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Poll: I plan on making a story with each chapter being a separate oneshot based on a song. It's going to be InoSaku, of course. Which songs would you want to be on there? Feel free to PM me a list of suggested songs, the more the merrier. Vote Now!
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Author has written 2 stories for Naruto.

Name -- You can either call me my name on here, Flower Cynic, or my actual name, Katelyn. Or Kate, either one.
Age -- Ahh...mature? Let's go with that.
Gender -- Female. I should hope so.
Likes -- Cats, dogs, loud or obnoxious people (in real life, of course), perverts, yuri, every single kind of music, and fun facts.
Dislikes -- Spiders, bugs, heights, horror movies, growing taller (I've been the shortest out of all my friends for so long, and I still have to get used to the fact that I'm now the second tallest person out of all of us).

Fun Fact: I can never wake up at a time around eight on my own, for some reason. I either have to be woken up by someone or my alarm clock. However, the times I can wake up at on my own are at three in the morning on school days or two in the afternoon on weekends. The shorter the time I sleep for, the lighter I sleep, I guess.

My two absolute favourite things to watch/read about are now Naruto, specifically Ino and Sakura, and Strawberry Panic, with Yaya and Tsubomi.

Current Favourite Song: 'S.E.X.' - Nickelback
Current Favourite Character (Fictional/Non-Fictional): Chrystina Sayers (Pussycat Dolls Present: Girlicious)
Current OTP: Chrystina x Nichole
Current Issue(s): Really, the people who go on and on about either adoring Twilight or hating it with every fiber of their being. I know, it's just their opinion, but honestly. It does get annoying when people rant on about why it's such a horrible book or that it's butchering vampires. You don't like Twilight? Fine. You love Twilight? Fine. But please, don't have a paragraph of constant flaming of the Twilight series. I like it, but I don't go on about it.

Fun Fact: I cannot say Sakura's name. Last name is fine, but first name? Nope. I actually only call her 'Pinky' in real life...and my brother never misses out on pointing it out to me. Then I always make fun of him for getting Ino's name wrong when he got his Naruto game (he got it before watching an episode with her on it) and mistook her name for 'Inc', which is why her nickname for us is now 'Ink'. Of course, he can actually say her name.

Favourite Pairings
Naruto -- Ino x Sakura, Temari x Tenten, Shikamaru x Kiba, Naruto x Sasuke, Hinata x Neji, Anko x Kurenai, Shizune x Tsunade
Strawberry Panic -- Yaya x Tsubomi, Shizuma x Nagisa, Hikari x Amane, Kaname x Momomi, Chikaru x Shion, Miyuki x Chikaru x Shion (Yeah, woah. Threesome!),
Total Drama Island -- Courtney x Izzy, Bridgette x Heather, Gwen x Trent, Courtney x Bridgette, Izzy x Heather
Harry Potter -- Fleur x Hermione, Ginny x Luna
Twilight -- Rosalie x Alice, Rosalie x Bella
Rosario + Vampire -- Mizore x Kurumu
Meet The Robinsons -- Billie x Tallulah, Billie x Franny
House M.D. -- Thirteen x Cameron
Super Smash Bros. -- Samus x Zelda
Girlicious -- Chrystina x Nichole, Natalie x Jamie, Alexis x Carrie, Chrystina x Nichole x Natalie
Pussycat Dolls -- Ashley x Kimberly, Ashley x Jessica
Girls Aloud -- Nicola x Kimberley, Nicola x Nadine, Cheryl x Nicola, Cheryl x Nadine

Fun Fact: I can't just walk into a dark room like a normal person and turn on the light. If the whole house is dark (it always is when I got to bed, which is normally at three in the morning...), I have to actually stop just outside my room, lean completely against the wall, and try to find the light switch without actually looking inside my room at all...it must look really creepy from inside the room. Just some random arm reaching in and feeling the wall...

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