

Big thanks or should I say hello to all my friends (Just cuz I love em' all): Lue,(Kenshin) Kai (Ash), Inu-Dragon (Inuyasha), Dude (Brock), Josh (Tai), Loki (Miroku), Kenji (Sesshomaru), Yoshiro (Koga), Jared (Yusuke), Kellie (Sango), Elayne/Elaine (Botan), Leslie-Sweet (Misty), Kaylee (Erri), Rosie(Yuka), Craz-E-girl (Ayumi), Meli (Kayko), Chloe (Sora), Me (Kagome) We're known as the: Silver California Weather Dude Dumb-Dumbs! Yeah I know stupid name ~_^ That's why we like it!

How I'm diferent then other people...

I'm addicted to video-games. (then again who isn't?) Every time I wash my hands I MUST smell the soap I'm using. My knuckles are usually all scabbed up cuz I wash my hands so much. (If you're eating sorry for booing your appitite!) I like sticky things! NO! I LOVE sticky things! I belch in public a lot. (Once again sorry for booing you appitite!) I'm only 11 and I have a job! I help my taekwondo instructor teach younger kids how to defend themselves! (I only work on Tuesdays though) Santa Clause is my ENEMY! I hate everything about him! I love camping and telling ghost stories around the fire at night. Also love the roasted marshmallows! I write songs. I play the electric guitar. I hate drama. I have a very busy life, see I wake up, go to school, come home, go to taekwondo, eat supper, play video-games, write fanfics, watch Adult Swim, then I go to bed. Wishing is one of my favorite things to do. I love the rain and water! And I don't date. (I don't plan on getting married anytime soon!) I've met someone famous before. E-mail me to find out who! Yes I believe in ghosts, I know about 1,000,000,000 ghost experiences that happened to me and my family so just e-mail me and I'll tell ya all about it! It's very, very, very easy to make me laugh! Just say the word: Pudding...LMAO! I want to work on car parts when I grow up! It sounds like a fun job! Of course I would die for my country so don't even ask! I LOVE THE SIMPSONS! Who doesn't? ~_^ Aaaaaaaaaay FANZY IS KEWL! I'm a moon and star type of person! Once in a while I'll go outside around midnight and take pictures of the sky and stars. I wake up 12:00 in the afternoon on weekends! Don't ask me why but I LOVE Mighty Beans. I can speak a little bit of Korean, but I know Japanese a lot better! (I don't know the full language though.) For some reason (don't know why though) I love hippees. I've always wanted to break dance. I hate drugs. I read in a magazine about this woman who was on drugs, so she had to send her kids away. She sent her only daughter (Ciara Jobes) off 2 live with one of her friends. The woman who was taking care of Ciara ended up killing her. This wouldn't have happened if it weren't for drugs. Not to change the subject, but Miroku is MINE! I HIM! He's mine mine mine mine mine mine mine!!!!! But he belongs w/Sango. So she can have him. (I'm so damn jealous though!)I'm the outcast EVERYWHERE! In my family, at school, and at taekwondo! And I'm sexy. •_• I've written over 222 songs! If I had my own radio station then it would be: Jaguire 92.7! I took the IY quiz and was Inuyasha! (A punk!)


Punkie Punk
Da tomboy
Goldie (cuz of my hair)
Serlina (My bowling team friends call me that!)
Hippee wierdo
Fronkie (Funky)
Retooted (Retarted witch I'm not! o_0 Don't get the wrong idea!)

I'm also a HUGE Adult Swim fan
Here's all the [AS] shows I like:
Inuyasha (my favorite), Family Guy (I'm a humorous person)
Fooly Cooly, Futurama, The Brak Show, Aqua Teens, Home Movies, Blue Gender, SpaceGhostCoast2Coast , SeaLab 2021, Big O, Trigun, Kikaider, and I say Lupin III and Cowboy Bebop is okay.

If I ever had my own website then it would probably be called something like: or something like that.

What I look like:

Gender: Tomboy. (Female)

Hair: Shoulder length BLONDE! I have a reason to be stupid you know!

Skin Color: White/Peach

Eyes: Blue has a little bit of green.

Weight: Why would you wanna know?????? '0_0 I weigh 102.

Height: Taller than my Grandma and my big sis! (5ft. 2in.)

School: Old Mills (A school for all grades) It's 200 years old! Can you see why it's called OLD Mills? E-mail me and I'll tell you a TRUE ghost story about how somone died at this school. The bathrooms are scary enough! There's blood on the ceiling, and the janitor says it's been there for 15 years!

Most Embrrassing moment: There was a contest at the roller dome. Whoever had a quarter from the year 2000 was supposed to turn it in. I did. The guy I gave it to handed me an orange envelope. I opened it. It had the word 'bib' on it. I gave it back to him then he went into a different room. When he came back out he held up a baby bib that had a car on it. He yelled 'Look what she won!' My cousin started laughing out of control so I chased him around. When I think about it then it was embarrissing now it's HILARIOUS!

My Favorites:

Movies: Men In Black I

Men In Black II

Any Jackie Chan or Adam Sandler movies!

Digimon The Movie

Poke'mon 2000

Old School

Dicky Roberts

Ex-Driver DownShift & Crossroads

Wrath Of The Ninja

That Darn Cat!

Favorite Number: 7

Favorite Season: Summer DEFANITLEY Summer!

Favorite Month: May (don't ask why!)

Favorite Animal: Lizard, spider, or a dog.

Favorite type of car: Lamborgini or Jaguire

Place To Eat: McDonalds! (Their fries rock!)

Drink: I LOVE Sprite, but the problem is when I drink to much I get hyper...(gladly I didn't have any today)

Food: Uh, idunno probably Popcorn or boiled eggs. Lol (Free advice NEVER tell a french guy he smells like unions I did that and got myself in trouble) just joking!

Show: Like I said before it's Inuyasha! (The boy with kawaii doggy ears!)

Book: Besides the Bible my favorite book would probably be...this is a hard one! Let me think about it. 15 minutes later you see me staring at the computer with my mouth wide open, and some spit dripping out of it. My favorite book is: The Inuyasha manga! (I seriously don't know!)

Color: Green or Yellow! (You'd have to pay me $50.00 to wear pink!)

Store: Hot Topic, Books Comics and Things, or SunCoast! (The place where you can get the Inuyasha episodes in english!)

My birthday is September 8, 1992 (Okay, so I'm under age BIG WHOOP!)
I was born in the year of the Monkey! My favorite birthstone is Emerald but my regular one is Sapphire. I am a Virgo.

Sport: I'm not sure if it's a sport or not but I'm in Taekwondo class (Songahm Taekwondo) I'm a green belt. I also love football! And Hockey, soccer, Basket-Ball...

Favorite Anime song: Fukai Mori or My Will. I can't stand the song 'Dearest!'

Holiday: Christmas/Easter (I read the whole Bible) or SuperBowl Sunday!

Singers/bands: I'm not so sure but I LOVE Simple Plan and
SClub7. I LOVE LINKIN'PARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And OutKast, R.Kelly, Chinggy...My favorite radio station is WILD 96.3!
Song: Unknown...just cuz I love so many. By the way...COUNTRY MUSIC SUCKS!

Games: Lazer Tag!, Inuyasha (PS2), SSX Tricky (XBox) Mortal Kombat (I love the movie and the video-game too!)

Here's some of my favorite websites:

Inuyasha Fansite (of course)

Other shows I watch:

The Red Green Show

Monster Rancher


The Fresh Prince Of Bailare (?)

The Worship Club!

Whose Line Is it Anyway?

XMA (Extreme Martial arts!)


Digimon (1st and 2nd season ONLY!)

The Bill Cosby Show (Sometimes not a lot)


.Dot Hack//SIGN

That 70's Show

Malcolm In The Middle


South Park

Favorite Quotes:

"Wazzup Blondie?"

"Sprite & Mello Yello is good for the soul!"

"If ya'll don't like football then screw you!"

"I know Taekwondo, if you tick me off I'll kick your @$$!"

"French people suck!" (I say this just to make people laugh k? I don't really hate french people.)

"I'm scared of the tellitubbies...and Chuck E. Cheese!"

"The Stars are shining high above, I'm flying like a Dove, Oh Dear God I thank you for your love!"

"Jesus Rocks!"

"Hippees are kewl man!"

"Ya'll gonna make me lose my mind!" (good song!)

"Hillbillies are funny!"

That's about it. (Do you think I'm wierd now!?)

Here is the main chorus of a song I made up, it's the one a relate to most out of every song I've ever heard. Remember this is only the main chorus.

Life starts out good but ends up bad,
life is something that everybody needs,
life is something that not everybody wants,
life isn't all that great!*

Languages I know how to count in...


1. Kahi
2. Loua
3. Kollu
4. Ha
5. Leemah
6. Onoo
7. Hikoo
8. Valloo
9. Eeva
10. Oomi


1. Ichi
2. Ni
3. San
4. Yon
5. Go
6. Roku
7. Nana
8. Hachi
9. Q
10. Ju


1. Hannah
2. Dool
3. Set
4. Net
5. Daucet
6. Yaucet
7. Il-Geup
8. Yo-Duel
9. Ah-hope
10. Yeul


1. Uno
2. Dose
3. Trase
4. Quadrill
5. Sincko
6. Sayse
7. Se Ate'
8. Ocho
9. Nawavy
10. Di ace

About my stories...

All flames are welcome! I don't know if I'm a bad author or not so you decide! But If you read any story of mine PLEASE review it!

Most of my fanfics will be coming from [AS] shows though. (What am I sayin'? ALL of them will!)

If you want anything else you can e-mail: or

When I was 8 years old Digimon and Pokemon were both my favorite...until I saw Inuyasha for the first time!

The first Inuyasha episode I saw was Ep. 13 Mystery Of The New Moon And The Black-Haired Inuyasha. It was on May 28, 2003.

The ONLY couples I'll write for are: Sango/Miroku Inuyasha/Kagome. So if you like Kikyo and think she belongs with Inuyasha than you're not gonna like my fanfics. I know who Inuyasha falls in love with in the end so if you wanna know then e-mail me! ~_^

Sorry, I'm hyper...okay I lied I did have Sprite! So WHAT? *Slaps left hand. "Bad!"* Hopefully Inuyasha will fall in love with Kagome and get her pregnant with kawaii puppies! I don't know if that happens or not but let's hope it does! I will write a fanfic with that happening! Don't worry ^_^

Fanfic Ideas...

1.Daddy's Girl

2.Kaggy's Birthday

3.Plum and Golden Eyes

4. Miroku's Sango

5. Sushine

6. Dear Diary

7. Magic

8. MistleToe

9. Chocolate Roses

10. Bank Robbing

11. Being Pregnant Rocks!

12. Stuck With You

13. Lost Love (NOT DRAMA!)

14. Blue Tongue (I can explain)

15. School Bus

16. Truth Or Dare With CrAzY iDiOtS

17. The Haunted Mansion

18. Big Daddy

19. Kagome and Inuyasha's Kawaii Puppies

20. Miroku and Sango's Adorable Children

21. The Other Day (Poetry)

22. I'm The Only One You can Date!

23. Babysitting

24. Sota's Love Game

25. For The Love Of Chocolate. GET A HOLD OF YOURSELF!

26. Old Photos

27. Stuck On an Elevator

28. Future Problems

29. I'm Watching You

30. Happy Halloween

31. Go Away Kikyo!

32. Kagome's Broken Ankle

33. Video-Game CrazyNess

34. Puppy Kisses

35. The Cursed Diamond

36. Flower Picking

37.Confessing Love In A Flowerfeild

38. I'll Be There For You (Songfic)

39. Lemon Scented

40. Stupid Perverted Monk

41. Easter Eggs

42. Truth or Dare With CrAzY iDiOtS 2

43. Kagome Is MY Glittering Jewel

44. Buttery Soap Love

45. I can't See The Love

46. Whose Line Is It Anyway IY Style!

47. Inuyasha Dreamin' Of Kagome

48. Inuyasha and Kagome Acting WEIRD!

49. Addiction Disease

50. Cherry Picking

51. Our Future...Together

52. Love

53. Kagome Get's It

54. You're Dead For Trying To Hurt My Kagome

55. I Don't Like The Future But I Do Love You!

56. Miroku and Sango's Wedding

57. Inuyasha and Kagome's Wedding

58. Haunted By My Dreams

59. Bouquet Of Yellow Roses

60. Kagome Get's It From Kikyo

61. Love on the Roof top

62. Loving Illnesses

63. My Version Of Jinenji Kind Yet Sad.

64. Kagome Confesses

65. Crazy Taxi (That is one of my favorite video-games.)

66. Please!?

67. I'm wounded please heel my heart!

68. Vampire

69. Be Careful what you wish for! (Starts out sad but ends up happy in the end!)

70. I'll do it for you!

71. I'll do it for you 2

72. Happy Birthday Sango!

For Summaries e-mail me!

Another thing! (don't kill me!) I'm on a mailing list called So you might wanna join there's some really cool people on that list!

DISCLAIMER: Inuyasha isn't mine k? all I own well I don't know. I own my fanfics! Okay whatever sadly Inuyasha isn't mine cuz he belongs to Kagome. I just wish his adorable ears were mine though!

Can somone help me? I have a few stories that I would like to post on this site but it's NOT fanfiction. So what would I put it under? Please help me here!

Oh and I suggest you go read the fanfic 'Suprises' by Anime-Alee! (It's my favorite fic on this site)

All the Inuyasha stuff I own:

4 Inuyasha t-shirts

1 Inuyasha video-game

16 English Inuyasha DVDS

Manga Volume 3

11 Inuyasha Magazines

1 Inuyasha poster

That's All I can think of write now. Oh and by the way IT'S CHATTING TIME!

Loki: LOL!
Miroku: "I don't get it how was that funny?"
Inuyasha: "It wasn't."
Me: "Okay well Loki and I are blondes we'll laugh at anything."
Sango: "Pudding!"
Loki & Me: LOYKWO (Laughing our you-know-whats off)
Kagome: "This is a dumb conversation were having."
Me: "Thank You!" :D
Kagome: *Sweat drop* "That was an insault."
Me: "Thank You!" :D
Miroku: "This sucks!"
Sango: *sigh* "I know what you mean!"
Kagome: "Good Lord! It's so easy making you two laugh!"
Loki: "I like cheese."
Me: "So do I!" :D
*Kagome and Inuyasha start kissing*
Sango: "EEEWWWW! Get a room you two!"
Miroku: "SANGO!"
Sango: "Sorry!" *Miroku and Sango start kissing*
Loki: *shaking his head back & forth* "That's just disgusting."
Me: *sigh* "I agree."
*Inuyasha and Kagome pull apart*
Kagome: "I can feel puppy-love flowing through my body from that wonderful kiss."
Loki: "Too much detail."
Inuyasha: "Well her tongue does taste good!"
Me:"OMG! Will you two love birds shut up!? This is starting to get way over PG13! Next you're probably gonna do something RATED R!"
Inuyasha&Kagome: *Blushing like crazy!*
*Miroku and Sango pull apart.*
Sango: "WOW! You're good at that!"
Miroku: "Did you expect it to suck?" He asked giving the 'smart-alec' look.
Sango:"HELL NO!"
*Me and Loki are GONE! And we ain't comin' back! Sango,Miroku,Inuyasha, and Kagome are acting WAY TO WIERD!*

:That's it for now! Would you like to see what me and my friends do at school? By the way I'm in 5th grade. We play that game where one person says one word at a time. And it ends up creating 1 WIERD story!:

(In Math Class)
Rosie: Once
Kenji: In
Inu-Dragon: A
Chloe: Apon
Me: Time
Lue: There
Kai: Was
Dude: A
Josh: Green
Kaylee: Telephone
Leslie-Sweet: That
Kellie: Had
Jared: Big
Yoshiro: Ugly
Loki: Eyeballs
Josh: In
Elaine: It
Craz-E-Girl: Came
Lue: From
Kai: Outer Space
Inu-Dragon: I
Dude: Was
Josh: So
Loki: Scared
Kenji: I
Yoshiro: Cleaned
Jared: My
Kellie: Yellow
Elaine: Hairy
Me: Feet
Leslie-Sweet: I
Kaylee: Have
Rosie: A
Craz-E-Girl: Crunchy
Meli: Toe-nail
Chloe: Do
Lue: You
Kai: Like
Inu-Dragon: Pizza
Dude: If
Josh: Not
Loki: Than
Kenji: Go
Yoshiro: Shizzle
Jared: On
Kellie: Me
Elaine: My
Leslie-Sweet: Cheese
Kaylee: Is
Rosie: Always
Craz-E-Girl: The
Meli: Color
Chloe: Of
Me: Brown
Lue: Tongues

(In Science Class)
Okay, just to let you all know that our princaple doesn't allow us to have gum in school. That's become so bad of a problem that if we get caught with gum we go 2 detention.
Mrs.Q(our teacher): "Okay, class we'll be doing a project on sharks...and who has gum?"
15 seconds later...
MrsQ.: "Okay, but if I find out who you are then detention." Once she turns her back you can here a lot of popping noises.
Mrs.Q: "Okay who has the gum?" (You can see halo's over our heads.)
Mrs.Q: "Never mind then."
She turns her back again only to hear a LOUD fart noise.
Mrs.Q: "Okay who did-" (She cut herself off cuz she turned around again to see a green bubble forming out of everyone's lips. (It's mint gum by the way and what I mean by that is everyone in class was blowing a bubble at the same time.
Mrs.Q: (Her eyes are glowing red.) "DAMN ALL OF YOU TO HELL!"
Everyone runs out of class screaming like a maniac.
Mrs.Q: "Get back here you little shit heads! She then starts chasing us. The princaple finds out about what the teacher was doing, and of course he fired her! ; ) (Im happy, Happy, HAPPY!!!!!!!!) This didn't really happen though I wish it did!
The teacher was soooo mad she wet herself!
That's all for now folks!

Iff I evver havee anny tyypos ppppleasse ttel mee! (Just joking!)

Joke: Can you think of what this word is?: It has seven letters. It's greater than God. It's more evil then the underworld. Rich people need it.
Poor people have it. Okay, now think about it!... >> >>>> >>>>>> >>>>>> >>>> >> >> >>>> >>>>>> >>>>>> >>>> >> >> >>>> >>>>>> >>>>>> >>>> >> The answer is: NOTHING! The word: Nothing has seven letters. Nothing is greater than God!!!!!!!!! Nothing is more evil than the underworld!!!!!!!
Rich people need NOTHING! Poor people have NOTHING! (Wierd huh?) I got this joke on For other funny jokes/stuff go to! it's a coool site!

Here is a list of stuff I hate:
Lois Griffin (On Family Guy...must kill Lois!!!!! I feel a lot like Stewie.)
Bin Laddin
My dad!
Make up
the color pink
Chukie E. Cheese
The tellitubies
You (No just joking!)
My life
I hate a lot of people in my family
Britney Spears and Maddonna AND Christina Augulara Also the Olsen Twins
Jamie Spears

Here's a list of cool people.
Adam Sandler
Jack Black
Chinggy and Murphy Lee and Snoop Dog
Carrot Top
Jackie Chan
Chris Tucker
Eddie Murphy
Lil` Romeo
David Spade
R. Kelly
Ben Stiller
That's about it.
Oh and by the way whenever I try to spell the word-Sweet it always ends up-Swet. Don't ask me why.
By the way has anyone seen a yellow frog? Cuz I need to talk with it about not doing drugs and stealing my mom's green nail polish.
▌~~{$;)╬↔╦§ «ü≡↨Φ !`@#$%^&*&(*)(:█§σç▒¿◙ •◘○ò±ƒ£←¶ §╤ε ‡⌠ôâ⌠/√~!@#$%^&*()+)=0 InuYasha Kagome! Sango Miroku!
I know I have shizzle loads of ideas 4 fanfics, but I'm not a good author yet. My friend's mom has an author class, and once I start going to those I'll have some fanfics up and posted! That's all I have to say for now. L8ER!

~*Anti-Drug Free*~

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