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Well... how do I introduce myself?

I think I'll start out with this:

My real name is private, but you can call me Jack Jaxx, or Jack, or Jaxx, It's the name of a character I made in my head.

I live in the Philippines, and am obviously Filipino. But to my eternal dismay and shame, I have no idea how to speak my native language, due to my childhood addiction of watching English cartoons.

I have this strange urge to make things up as I go. One of them was this:

The difference between criticism and insult:

Insult: Your story sucks.

Criticism: Your story sucks, it lacks..., it has too much..., etc.

I'm an amateur writer, and if anyone wishes to criticize on my writing skills or stories and/or give me advice on how to improve, then fire away! Although I say that I'm still a human being, so I may be hurt or discouraged by criticism, plus I'm an amateur writer, so please go easy a bit.

I'm also a slow writer, I usually only think up the beginning and ending first, and make the rest up as I go, plus I have school and admit that I am very lazy, don't expect an update for at least a month, if you like my stories. However, feedback and knowing that people actually give a fuck about my story can quicken my writing speed.

What I plan on doing next:

Infinite Stratos: Under the Surface(Infinite Stratos)

Description: 467. There are supposedly that many IS cores in this world. All created by the ingenious Tabane Shinonono. Out of that four hundred and sixty-seven only three hundred and twenty-two are actually used. Due to that, the world has few IS and even fewer personal ones. But that’s what the public knows, isn't it? Enter the world hidden under the surface. Enter-

-The IS Underground.

-The first fanfic I thought of, and one I intend to finish. I plan on making it stretch around two or three 'books'- 'The Underworld' story arc; 'The Firstborn' story arc; and maybe 'Graduation'.

- One day... One day!!!

To Slay a God(Sword Art Online)

Description: The other 9 990 would not expect this. That is our advantage. The other 9 990 would not want this. That is why they would be against us. Because we must be the ones to tear this world. That is the very reason these exist. That is the very reason we fight. The ten shall gather. The ten must gather. In that final, one hundredth floor of this floating castle, the ten will gather. If not, we will forever be trapped in this world, this terrible cage of fantasy, this fun little screwed up death game Aincrad-

Father’s greatest creation.

-My friends loved this idea; so much that I almost actually started working on it (quite a feat if you ask me). The entire idea came to me when I asked myself 'What if Kayaba had children?' a flash of lightning later; a thousand different ideas came into my head and viola, the result. I MAY start working on this after the Underworld series, but there are a few other other candidates that piqued my attention.

Raising Hell (Highschool of the Dead)

Description: Takashi should have been dead. He should have been one of Them the moment They overran him. And yet, he wasn't dead, nor was he one of Them; at least, that's what he thought when he woke up. Ever since that moment, ever since Takashi gained his strange abilities, no matter what he chose to fight for, whether he liked it or not-

-Takashi was going to raise hell.

-Highschool of the Dead holds a special place in my heart. The first anime I watched, and the only one I watched with my classmates (and friends). I became sad when I learned that IT WAS ON HIATUS. But I gained a small bit of hope when the 30th chapter was released. ONLY TO BE PISSED OFF WHEN IT WENT ON HIATUS AGAIN. Back then, when I finished the entire season with my classmates, this idea slammed into my head. I will write this down. In memory of my first year days. It goes on to about three or so story arcs. The name still isn't official.

Idea's that I'll get writing to, eventually:

Freedom's Cry(Pokemon)

Description: "Look, I don't know why we're here or why some of us are disappearing, I have no idea why the hell we're being pit against each other, and I definitely don't know why they gathered specific people with specific abilities. But I do know that something's amidst, that something's definitely wrong, and we gotta gather all the fucking prisoners we can, and get outta here-

-before somebody disappears again, and another one of them takes his place.

-Believe it or not, this was an idea that I got as a child, a dark version of pokemon in which the competent half of Team Rocket (or some other organization) has a research facility gathering humans and their pokemon and turned them into... something, this wasn't Pokemorph, it was a cruel fusion of Pokemorph, human and pokemon, these things were human-sized eldritch and humanoid abominations, perfect weapons made by the organization to wage war against the five regions (just the five). This one might have to be rated M for the extreme amount of blood and violence I'm going to add in though.

The Mercenarium (Log Horizon)

Description: Debauchery Tea Party was a legend. A legend that overshadowed other legends. All except one, the legendary 'suicidal party', a group of soloists that banned together to battle a boss raid that even the Tea Party had difficulty with. After completing it however, the party disappeared, never heard to work together again. But now with it's current state of things, a soloist just can't last solo for long, can he?

-The description sucks, doesn't it? Well anyways, this idea came into my head when I stumbled upon a rather nice pic involving the character creation in-game. I couldn't resist. After making a few characters, I decided to try and give them a story.

Dark Reality (Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou)


Dark Revolution (Akame ga Kiru, Black Bullet, Highschool of the Dead, Shingeki no Kyojin, Guilty Crown)


"You have no idea what this 'utopia' truly is. What keeps it working? What keeps it standing? Why is there no strife? You have no idea what's done to sustain this 'paradise'. You have no idea how much was lost to keep Ignorant fools like you alive."

- Tatsumi, Former Leader of Assassination Squad Thirteen

"This is no utopia. It's a mockery. A mockery to the lives that were lost. A mockery to the families that were broken. A mockery to the children that you cursed."

- Satomi Rentaro, The Black Bullet

"Do you hear that!? That's the cry of a thousand fallen kingdoms! That's the scream of a million broken cities! That's the roar of a billion lost lives! Do you hear them!? Because I do! And they carry a single demand: RETRIBUTION!"

- Takashi Komuro, The Waker of the Dead

"You hoped to make a utopia; what you made was a machine that ran on the blood of the dying. You hoped to create a paradise; what you created was a palace that stood on a mountain of corpses. You failed. Because a world without pain does not exist. Because a world without suffering does not exist. Because your utopia does not exist."

- Eren Jaeger, The Rogue Titan

"Let me clarify two things: One: I may be blind, but I can see far beyond what you can. Because unlike you, I didn't turn these blind eyes away from the deeds your people have done. And Two: This is not a rebellion. This is us finally forcing your Ignorant eyes open. This is us forcing you to look into the streets, into the darkness you refused to face. This is us showing you all the crimes you have committed onto the rest of humanity. This is the beginning of a revolution. And there is nothing you can do to stop it."

- Shu Ouma, The Guilty King

I love large level crossovers. This is the third (and the lowest leveled) one that's come into my head, and the first I plan on actually writing. The idea was conceived when I was listening to Skillet's song 'Rise', first few words in and BAM; the vision came into my head. And it was fucking glorious. I will not forget this. I will not abandon this. I am definitely gonna write this one day.

Also, the quotes? Yeah, that's not the real summary. I need to think one up fast.

A Traveler's Tale (Soccer Spirits)

Description: If you are listening to this recording than I can only hope that it has fallen into the right hands. Do not worry about who I am, or whether I can be trusted or not. I can only hope that whoever you are, you are someone who is able to use the knowledge I am about to impart wisely.

Now... where do I begin?

I once thought of making a sort of... guide. Perhaps you could call it that? Yes, a guide to the different realms and worlds in the Soccer Spirits universe. Eventually, I kept thinking on it for a time until I decided instead to make it a sort of a fanfic, a good portion of the information here is canon, but it would mostly just be my assumptions and guesses and basically just my imagination gone wild. Slightly inspired by the Warhammer 40k fanfic, The Shape of the Nightmare to Come.

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