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Hey there! Yeah, I'm EternalFluffy,and I'm just a crazy girl who has been writing stuff like this ever since I could write... When shortening my name, I prefer to be called "Eternal" or "Eterna", since "Fluffy" was the name of an old Sonic OC of mine who I can't stand now. I haven't changed my name to get rid of the Fluffy part, because this name has just sort of stuck. Though don't worry, I won't get mad at anyone who calls me the first time--I understand that it makes more sense that way.

Yes, I enjoy torturing my favorite characters, for some reason. It makes me love them more. I also have a thing for villian-reformation, so most of my favorite characters are villains. Yeah, I'm one of those types of fangirls. Despite the fact that reformation is something that rarely occurs in real life, it's just something to see.

Unfortunately, I am a very fickle writer and tend to follow whatever inspiration strikes me. This is why I have stories across several different categories. If something hasn't been updated for over a year, then sadly, it probably won't be. I also never seem to be able to finish a sequel to anything.

For random unfinished story snippets, stories not "good enough" to be posted here, and (bad) doodle-illustrations of my stories, please visit my DeviantArt account: h ttp:// (remove the space after H)

I love video games and anime/manga, though I'm more of a video game fan than an anime fan. I also cosplay in the MA and MI area, currently as Reala, Marik, and Vexen.

Favorite Characters: James (Pokemon), male!Shiek (Zelda), Kafei (Zelda), ALL the Generals, Sapphire, and Sailor Star Healer (Sailor Moon), Knuckles and Silver (Sonic the Hedgehog), Gill (Finding Nemo), Pie/Pai (Tokyo Mew Mew), Jack Spicer (Xiaolin Showdown), Draco and Scorpius Malfoy (Harry Potter), Virid (Beyond the Beyond), Vaati (Zelda), Reala (NiGHTS), Dimentio (Super Paper Mario), Dispel (Tenshi ni Narumon), Marik/Malik (Yu-Gi-Oh!), Vexen (Kingdom Hearts)

Favorite Pairings:

Pokemon: JessiexJames

Sailor Moon: ShitennouxSenshi (manga versions only)

Tokyo Mew Mew: KishxIchigo, PuddingxTart, PaixLettuce

Harry Potter: AlbusxScorpius, HarryxDraco (only a little)

Xiaolin Showdown: JackxKimiko, RaixJack

Beyond the Beyond: ViridxFutaba ~

NiGHTS: NiGHTSxReala (only a tiny bit--I prefer them as brotherly love)

Yu-Gi-Oh: MalikxRyo--Angstshipping

Kingdom Hearts: MarluxiaxVexen, XigbarxXaldin, LexaeusxZexion (only a bit on those last two), XigbarxDemyx (more friendshippy)

A bit about me--

Age: Too old to be writing fanfics anymore... (but it's so much fun!)

Star Sign: Taurus

Favorite Color: Purple

Hobbies: Writing, doodling, going into music-enduced acting trances, playing the flute badly, reading manga

Favorite Food: Ranch Doritos

Least Favorite Food: Any and all vegetables

Dream: To get a book published someday

I really appreciate author alerts, but keep in mind that I'm very fickle and tend to write about whatever inspires me. I have no set fandom. In fact, I change fandoms at least once a year.

Enjoy my stories, and no flaming!...I'm really sensitive.

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Azure Waters, Crimson Tide reviews
A crystal blue sea, ruled by dual princesses...a sea witch and her twin shark familiars...a peaceful, happy world... Yet, for one brother, fate might not be so easily averted... (100% AU, rating will increase later).
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