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((Updated as of July 12th, 2008))

Hey look Night, we're still alive!

Night: Feels good to know that. Now I can sleep without my night-light on again

Well, no excuse from us this time. Currently we are working on two projects. The first is our Code: LYOKO colab with kittyclaw. We (as in Night and I) have been busy and have put off the story for a while but we are starting to get back into the groove of things. Our second project is a rather large crossover fic (not gonna give the plot of it just yet) between animes and a few OCs of mine. The animes I have planned as well as the characters are as follows:

Lucky Star: Kagami, Konata ((And yes, I will be making them a couple so SILENCE!))
Konjiki no Gash Bell: Kiyomaro, Gash
Makai Senki Disgaea: Laharl
Shaman King: Yoh, Anna ((Second of probably two pairings in this fic))
Code: LYOKO: Odd
Full Metal Alchemist: Ed
Soul Eater: Maka ((Yes, there is no Soul in this one))

We will probably use one more anime and MAYBE just MAYBE have a character from a video game be in this fic. I really wanna do this one so I'm not gonna forget it.

Night: What about your other fics?


By the way, Night and I have obtained a new fangled messaging system that allows one of us to send a message that we typed up and send it to someone else via a series of tubes.

Night: Yes, we like to call it Yahoo Instant Messenger compiled with the internet. We went to go patent it but apparently someone beat us to it. Oh well.

You can reach us on Yahoo Instant Messenger by typing in the words Terrorbreak75 in the little add members section. We are always open to fellow writers and the only time we're offline is when we're working or a storm hits or we feel like being offline.

Night: It's mostly because we're working.

Oh yes, and if anyone wants to co-write a story with me, feel free to ask. Unless you want me to help you write a story about something I've never heard then I usually don't decline. And I'm open to requests just know that they won't be up immediately.

Night: Dammit! Now that you opened yourself to requests you KNOW you'll get requests from people who like the cannon pairings.


Name: Andy (I'm old enough not to be stalked now...Now I wish I were young...)
Age: 19
Birthday: July 1st, 1989

Since many people have wondered about my gender (Night: Yeah Right) I guess I can tell you

Gender: Male

Favorite anime:
((Not in any particular order))

Yu Yu Hakusho
Card Captor Sakura
Code Lyoko
Venus Versus Virus
One Piece
Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles
Pretear (Yeah, a non shounen anime. Even men have to appreciate the amazingness of a shoujo anime.)
Matantei Loki Ragnarok
Chrno Crusade
Soul Eater
Lucky Star
Makai Senki Disgaea
Full Metal Alchemist
Spice and Wolf
Shaman King
Nabari no Ou
Kyouran Kazoku Nikki
Konjiki no Gash Bell

Favorite games:

Golden Sun
.hack// series
Final Fantasy 4, 5, and 9 (Best story in IX!)
Lufia 2 and Lufia: Ruins of Lore
Dragon Quest series
Romancing SAGA series
Pretty much ANY SquareEnix game!
Disgaea series
Beyond the Beyond


Night-My own muse. He's basically a smaller version of a VenusDjinni but instead of being brown he's black. He loves tacos. His special ability is to make all enemies fall asleep. He gets on my nerves a lot by disagreeing with the pairings I like. He doesn't have an artistic side either. (For furthur info on his horrible drawing skills read Eternal Love Ch. 2). Of course we do get along (see our many reviews to Sinnatious' stories! He's an AMAZING writer and any fan of the Angela/Hawk pairing in Seiken Densetsu 3 should read it! Props to you my home dawg!) We also tend to enjoy the same pairings! Mainly Angela/Hawk and Odd/Aelita though...and those are the only two but they're both in my favorite pairings list!

Pairings I approve and love:

Fire Emblem:


Golden Sun:




Seiken Densetsu:


Fav anime pairings:

Lucia/Sumire (OMG! A non-het pairing! But FYI, this pairing is HAWT! Implied Yuri FTW!)

(i could go on forever but i will spare you the torture and leave it at that)

Pairings I despise:

Any Mana pairing other than Hawk/Angie and Randi/Purim
Inuyasha/Kagome (ugh...I WANNA KILL THAT bleep)
Yusuke/Keiko (see Kagome's reason)
Jeremy/Aelita (for Jeremy see Kagome's reason)
Naruto/Sasuke (no yaoi...PLEASE to the Goddess no yaoi)
Sasuke/Sakura (

Upcoming Stories

We are too lazy to give you plot summaries =O

Night: Dear Gods! He's using emoticons!

Shove it, Night!

Favorite People

I would like to take the time to honor those that have me on their fav authors list! Wow, I'm starting to feel more loved!

kittyclaw (Bless her and her OxA ways!)

Burakku's Shadow


Shady Mage

Mystic water goddess

Princess Lady Subaru

I also want to thank those that have me on Author Alert, Favorite Story, and Story Alert but since it's rather large (Night: Just like his ego. DDRa: NIGHT!) I won't put all the names down. If you're pissed at that fact then put me on your favorite authors list and you will see your name up in a few days.

Ja ne!

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