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Greetings all,

With all of the new changes, I'm honestly surprised anyone can find my stories anymore...

As of 11/27/2010 (it probably started earlier than that), I am officially no longer going to be posting or updating any stories on I will leave my stories up until the new year at which point I will be removing them all. I wish to thank everyone for their interest, reviews (kind and critical), and support, but writing fan fiction no longer holds the excitement that it once did. My experiences writing on this site and all of your comments have helped me develop as a writer and now that I have graduated from college with my BA in English, I am turning to writing original fiction.

Of course, I won't leave you out in the cold. I've got two stories that people want to know the endings to, and I am willing to oblige. I warn you, they're not happy endings...

The Legacy of Lupin: Jinxeh and I really didn't have an ending in mind the last time we worked on this story together. The general idea was that the events of the book would transpire mostly the same, but with the addition of the X-men. Rogue was going to go ... well ... rogue and join the Deatheaters flat out to get Rahne back and leave Hogwarts. While in the Deatheaters, she tries to covertly restore Rahne to being the prominent personality. Outwardly it doesn't appear to be working, but inside Rahne keeps getting stronger. Things finally come to a head at the end of the novel in the Department of Mysteries and the battle ensues with all parties (Order of the Phoenix, Dumbledore's Army, X-Men, and Deatheaters) involved. In the confrontation, Rogue is able to get a hand on Fenrir and with Jean/Lily's psyche they're able to break Rahne free. After Sirius falls through the portal and Harry takes off after Bellatrix, Rogue follows to witness the confrontation between Dumbledore and Voldermort. Rogue, once again, is able to get a hand on Voldermort and drains his memories of the Horcruxes. Rogue is able to project the memories to Jean/Lily and tries to tell Dumbledore and Harry when she is hit from behind with a killing curse courtesy of Bellatrix. The story ends with Rogue's funeral back in the states. After the services are done and everyone has left the graveyard (with talks of the next steps in the war that need to be taken), Mystique approaches her adopted daughter's tombstone, vowing revenge on Bellatrix.

A Prophecy Long Forgotten: I reread this story after I had finished reading the last Harry Potter book, and I must admit that I was a bit embarrassed. At the time I wrote it, I was young and inexperienced as a writer and it really shows. I had intended to give this story an overhaul to make it compatible with all seven of the books and make it a more cohesive story, but it just never happened. The way it is now, the rest of the story is as follows: Lord Gange is able to get the blood of the Steward's son, who somehow makes it through Sairina's portal and into Hogwarts where he almost bleeds to death. After his close call, Dumbledore teaches Sairina about the three Unforgivable Curses. When discussing the killing curse, Sairina asks how it works. Dumbledore tells Sairina that wizards have many different theories. Some say that the victim is scared to death, others say it causes all necessary systems in the body to stop at once, but Dumbledore believes that the Killing Curse literally rips the soul from the body and destroys it. The sixth year ends with the prank Sirius pulls on Snape, tricking him into going to the whomping willow on a night when Remus transforms and James' rescue. With the start of their seventh year, the war outside Hogwarts is starting to really flare up. James and Lily start dating. Around the winter holidays, Eldarion (Sairina's older brother) shows up at the castle. He has been sent there for his own protection from the forces who might be trying to steal his soul for Sauron. As the spring gets started, students and staff keep remarking how there is a strange shadow luring about the castle; no one is able to identify or capture it. One evening during dinner, Gange appears holding the palantir, Eldarion tries to fight him, but is knocked out before a fight can even begin. The professors try to fight, but their spells are no match for the ancient magic. Gange explains to Sairina that it was never Eldarion's soul that was needed; that her soul was needed to bring Sauron back. Sairina fight's Gange using her knowledge of Elvish magic, but the magic from the palantir is too strong and she gets trapped. When Gange begins to chant the spell to take her soul, Sairina remembers what Dumbledore told her about the the killing curse. She knows that is the only way to keep Gange from getting her soul. She draws her wand, tells Remus that she loves him, and casts the killing curse on herself. The destruction of her soul causes the palantir to explode, killing Gange.

-Alexis Ravenlockes

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