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Hey Ya'll, I'm Ally, and i recently turned 15! (Yay) I go 2 HHHS, go Hatters! (Even tho i dont kno wut the hell a "Hatter" is) I LOVE Wrestling and have been watching it since i was born thnx 4 my uncle and the rest of my family, and i also love writing, duh whicch is y i;m on here. I also make wrestling gear as well as design regular clothes, and wrestling clothes and all that good stuffs.
I have a step-bro names Randy, and someone whos just like a sister, well 2 of em. Jen and Elena, (Mention em later on)
My Fav Westlers R...
UnderTasker (The old phenom, not the biker and not this guy, the older ne)
The Hurricane (How can you not love him??? Hes so damn funny)
Shannon Moore (Hes adorable)
John Cena (Funny hot and talented)
Jeff Hardy (Still luv him)
Trish (Well, before she became some duranged freak)
Yea, i like about all of em but those r just my favs. Matt's ok 2 but not his character, i hate that ego dude.

PPL Ive Met:
Matt Hardy (On his birthday in 2003,. he was very nice and thanked me for the sign i made 4 him. i still dont c how you can be such an ass on TV then in real life b the greatest guy in the world)
Randy Orton
Rico (Actually very nice)
Trish (Caught her rite b4 she left, not much was said just a hi how ar eyou and bye)
And the ppl my uncle and aunt have met would b
Undertaker and Kane (a few times), edge (a few times), christian, lita, well the list just goes n lol.

And here i also gotta put a few of my friernds who have helped me so much, Kayse first of all for having me start 2 write, Stacy for always being there for me and writing stories using my ideas (even if she doesnt like it lol), Jen and Elena, my wonderful "sisters", My airhead step bro randy who which i love so much, Luna, Vee, Beth, and Jeff, for alwyas being there for me when i needed them and without them i wouldnt be here rite now, and Dwayne, I love you sweetie and thnx 4 always cheering me up, my chicken boy! =)
and yea thats it 4 now!

Love & Peace!

"Fear is just a 4 letter word"
"Penguines can fly, they really just dont want to"
"If you dont like it, you can kiss my irish ass!"

yea, i;m irish, american, dutch, french, german, english, a lil bit of everything!
ANd my top 3 fac bands are...
1) Linkin Park (they rule, and mike is the best!
2) Evanesence (I luv ther songs!)
3) Good Charotte (The last song on "the young and the hopeless" reminds me a lil of my family, but not 4 my dad, for my mom.
(or Crystal, long story but basically my name from my dads side is ally, and the name from my moms side is Crystal 2 sum it up. if ya wqnna kno more, then just ask lol)
and fav movies: hmm lets see. well theres...
"The Crow" thats just an awesome movie
Nightmare Before Christmas-(my uncle got me watching it since it came out)
FInding Nemo (its a cute funny movie)
Whayne's World (first and second both funny movies)
Van Helsing (k, so it didnt come out yet but i kno i'm gonna love it. lol)

And my good friends, both from home anf that keep me living everyday lol:
Steve, Dave, Donna, Kayse, Stacy, Jen, Shane, Randy, Dave, Elena,
Then theres always Ali, Cam, Kayla, Jo, Joe, and a bunch of other peoples
And then Beth, Luna, Jeff, and Vee, who are the reason why I am alive right now.

Always feel free 2 IM me or E-Mail me if u wanna ask me anything (since i;m a wiz bout the wwe lol) or about anything or u have any ideas that you would like me 2 write, or u need an idea cuz u got writers block sinc ei have a lot, contact me!

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