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Status Update: 3 March 2010

Well, I'm really good at this once-a-year-update thing, aren't I? Yes, folks, that's right, it's Sol again! I've become the unofficial-official spokesperson of SARS, it seems.

So. Status. Good news! Robin found the PM notes that I've been pestering her about for ages now! Which means we're slowly getting the ball rolling again, figuring out what's already been written, what needs to be written next, and which one of us will be doing the writing. Haven't I been telling you guys all along that we're not giving up on this?

Let me say it again though: I promise to you all, we are not abandoning this story. But I won't lie to you and say it's our first priority, either; it never has been, and we've never claimed it was. So please just be patient and bear with us. We'll get there, even if it means taking the long way!

A brief history of SARS:

Sol and Robin met in September of 2003 while attending the same school (Norwich University). Some of the members of the Unbroken Universe group decided that Sol and Robin were the same person, thus forming the Robin-Sol entity.

In October of that year, Sara and Sol started communicating via the internet, and later the telephone, on a regular basis. Just after Thanksgiving, Sara wrote "IT" (a section of what later became part of Promises Mistaken) and with Sol's assistance, mailed it to Robin. Robin promptly asked Sara to assist in the writing of the story. Sol decided she wanted to join the party, because really, who wouldn't?

In February of 2004, Sara, Robin, and Sol all met for the first time in person. It was not long after that when they were all declared by the group to be the same person, thus creating SARS--Sara And Robin-Sol.

Six years later (gosh, we're all getting old, aren't we?), the trio e-mails, IMs, talks, exchanges the occasional smoke signal, and gets together as often as possible--now with increased frequency as they're all finally in the same time zone again and within driving distance!

Robin is still in the Navy, and Sara is still working crazy, random hours. Robin and Sara are still sharing a house and a pair of huskies. Sol is still living on her own, working as an engineer, and has started off on the quest to receive her master's degree. Life continues to march slowly forwards.

Note to all: Yes, we know that SARS is a disease--Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome. Yes, we know that people have died from SARS. Our intention is not to offend anyone by using the acronym SARS, and we apologize if you do become offended. Please don't flame us over it, because it's probably the stupidest thing you could flame us about.

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