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Ok, here is the main low-down on me. I am an anime freak, have always been an anime freak, and will always be an anime freak. It's not that bad, and I have converted many of my non-anime friends into anime freak-ism as well. *applause* *love me...*

Yea, there's a few things about me below... Yea, I'm not really that interesting. *love me...*

My Favorite...

Food: Chocolate (and brownie covered grapes) *love me...*

Music: Anything Band: The Rasmus *The best there is! Their lead singer is so hot! I LOVE YOU LAURI!!!* *love me...*

Color: Nightsky Blue *love me...*

Amine Show(s): Yu-gi-oh, Yu-yu Hakusho (Kurama is so cute), Pokemon (that's a bit old), all the DragonBalls (yea...), Trigun (I cried when he died), Inu-Yasha (Sesshomaru is cute too), Cowboy Bebop (obsessed), Witch Hunter Robin (quiet, yet entertaining), and more, but I don't want to bore you with the rest. *love me...*

Yes, I know I'm pathetic, but it's part of my nature (duh, anime freak), you can even ask YamiBernarda and Rowena! I AM PATHETIC! I have a split personality problem and live my life through many of those in which you'll read about in my storys. I do role play with my friends and we're even sad enough to have a Millennium Book in which we write role play every chance we get... We even have our own websites in which we do role play. Sad? Yes... Fun? YES! I'm going to stop now... *love me...*

I HAVE CHARACTERS! YEA! Anywho, I have nine main OOCs and here they are. Amelia, Ayeka, and Allaya have the Millennium Staff; Diana, Diandra, and Deedee have the Millennium Belt; Crystal never dies so she keeps the Millennium Orb, and then Ninoka, who's usually used in my Inu-Yasha and Yu-Yu-Hakusho fics. Then there's Miroshu, who's some random guy I created because Rowena's male OOC was feeling lonely and he had no YAOI buddy to play with. Plus there's Shinoka, but you'd have to read my fic with her in it to know who she is! ^-^ YamiBernarda's characters and mine all corresponde with each other, so if you ever see any of mine in her stories or hers in mine, it's all good. AND ROWENA RAVEN THINKS WE'RE IDIOTS! YEA! ^-^ *love me...*

Ok, people, I know most people hate OOC's because they ruin the main point of fan-fics... but... I don't know... I mean, I even hate OOC's. If my OOC's are bugging you, and/ or you don't like them, just tell me. I will stop using them by any means necessary... but that means I've got to have like... 5 or more people stating that they don't like them. I can't just change the entire story line just because one person doesn't like my OOC's. Oh sure... if they are persuasive enough, I will involve my OOC's less, but that's about it. *love me...*

I want reviews, the good, the bad, and even the ugly; even though I'm not. :D *love me...*

Adios! *I think I should start putting limits on my updates...* *love me...*

Ayeka69 *love me...*

p.s. i've been a bit busy with school work & starting a dance team that i might not be able to update as soon as i want... but all my fans, please keep reviewing and i will update as soon as possible. ^-^ *love me...*

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