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Before you plunge into this lengthy Biography, feel free to IM me at Crow Magnum II.

Okay, I guess it was about time that something like this had to happen. Not much really to know about me, I'm just writing for the sake of writing. I don't promise greatness nor do I promise to be particularly poor, at least by my standards. You people might have a different idea of what those two things are. You can e-mail me if you want. Yeah, amazing. That's basically it, I don't know how many stories I plan on typing so I guess, you'll just have to wait and see. My BoF stories are probably going to number three though I've only conceived two.

Qoute that I live by: Suspirum et decus puellarum
That's latin, and for any latin buffs out there, its not me boasting.

This is a pretty bland bio so I figure I should make it more biographical. Here goes...

Residence: The sunny state of Florida, home of the election faux pas.

User Names Meaning: It's my professional wrestling name. Crow Magnum! Off the top ropes and into your hearts! Oh yeah! Macho Man Randy Savage is my announcer.

Appearance: I'm a tall lanky guy. Nothing particularly astounding or eye-catching. I'm so surprised at being tall that just about every character I create is tall as well.

Likes: reading, running, acedemics, kicking back and sleeping. I like a lot of vintage cartoons like Voltron, Transmformers (seeing as they're more than meets the eye.), G-Force, Thundercats, I used to like Sailor Moon, and Ronin Warriors. The only anime I like is probably Cowboy Bebop though Trigun and Inuyasha have their moments. I'm too cynical to actually like Inuyasha, cause I keep wanting him to kill the girl cause the would make the show memorable.

Dislikes: I don't particularly care for anime, or goth people. I just don't like either. J-Pop, and how its twisiting my friends into something terrible. Though that's not to say I hate all anime. DDR effectively killed any love for techno I had, as far as I'm concerned its sqaure dancing with techno music. Don't try to argue with me, it is.

Favorite Types of Games: RPGs, easily. Except the PS2 doesn't have a load of great games, it has a few and those it does have arn't that long. Right now I'm plowing through Gladius and Disgaea at the same time. I really hated FFX. A lot, so much I thought about mailing an angry letter to square-enix filled with exclamation points for emphasis.

Favorite Type of Music: anything and a little bit of everything. Except AFI, cause they sound like trolls when their singing. Ugly, hate filled trolls. Though I'd probably select rock or something like it over most other genres. I remember when I used to like techno, but it faded fast. My favorite bands include: Blue Oyster Cult, Def Leopard, ACDC, Uriah Heep, The Vandals, Black Flag, Duran Duran, and Iron Maiden.

If anything else comes to mind I'll tell you.

I suppose I should talk about Breath of Fire since it is the genre for the current story I'm writing. I liked all of them expcept BoF4 since I haven't played it. BoF2 is probably my favorite since for a long time, all I had were my roms to keep me company. And that was one of the few roms I had for a really long time. BoF5 is probably my second favorite since it has a cool plot and the best battle style. I can't that game seriously because its cel-shaded but its a very violent game considering it looks like a childs cartoon.

I'm sure there's something else that I could type that you guys wouldn't really care about but I can't think of it. I've got it, I'll talk about how many authors don't really put too much in the profile section, I think they should cause it does give insight into the person behind the psuedonym. Why else do you think I would put such inane stuff into my profile. Just to see if people are reading I'm going to put this simple phrase into this paragraph and I want you, the reader to respond to. Lesbians, YAY!

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