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Welcome, my friends, to the Wonderful Angst-fic Land of the Mistresses of Evil! You have two hosts; myself, Estel; and my brilliant and beautiful (don't worry, she's paying me well! ^_~) co-host, Queenie!

Now, we are here to bring you (in theory) hours of fun at the torture of everyone's favourite blonde elf, Legolas and our good old Ranger Boy, Aragorn. Our joint fic is called Twilight - though, depending entirely on circumstances and how lazy we are, there might be a sequel! I'm trying to talk Queenie into it... ^_^

Now, you probably want to hear a bit about us, don't you? Well, I going to tell you about Queenie! Well, for a start, we have joint rights to out four-inch-high Legolas - Thranduil signed the papers a few months back. Secondly, she's 14, from England, and a complete Tolkien nut! And you wonder why we get on? ^_~ She loves writing, and is very good at it I must hasten to add, and I know that she likes Evanescence and Avril La- however you spell that name. =D (Queenie: Don't forget Nickleback, Good Charlotte, The Darkness, and Queen!!! I guess you can see what music I'm into... I've gotta stop interrupting... back to Estel...)

She doesn't like slash of any kind at all - I'm more accepting of it myself - and we BOTH hate it when people flame without rhyme or reason. "I don't like it," isn't valid as far as we're concerned. "You spelt every other word wrong, the puncuation was awful and the grammar a mess," is slightly more acceptable. ^_^

Oh, also, she's writing a novel called Gates of Destiny, on her fictionpress account. For more details, visit her other fanfiction account, under the persona of Star-Stallion.

Well, I'll leave this here for now, and put you over to Queenie!

Loasa love, Estel, the Other Mistress of Evil

~*"Ada... Whether by your will or not, there is no ship now that could bear me hence."*~

~*'Onen i-Estel Edain, u-chebin estel anim'*~


YES!!! This is Queenie here, the nutter ^_^ I'm one for Angst really, and Drama... ah, the whole air of it... >=)

Now, about Estel... to sum her up in one word? Insane! Mental! (Oh wait... that's two words, isn't it? ^.^ You'll have to forgive me stuff like that...) She was 15 on Boxing Day, lives in England, and she must be one of the country's top Tolkien knowall's... haven't you read the Silmarillion dear? I tried, but since I got it from the local library, I had to give it back and now I can't get my hands on it again! ='(

Now I know she's got a boyfriend, but she won't tell me anything about him... now I wonder why?! (Ah not any more dear, the anus dumped me by text - BY TEXT! Said he couldnt talk because he had rugby. Cowardly, good-for-nothing, shovanistic -)


No, seriously, Estel, *why* won't you tell me anything?!?!?!

Estel - I JUST DID! ^_~

Estel loves writing, and she is extremely good at it too! She also updates a hell of a lot faster than me(HA! Thats a good one one... Try telling my poor reviewers that...), so if we get any breaks without an update for a while, you can officially blame it on moi... unless it *is* Estel's fault(no, actually, the wait for chapter three can by blamed on Queenie! WOOHOO!)... then... erm... let's leave that there, shall we?

She's got an ff.n account already, where she posts her fics under the name Estel Elven Enchantress... rolls off the tongue, doesn't it? She's pretty accepting of fics of any kind, though I'm not that fond of Slash, and she always seems to have some sort of 'witty' remark to make... tee hee, you know what I mean Estel! ^_^ I'm surprised Legolas hasn't given up the ghost the number of things you've said!

Now, they haven't turned up yet... but between us and you... Aragorn and Legolas, well, our four inch versions anyway... I get the feeling they don't like us all that much, what about you Estel?

Estel: Don't like us? Ain't that a bit... harsh, Queenie dear?

LEGOLAS: Too right we don't like you!!!

ARAGORN: Yeah!!! Have you got any idea how much torture we go through with these two?!?!


LEGOLAS: No, I guess you don't, seeing as you're not in one of the Evil One's fics...

ARAGORN: Wait a minute... Legolas?


ARAGORN: If they're here... willingly about to read these two's fics...

LEGOLAS: Then that must mean... they've got the same taste in fanfics...



He he he... thanks! That's just put them one step closer to insanity... we'll have to give you a medal for that! You'll notice us talking to these two a lot, they sure do like to complain a lot!

Well, I'd better go... the Orc's swords need sharpening, the whips need twisting, the poison tanks need refilling, and our insane malicious creativity machine needs oiling... so much to do in the life of a Mistress of Evil...

Loadsa love, Queenie, the Other Mistress of Evil

~*~"There is still Hope..."~*~


Okay people, I'm here to make an announcenment!!! Whoa, long word... Is it even spelt right? Oh well.. Slap me with a kipper if it isn't!!! Lol, this is Estel by the way - and yes, I have something to say!:

The Mistresses of Evil will be releasing another fic very soon - as in, next few days - with our good friend, Mellaithwen, who has joined out Mistresses of Evil ranks. So look out for it, and be sure to review!!!

Queenie here!!! ^_^ Just to add to this note... Mellaithwen is a highly capable writer, and also the most sane of the three of us. It'll probably be her keeping me and Estel's feet on the ground... though that will be a highly difficult task...

Mellaithwen: And I cannot wait to begin ^_^

*slaps with cod*

couldn't find a kipper..

It's announcement deary ^_^

and yes I have joined the Mistresses of Evil ranks, by the way I'm Mellaithwen ^_^ I'm Tolkien obsessed (who isn't nowadays) and love reading my very good friends (those 2 ^)'s fics mainly because the more danger Legolas is put in the more good looking he seems.

I'm not as crazy as Estel and Queenie, nowhere near infact, at least thats what the voices in my head tell me...

Estel: Hey!!! I take that personally! >waves picket=D

Queenie: Am I mad? Ooh, I never noticed! *starts twirling brutal looking sword with three blades and poison on it* Just a new toy of mine... be afraid Aragorn and Legolas... be VERY afraid... MWUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! (And now dear reader, you see why I am the one who looks after our weapons pit...)

Loadsa love, Estel xxx

Mellaithwen: Just a tad mad Queenie deary...

~*'And by the Strand of Ilmarin there grew a golden Tree.'*~

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