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Thoughts on the Yu Yu Hakusho Fandom

Yusuke. I've noticed a trend in shonen manga. Any main character who has traveled to different worlds, become an unstoppable force and has generally had epic adventures (read: Daisuke Motomiya), will end up running a noodle shop. Can someone explain this to me?

Kuwabara. You know, this guy puts up with too much shit. And I don't mean from the fangirls. Yes, he's ugly, but he's also comic relief, and humor is one of the things that made Yu Yu Hakusho so appealing. You remember in the beginning of the story, Kuwabara was supposed to be one of the main characters? Then Hiei and Kurama showed up, and for a while there was a sort of balance between them... Then Togashi decided to make Yusuke a demon too, and in the Makai Arc Kuwabara was cut from the story, which suddenly turned angsty and overdramatic. That. Was. Fucked. Up.

Kurama. Angst magnet. Let's see, I'll recall some of the more interesting moments where he gets hurt or comes near death... He tried to kill himself in the second chapter he appeared in. Hiei stabbed him through with the Shadow Sword. Roto cut a cross on his face, punched him, and kicked him in the balls if I remember correctly. Touya cut him up with the Shards of Winter and the Ice Sword, and he promptly planted deadly grass in his own body. Bakken punched him and kicked him around while he was unconscious. Karasu, cough bombs, fingernails, and another suicide attempt. And it goes on from there, but I'd like to move on to Hiei now.

Hiei. While I love writing about him... He's an asshole. And he's not nearly as smart and calm as people make him out to be either. Need evidence? Check out the beginning of the Sensui Arc, when Yusuke was kidnapped. In the manga it would be Vol. 13, pages 94-105. In the anime it's Episode 68. He's especially charming in the English dub of the anime. Sometimes I wonder how he ended up so popular. But then I realize it's because of the item directly below this one.

Hiei and Kurama (as a couple). Everyone has heard of the interview where Togashi said he hadn't even thought of the possibility. Yet a good half-dozen sites have said that Togashi not only thought of it, but that his editor actually rejected the rough draft of the Dark Artifacts chapters because Hiei and Kurama were a gay couple. The second theory does have evidence to back it up. It is well-known that Togashi ended the YYH manga because of arguments with his editor, so there was something serious going on that no one ever knew about. Moreover, Togashi is very fond of making gay characters (see Yu Yu Hakusho, Vol. 1, page 116 for a description of Trouble Quartet). And even in the final draft of the manga, Togashi put Hiei and Kurama in situations that are usually reserved for couples. I've never seen the legendary interview, and I don't know if that fabled rough draft ever existed, but just reading the manga makes me think that there was supposed to be something between them.

Yukina. Yet another reason I sympathize with Kuwabara. I'm really starting to think that she's asexual.

Kagome. Wait, she isn't part of Yu Yu Hakusho! Well, if you'd look at the fanfic summaries these days you'd make the same mistake.

Mary Sue. I'd like to address the ficcers who insist on using Mary Sue (and any of her incarnations) for a plot device. Come on, there are PLENTY of ready-made girls to choose from. You want a bookworm? Keiko. A damsel in distress? Yukina. Happy and cheery, calm and mature, strong and tomboyish? Botan, Shizuru, Mukuro. If none of those girls exactly match what you had in mind, you can always choose the closest fit and use the story's events to meld her into what you want. That's what character development is FOR.

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