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Intro (of sorts):

Whoo... this is an old pen-name. Alright, for those who know absolutely nothing about me, my name is Pharaoh's Tomb Keeper (more commonly abbreviated to PTK) I'm seventeen and started and last messed with this pen-name when I was twelve to thirteen. Also, this is NOT my main pen-name. THAT alias would happen to be HieiKuramaFan, which is most widely known for my Yu Yu Hakusho fanfic, "Slipping into Crimson".

Anyway, I primarily used this pen-name to write Yu-Gi-Oh fanfiction, started a story and promptly forgot about it. Now four years later, I've been inspired to pick it back up again. Do not question these things, merely rejoyce because I've decided not to completely abandon it.
Forgive me if I sound arrogant... it is very early in the morning at current, and I find that I can't bring myself to care too much about how I sound on this profile.

Back to the story.

"Lost Memories" is currently undergoing some re-writing and the updated version of both chapters will be available to read once I finish re-writing both of them. I won't post the first re-written chapter until I finish re-writing the second one as well, simply because I do not trust myself to actually do it. Then I'd have an awesome chapter and a shoddy one, and really we can't have that, now can we?
Any and all notes/anything important will be added here or beneath the NOTES section located directly below this text, so if you're really that interested, make sure you check on that.

If for whatever reason, you feel the need to e-mail me about anything regarding the story, you can do so at two possible e-mail addresses: (my e-mail for this account)

or (my primary e-mail address, which you are more likely to catch me on. If you have anything of dire importance to say, e-mail this one.)

Thanks for the patience, and I hope everyone enjoys "Lost Memories" (once I get it re-written and finished) and any other Yu-Gi-Oh fanfictions I manage to get posted here.

Arigatou, gozimasu.

--Pharaoh's Tomb Keeper



About "Lost Memories":
This fanfiction was written BEFORE the airing of the Millennium World saga of Yu-Gi-Oh, hence why Pharaoh/Yami/Atem's name is 'Akhena', and not 'Atem'. I have no intent of changing this, so everyone can just deal with it and so help me if any flames arise because of it, I will not hesitate to report you for abuse. Thanks and hopefully I'll get around to updating sometime soon.


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