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Author has written 2 stories for Kamen Rider, and Senki Zesshō Symphogear/戦姫絶唱シンフォギア.

Hello all I'm Asian, i had lived in Vietnam my whole life and just moved to California recently is a great country.

My favorite show is kamen rider so i would do a lot of crossover involve them and i would use the original riders with story connect to each other hope you guys can gave me your opinion.

Favorite Riders:

1) Kabuto.

2) Agito.

3) Blade.

4) OOO.

5) Hibiki.

I also like Ultraman but i like the character more than the story i hope they could made the story with more twist plot Ultraman have potential to be good show.

I also like Garo too. It is one of the best work of Tokukatsu.

Favorite Game:

Assassin Creed Series.

Devil May Cry series (Except Reboot I will never acknowledge that's guy who look like he on drug 24/7 as Dante XD)

Onimusha Series (Why no new game for PS4 or PC Sob...sob...sob...WHY!?)

Metal Gear Rising


Megaman X7 & Megaman Zero (SAME PROBLEM WITH ONIMUSHA Btw how come people only remember Star Wars when show them a Light Saber and not Zero!?)

Dynast Warriors Series

Warriors Orochi Series

And just because i mention what i like doesnt mean i dont know how to appreciate a good story when i see one even if it have nothing to do with kamen rider or tokukatsu show.

I would finish a story i wrote but i have my own life so sometimes it might be too long so apologize first

Manga: Manhua with no translation so wont even bother put name. But most story I read involve martial arts with mystical and gods involve in it which in my own opinion is great probably going to use it elements in my Dynasty Warriors/Percy Jackson if I ever do it. Other than that Gintama (IMO the Bible of Manga), Naruto, Bleach,... One of those Manhua is made into game called Weapon of Gods. And last of all...Kamen Rider Spirit. For God Sake can someone tell me where chapter 59 is?

Dislike: Yaoi. No offend to people who like it. Just not my taste. Defintely not.

Idea working on:

Kamen rider OOO The Song of Desire: Completed. Not my best piece since it my first story so I probably will rewrite it in the future.

Kamen Rider Ryuki x Date a Live: He is alive, even though he shouldn't he is alive, even though he shouldn't remember he did. The dead, the battles, clash of human wills. And the love of a twisted man. He also remember his failure to protect her. So no more, the Rider that hold the power of mighty dragon will do whatever it take to protect innocent even if that's mean he will trap himself in battle forever.

Kamen rider Kabuto x Magical girl Lyrical Nanoha: As if get send to an alternative world where Worm invasion never happen is not weird enough they also get send 7 or more to the pasts with their body also seem to shrunken to that amount. This time where will the Man who Walk the Path of Heaven take his step?

Kamen rider Agito x Highschool DxD: A small change bring a new retelling story of both side. A simple act of moving to where Kuoh school is will change how DxD turn out. As the same time Golden meeting Crimson and White. White for domination and Devil? Red for Hero? So Golden will be...Vali: I TOLD YOU MY NAME IS NOT FREAKING KOUNGOUJI! WHO THE HELL IS THAT ANYWAY!?

Kamen rider Faiz x Infinite Stratos: Ichika was more than happy, he thought his life will turn into one of those cliché moment like in some weird harem manga where he is the only man in a whole female school that teach how to use Mass Destructive Weapons in a form of machine called IS. That is until he learnt that turn out there is another male in this place and his role in this school is...but wait what is this rumor of a Lone Wolf that protecting people from these grayish shape shifting Monster?

Kamen rider Blade x Shakugan no Shana: Shana encounter with Myste known as Sakai bring of great change in the whole world. But if one were to add one more change to this formula? An existence that somehow have an existence seem to be eternal. The swordsman that was cursed with immortality battled against God from his world. After it what does he gain? Let the Blade shine using battle as its stage once more.

Kamen rider Hibiki x Inuyasha: Kagome has it rough for any teenage girl. Let's count it okay? Fall to some old well while finding a cat as the same time get drop to some Feudal Era that was way different than what she learnt in history with all the Youkai and Demon as the same time have a Dog Youkai sealed for more than hundred years on your tail, no pun intended. Well at least she known a man who seem like her also from modern era, he should be the normal she need right? Oh yeah his name is Hibiki by the way, kind of weird but it just a name right?

Kamen rider Kuuga x Puella Magica (Season1) x Campione! (Season2)

Kamen rider Kiva x 11 eyes

Kamen rider Fourze x HyperplaneNeptunia

Kamen rider Wizard x Negima: He woke up in some world that's not his, his memory seem kind of hazy. Wait someway erase it? Himself? Why? Let's just hope he won't get arrested again this time oh and it seem there is a whole world of magic hidden here and if somebody reveal it they get change to a well then let show them some of his own Magic Skill from your truly Wizard eh? Oh and by the way my name is Sohma Haruto and I will be a librarian for some school call Mahora for now.

Kamen rider Den-o x Strike Witches.

Kamen rider W x Unbreakable Machine Dolls.

Possible Idea that might work on in the future (Not absolute)

Ultraman Tiga x Evangelion Rebuild (Undecided): He who have realized his past deed as well as the life he took when he is still in darkness. A Tiga that embody the meaning of destruction and devil. After realize who he really is and the evil he had done Daigo will set out to an adventure beyond dimension to atone for his sin as he is not simply just a user but was Tiga reincarnation himself. His first destination will bring him to a world where he meet a boy that was predestinied to eventually cary a burden of a God.

Dynasty Warrior x Percy Jackson: Is God mean a being who beyond other? Is it their power or the burden they carry define them as one? A God who use his self to test all kind of poison and antidote so he can create medicine for human. A Goddess who use herself to stop the falling sky from dooming mankind. A warrior through many trials and burden come to our time to create new legends. Is the answer really all in Fate? or will this Dragon show us that fate is the road you walk on yourself. Watch this Dragon accompany by a young girl as the answer show on their journey as the same time the hidden past caught on to presence. (Invlove element from Asian mythology as well as elements from Chinese Manhua.)

Dynasty Warrior (Prequel to Percy crossover): One of the most famous turbulent era of the Chinses history. Through the dust of time different story with same ending had been depicted from it. Now lets watch this story one more from one of those aspects this could be the truth of the fate that the great Warrior of that time had to endure. Heroes? Conqueror? Tyrant? Which one will you use to judge them? Again contain lots of element from Chinese martial arts manga. AU of course. All their appearance and weapons will be the same from the game but there will be some change like in personality and how OP the characters can be XD.

Kamen rider AgitΩ: the Rise of Ωmega Gold Dragon_ After destroy Hades now nobody is not aware of the legend of the strongest Pegasus Saint: Seiya. Now wearing the Gold Sagitarus cloth Seiya left the Pegasus cloth to the new generation. Koga the young mysterious boy born from a meteor will continue the new legend. But in this new legend Pegasus will be the one to protect Athena but for the people protector there is another legend gonna shine after millenum years asleep. The wish of the dying ancient God convert to Agito seed send down to human but not all of them can ultilize the pure force of fragment of God so they transform it to Cosmos but now after sleeping so many year the Gold Dragon will awake bring along with it legend that not just human but even Saint and God alike will be affect by it.

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Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Kamen Rider OOO: Song of Desire reviews
He saw what it mean to lose someone precious so he reach out for other. She saw what it mean to sacrifire for other so she reach out for other. Two person different world, different power but same goal. When OOO and Fourze defeat the Galaxy King, Eiji Hino will find a chance not only reach out for Ankh but also to Songtressess who for other will sing the song of warrior
Crossover - Kamen Rider & Senki Zesshō Symphogear/戦姫絶唱シンフォギア - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Fantasy - Chapters: 2 - Words: 8,879 - Reviews: 45 - Favs: 34 - Follows: 26 - Updated: 1/3 - Published: 10/13/2013 - Ankh, Eiji H./OOO, Hibiki T., Tsubasa K.
Kamen Rider OOO: Music of Desire reviews
Two years had passed since the event of Lunar Attack. It also how long had it been since Eiji supposed death. The Songstresses battle still continue despite that, as they charge to the battlefield with their song from their heart. But how will they deal with other who also use music as their weapon? As the world once more in chaos, the Multi-King will return with some companion.
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