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Author has written 9 stories for Gilmore Girls, and Harry Potter.

I used to be known as Angel Moon Princess but as of 3/10/2006 I changed my username and would now like to be known as Sancia Chislaine.

I guess I'll use this as an opportunity to share a little about myself with anyone who decides to actually visit my profile. I am not a big fan of conventional romances and therefore try to avoid overly fluffy stories. I believe that as long as a writer has an imagination and creativity, the possibilities are endless. Who's to say that enemies can't be lovers?

I don't believe in love at first sight and feel that a relationship is meant for those who can work for it. Some of the best stories are not romance novels and not everything revolves around a hero or a heroine falling in love. I may sound very jaded but let me assure you that I do have a heart. I'm very blunt though and usually speak my mind which causes me to either ramble on passionately about something or make me come across as very unhappy.

I enjoy reading and have recently developed a fondness for writing. I am not here to proclaim that I am the world's best writer so please be honest with me because I don't always expect everyone to 'love' what I write. I would very much appreciate constructive criticism and don't want anyone to feel they have to leave me reviews only praising me.

My Favorite Pairings:

Draco/Hermione: I really like stories that keep them in character as much as possible. Meaning, Hermione isn't way too pretty and Draco doesn't suddenly find his heart. I hate it when a story starts off with Draco being a total 'bad boy' and then all of a sudden because he falls for the 'good girl' he becomes the 'lovesick puppy'. I also find it rather annoying that some writers refer to Draco as a "Sex God" or a "Greek God" or any type of "God" for that matter. Yes, we all know that Draco Malfoy is gorgeous but for crying out loud he is not out to shag anything female within a ten mile radius.

My Favorite Side Pairings:

Harry/Hermione: I am very stubborn when it comes to this pairing especially. In HBP I would have very much liked for Harry and Hermione to be together instead of Hermione falling for Ron. However I believe this ship promotes the wrong idea sometimes. Not every girl/guy friendship ends with them falling for each other but I do sometimes read a story or two about them. If left up to me I’d vote for Hermione/Harry any day over Hermione/Ron.

Blaise/Ginny: Thanks to HBP I can finally say that Blaise is a boy. Male indeed people! Although I tend to dislike Ginny quite a lot, I prefer her being with someone other than Harry sometimes because some writers are very creative and don't always use the fact that Ginny had a crush on Harry as their main story line. I also like it when Ginny's personality takes a life of its own but I hate it when she's suddenly overly pretty and all perfect. They are not all models and I'm sure you don't want to spread around the idea that guys only go for looks.

Harry/Pansy: Ah yes the one pairing that is very hard to come across. Why must Pansy always be some type of slut? She's a pureblood for crying out loud. Ok not because Paris Hilton is rich and slutty does that make Pansy the same. Character depth people!

Harry/Daphne: This is actually a new favorite of mine ever since DH came about and that stupid epilogue killed me. I think the fact that Daphne has a "clean slate" so to speak, makes her absolutely perfect for our sometimes... well let's not get into my dislike of what Harry ended up being but they're my new and fresh. Yes, that's what I'll refer to them as from now on... New and Fresh. hint hint It's impossible to find a lot of fics with them therefore the few that are cirrculating about are hardly cliched.

Pairings that I simply hate:

Ron/Hermione: Somebody shoot me! I was devastated when I found out about their “relationship” in HBP. I always believed that Hermione deserved someone with an equal or even close enough level of intelligence to hers. Ronald Weasley is not such a person! Sure they fight but am I the only one that notices that Hermione is always right and only when she caves does the pigheaded boy feel important. Ron has absolutely no wit! Hence why the ghastly epilogue is hated quite as much.

Draco/Ginny: I've never found a fic without an overly gorgeous Ginny and a "Sex God" Malfoy in this fandom so therefore I've been turned off by that. Secondly, if Draco and Ginny are together most authors put Ron and Hermione together and we all know how strongly I feel about that.

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