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Author has written 4 stories for Star Wars, Azumanga Daioh, K-ON!/けいおん!, and Shadow of the Colossus.

-Not too much to say about me other than that I am a college student aiming to become a game designer and maybe a professional writer, who is also a fan of video games such as pokemon and star wars the old republic just to name a few I am also a fan of dragonball z, yugioh, and a few other animes.

I thoroughly enjoy http:///pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/HomePage and would love to see one of my stories get a page or reference there (preferably Azumanga Star Wars Daioh but i will take whatever), oh well I can dream can't I?

link to my YouTube account: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCc6OI_bhmSkUcRRugc2fVXA

link to my DeviantArt account: http:///

link to my Steam account: http:///profiles/76561198056578820/

I want to make some elder scrolls fanfics but I am not sure if they will happen, because I am not sure about I would go about making them. I also want to make some dragonball z fanfics but for the same reason as the elder scrolls I do not know how I'll do it or if it will ever happen

when it comes to my stories I have a 20 chapter goal at the very least that is, after that it really depends on my mood on how far I want to go whether to stop at 20 or keep on going.

I also come up with an idea for an ending in my head before I write anything else.

You may want to scroll down a bit to get to the trivia, facts, and opinions section of my profile

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-trivia, facts and opinions on my stories:

--Azumanga Star Wars Daioh(includes the sequels):

Combining original characters with characters from Azumanga Daioh, various other anime, and Star Wars The old Republic, we have Azumanga Star Wars Daioh a massive crossover storyline trilogy, despite its name. Join your favorite Heroines as they face off against the evil Darth Malacard a Sith who all other Sith believe is overly sadistic, cruel, and bloodthirsty, along the way they shall many adventures and shenanigans.

This story was inspired by X to the zoltan's Azumanga in space, the reason why made all the main characters into force users because I thought it would be interesting, I originally didn't want to use kimura in it but after a while I realized that I was missing out on some perfectly good gags. to help to move the plot along I like to use characters from other anime franchises, thus technically making this a massive crossover between different franchises, I also think they make the story has a whole more interesting since they each have different little personalities to make things more entertaining.

The needlessly needed to be mentioned cast of Azumanga Daioh:

Yukari Tanizaki: Yukari is a young attractive but eccentric Jedi master, though very few even know this for a fact, she was born on the planet Dromund Kaas a world ruled by the Sith empire, despite this she grew up in Republic space when her family smuggled her off world sadly they died shortly afterwords but not before they gave their infant daughter over to the Jedi in order to make sure she has a nice safe life, Yukari is anti-heroic but loyal to the Jedi order, she also has a short temper which sometimes scares her fellow Jedi masters out of fear of her falling to the dark side. Yukari herself is well aware of this, and while she wasn't able to get rid of her temper she has made it a point to always be careful, Yukari enjoys going to cantinas and drinking various alcohol, which is yet another trait that annoys her fellow Jedi. despite her flaws she has been known to be fairly popular with students, she is not a bad teacher persay but her recklessness and personality quirks has made it so that she never officially had an apprentice she has been aloud to give students lessons but she has never had an official student until Tomo Takino came along,though officially speaking she alongside of Yukari are the main teachers of the main characters,and even then she was assign to her for their similar personalities.

Minamo "Nyamo" Kurosawa: Yukari Tanizaki's best friend within the Jedi order, she is calm and kind most of the time but when it is time to get serious she goes through a complete personality change, she is known for being a very kind but stern teacher to her students, a relatively unknown fact is that in despite being a Jedi Master she has been in a couple of healthy relationships but has yet to find someone she wishes to marry. Everyone in the order calls her by her nickname which was initially fine with her at first but after a while she got sick of it when it seemed that everyone forgot her real name, she has tried correcting them on multiple occasions but has had no success and eventually just gave up, despite doing well with the students she has never had her own padawan before Kagura showed up though officially speaking she alongside of Yukari are the main teachers of the main characters, no one really knows why but some assume it has something to do with her association with Yukari. Nyamo does try her best to keep a short leash on Yukari but has almost no success whatsoever...

Ayumu "Osaka" Kasuga (I really should consider calling her by her real name in this story) : Ditzy, air headed, eccentric...young Kasuga can be called so many things but one thing she can't be called is a bad person, Osaka has a kind heart and loves hanging out with her friends, she loves the food Melon Bread, as far as a her skills with a blade are concerned she always initially comes off as clumsy and slow to learn, but once things get serious she can rival her friends as a fighter however she has poor stamina and can't keep up such skill for very long periods of time...but she really does try, and during training has been known to repeatedly tell herself "get it together" she lacks powerful force based attacks but has master the very difficult skill to learn battle meditation...without even realizing what she did, sadly this skill tends to get forgotten by both herself and her friends, which is amazing considering how useful it can be in combat, granted its better suited for influencing a large number of people than just a handful.

Chiyo "Chiyo-Chan" Mihama: the child prodigy, she has been trained as a Jedi Consular, and has enough raw force power to rival that of a Jedi master however she is unable to maintain such high level of power for long periods of time, she is also a poor physical abilities which is part of the reason as to why she was trained as a consular alongside with her ability to learn new force based skills quickly, in combat she relies on support from allies because due to both her young age and physical capabilities she can't last long on the field without some degree of support, though her force abilities can be incredibly useful from time to time she has be known all to well to have trouble activating them when battle starts resulting her in relying on her poor saber skills to survive on the field of battle.

Sakaki: the quietest and by far the most kind hearted member of the group, Sakaki was given to her relatives from her Sith father Darth Tyrannous, AKA Satoshi, his reason for doing so was to save his daughter from life as a Sith, as for her biological mother she tragically died in child birth...as a swordsman Sakaki is by far the most skilled of her friends outside of the Jedi masters, however she has surprisingly poor endurance and can be taken down quickly in a fight, Sakaki loves cute things though it hasn't come up too often.

Koyomi "Yomi" Mizuhara: the second smartest member out of her circle of friends not counting the two Jedi masters and childhood friend of Tomo Takino, Yomi has poor self-body images and often sees herself as fat even after becoming a Jedi...needless to say this is incredibly odd and unbecoming of a Jedi, though after becoming a Jedi it has toned down a few notches, like Chiyo, Yomi has been trained as a consular though at full power she has only half of the power Chiyo has which is more appropriate for her status as a Jedi padawan, unlike Chiyo, she has surprisingly high levels of skill with a lightsaber even for a consular but still lower than that of a consular Jedi master as well as some knight ranked consulars.

Kagura: the most athletic of the group, Sakaki may be faster and more skilled but Kagura has much more power and endurance in her skills, she can go toe to toe with several knight ranked students with her own lightsaber battle skills, when she and her friends were first offered the choice of being trained as a Jedi, Kagura was by far the most eager to be trained, though everyone was on some level of excitement they had nothing on Kagura, had Tomo not been manipulated by Malacard into falling to the dark side and becoming Darth Shadius she would have been equally excited, Kagura flaws include but limited a surprising low level of skill when it comes to using force skills and a tendency to occasionly rely on raw power in combat fortunately that last one doesn't kick in very often.

Tomo Takino: well meaning deep, deep down on the inside but reckless, she has a mean streak rivaling that of Yukari unfortunately these traits combined with the fact she had gotten abandoned by accident on a space station allowed Darth Malacard to manipulate and intimidate her into becoming his apprentice, he took her for brutal training across the galaxy most notably on the ice world Hoth, she eventually gained the alias Darth Shadius from him, during her time with the Sith Malacard continuously abused her mostly for kicks, eventualy her friends convinced her to quit the Sith and join the Jedi, best decision she ever made because in just days after joining the Jedi she felt absolutely enlightened and at peace, she still acted as a pain in the butt with her friends butt otherwise she was a good person, she now seeks to atone for the misdeeds she had committed whilst she was Darth Shadius, she regrets the death of the Jedi knight Konata Izumi who tried to save her from Malacard, because although they had just met and didn't have enough time to get to know each other in her mind she made her sacrifice, when Malacard brutally killed her, meaningless.

Mr. Kimura (status: deceased, but harasses the cast as a force ghost) :



Kamineko (at least two of the exist in this story, I know I'm a total "genius") :

Todd (the kid who got his bicycle stolen by Yukari, he has no actual given name in the actual series but oh well, thank you TVtropes for giving me the idea of the name) :

Here is a list of characters who are original to this story:

Darth Malacard: Malacard's origins are unknown, however according to one rumor he was born on the planet Alderaan to a pair of commoners, however it is also said both of his parents died his mother in child birth and his father died from an attack from Kath Hounds, he was found by an unknown Sith Lord who took him on as an apprentice, the conditions in which the Sith found him are also unknown but it is believed they found him during an attack on the planet. in his later years Malacard managed to disturb his master with his own brand of cruelty, Malacard eventually killed his master not to become a master but because his blood lust reached an all time high and because he was bored. Over the years Malacard would go on to fight countless battles winning them all as a consequence his pride and confidence grew to tremendous heights to the point where he believed himself to be invincible. he was both completely unable and unwilling to except the concept of there being people as strong and as skilled as himself if not better, as such when the Jedi master Blasilver AKA the hero of Tython defeated him one day on Taris it wound up being a tremendous blow to his pride it filled him up with such hate and rage that he swore to kill Blasilver in the most gruesome fashion possible, however his hate and anger only grew further because after his defeat at the hands of Blasilver he began to suffer more defeats on the battlefield which damaged his towering pride. Malacard has absolutely no concern for life and only truly cares for battles, he enjoys torturing and abusing his men, said men despise him but their fear of him makes them unwilling to do anything about it, Malacard has also both been directly and indirectly responsible for countless deaths throughout the galaxy he has a collection of skulls from many of his victims. MO: none other than being remembered forever through fear, and even then if he succeeds he fully intends to continue causing pain and misery throughout the galaxy for his own amusement. His only fear is defeat, not death, defeat.

General Max :

seargent Reggie :


Darth Gor :

Darth Roe :

Darth Avia :

Other Anime Characters:

Doctor Naruto (basically Naruto turned into a scientist) :

Goku :

Vegeta :

Eren Yaeger :

Konata Izumi :

Konata's dad :

Kanata Izumi :

Kagami :

Azusa Nakano (I wish I would have used her better in the story however) :

Star Wars the Old Republic:

Satele Shan :

Kira Karson :

Skadge :

Blizz :

Johtorre family (I consider these guys 50% original and 50% SWTOR characters:

Blasilver (the Hero of Tython) : the wise and powerful Battlemaster of the Jedi order, Blasilver, who is also known as the Hero of Tython, Blasilver is by far the most skilled and powerful fighter in the entire galaxy and he has taught a multitude of students over time, sometimes multiple at once, a kind father figure both to the soldiers on the battlefield and Jedi padawans, Blasilver takes great care to make sure his students are well taught and prepared for anything he also tries his best to makes sure that no soldier under his command dies senselessly on the battlefield. He believes in the good in others but is wise enough to acknowledge that not everyone can be saved from the darkness mainly because not everyone is willing to change their ways, despite being a powerful Jedi master he has married fellow Jedi Knight Kira Carson and together they had a couple kids who grew up to become powerful Jedi themselves except for one who was born non force-sensitive and even he grew up to lead a successful life. In despite his skills Blasilver dislikes fighting with his skill as a warrior being born from his desire to protect others.

Jag-Daguar (the Grand Champion of the Great Hunt) : the younger half brother of Blasilver Jag-Daguar is a very serious person and although he can be friendly to others at times it is mostly when is not doing some kind of job, unlike his brother Jag-Daguar loves to fight the tougher the challenge the better, he is also feared across the galaxy as a man both skilled powerful enough to take on powerful force-users and win on a regular basis, he does hold some level of respect for the Jedi but its believed that the main reason for that is because his brother is a Jedi, he is happily married to his brilliant comrade Mako and together have had several kids together one of whom, tragically enough became a Sith lord who took his Shaddowed and added the worth Darth to it, despite that his son seems to have grown to dislike his status as a Darth and seems to be trying to get people to not call him one.

Some Theme Songs

Darth Malacard's theme: Monster by skillet

Blasilver's theme: Superhero by Simon Curtis (I may change this)

--Wes: master of Orre: I am a massive fan of Pokémon and this is my 1st major story I got that isn't a crossover (unless you count mixing game and anime characters as a crossover), anyway as a fan of Pokémon Colosseum I wanted to make a story about Wes one of my favorite characters from the franchise, although this is a slow mo project I am hoping to show what kind of adventures the main character from colosseum has been having since the end of Pokémon Colosseum (and XD gale of darkness) (I have removed the story because I just haven't found anymore inspiration in writing more I apologize for the inconvenience, I just couldn't stand looking at it because it hasn't been given a new chapter in well over a year)


K-on! characters:

Ritsu Tainaka:

Yui Hirasawa:


Mio Akiyama:

Some Theme Songs for Star-on

Mio Akiyama: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rq9UzSYiC1Y&index=420&list=FLc6OI_bhmSkUcRRugc2fVXA

-fanfiction stories that are or may be in the works or are simply being planned on:

Azumanga Star Wars Daioh III: At trilogies end (please note I haven't even started on it yet, not until azumanga star wars daioh 2 is done)

Azumanga Daioh/Pokémon crossover (I want to see this happen but I am not 100% sure how I'll do it)

The Hero of Tython vs Darth Jadus

Azumanga Daioh/Shadow of the Colossus crossover

-scrapped projects/ideas:

what happens in a pokeball: this comedy got scrapped do to me messing it up horribly, and a lack of interest in continuing it

Pokémon vs Digimon: I just had no idea on how to do it, a lack of interest, and quite frankly let's face it the idea has been done to death by now, heck its been done to death since the two franchises started

Super Smash Bros/Star Wars (most likely the old republic) crossover: decided not to do it that is all.

Azumanga the start of darkness: scrapped because I couldn't up with any ideas for it, I knew what I wanted to do with it, but at the same time couldn't come up with any good plots for it.

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