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Author has written 3 stories for Teen Titans, Final Fantasy VIII, and Inuyasha.
:Name: Serenity
:Age: 15
:Birthday: April 24th, 1989
:Zodiac Sign: Taurus
:Birthplace: URaNuS :hehe:
:Height: 5"2
:Weight: :am I allowed to give that? Or is not telling like an iron clad rule for gals?:

:Hair: Auburn :long:
:Eyes: Hazel
:Fave color(s): Black and Pink

:Fave shows: Inuyasha, Teen Titans, Case Closed and any other anime that has a good love/hate relationship with a boy and a girl and has a story line of romance/drama and humor. yep!
:Fave reviewer: YOU

:Likes: Acting, Singing, Dancing, Reading, WRITING :as you all know: plotting, going my own way, 'him', and of course. SHOPPING!

:DisLikes: Pairings:
Raven/Robin- That is just a disaster. Gag me.
Star/Raven- WTF?!
BB/Star- Little clueless green alien babies, I DON'T THINK SO!!
Cy/Star- HELL NO
Cy/Raven- :shakes head and laughs:
Inu/Kouga- WTF?
Kouga/Kagome- Okay in the beginning, but they BETTER break up!
Inu/Kikyo- FCUK NO! I'd Rather eat shit! That's one disgusting pair. It's cool in the beginning, but they BETTER break up. Yeah. :sigh:

Best Pairs: Inu/Kag. Rob/Star Cy/OC Rav/BB

Stories that I write: Shikon Shard High Ridiculously Romantic Tempting Fate *with Seventy5ive*

Stories I'm planning: Actually. I'm in the progress of thinking of a new Inuyasha story. Either a sequel to SSH or a whole new story. but that's WAY in the future.
aim: Honey2489

Need me, Write me. Want Me, Get a life. Be me, Already Taken. You say MORE, I say ENOUGH SAID!

Ladies and gentle germs! Please give a big round of applause for my dearest friend's INUYASHA AND SHIPPO!


INUYASHA: who said I was her friend?
SHIPPO: you're heartless inuyasha.

Question of the week : If a person with multiple personalities threatens suicide- is that a hostage situation?

INUYASHA: Oh lord. I am partners with a lunatic.

SHIPPO: Hush inuyasha. I'm trying to think.

INUYASHA: scratch that. times 2.

Now that's a brain teaser! Give that some thought!

INUYASHA: Not much thought now is it wench? What person in their right mind would try and answer that? I mean c'mon, the schizophreniac is obvioulsy one person, so therefore he would only kill him or herself.



INUYASHA: ... I just answered a question that was clearly out of a insane lunatic's mind that I just repeatedly said that I would not answer. Damn it.

it's okay. Not everyone here is in their right mind. You're not the only one.


INUYASHA: obvioulsy.

day 2.
I am not a slut.


I am not a slut!

SHIPPO: your not a slut serenity-chan.

Thank you.

INUYASHA: Too bad he's the only one who thinks so.


SHIPPO: down girl.

INUYASHA: oookay. can we say pshycho slut with a bitchy 'tude?

SHIPPO: Inuyasha.. I might just let her go.

let me go shippo! let me go! I'll eat him alive! Fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee!

INUYASHA: feh. she's just another fanatic girl with a fiercly ripe and over sensitive attitude. You let her go, and I'm sure she'll tear you to shreds.



INUYASHA: maybe calling her a slut wasn't a good idea. WATCH THE EARS WENCH!

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Shikon Shard High reviews
Inuyasha Tama and Kagome Higurashi are the perfect rich preps gone bad. They party and have fun just like any other seniors do! Perfect couple? Not yet! They are partnered with the most skankiest and arrogant people in all Shikon Shard High. IK SM (adult)
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