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Walking down the dark, dim-lit street, a castle appears through the misty fog, a castle that one might say appears much like a cross between the castle beyond the goblin city and Castle Dracula, and Rivendell. An obsidian lined sliver gate creaks open admitting you to the garden path that leads up to the castle's ebony lined mahogany doors. Just as you reach for the skull-shaped door knocker, the doors open and a young woman of roughly her early twenties, in a dark hued gown stands before you. Her hair is, long, black, down her back, straight and loose. She is dressed in a black and red corseted gown, garnets clasped at her throat and ears. Before you can open your mouth to say a word, the woman opens her mouth, and with a coy smile, says:

"Hello there!

"Welcome to the castle! My name is Angelique. I suppose you are here to see my Lady, the owner of this castle. She's in the library with the boys. Do come in! Erik! Move it! The Lady has a guest." She snarls, though her voice remains soft and low, almost husky, as the door opens wider, allowing your eyes to see a dark clad figure, tall and gaunt, a mask covers the whole of his face, and a fedora lines his head, - The Phantom himself.

With a curt nod, and a slow sensuous gesture, the man moves away from the door, "My apologies, Angel." He says, in a short, curt tone, which belays the ethereal beauty of his voice. "Aren’t you supposed to be in the library with our Lady?" He asks the girl after a short pause.

"My Mistress sent me to find you." The girl responds with a soft, almost childish giggle.

"Ah." The man responds dryly. "I see then. Well shall we lead our guest to our Lady?" He asks, as he raises one hand to gesture down the hallway.

"But of course. Right this way." The girl quips, before darting off, giggling the whole way.

"The Mistress has been expecting you." Erik says looking over his shoulder in your direction. "And don't mind the girl, she's a little... odd, however- nice enough, when she so chooses. Better you ran into her, than some of the guards, or even some of the other residents of the castle." He says with a snide tone, were it not for the mask, you could almost swear he was sneering.

Before too long, you are lead into an expansive library done in an old, Gothic, almost Baroque style. The room is warm, almost cozy. In the center seated on an ebony chair that could almost be a throne and surrounded by varying men is a young woman in her early twenties. She has long dark hair, and eyes that you can't quite tell the color, for they seem to almost shift and change in the firelight. Erik steps away from you and takes his place in an ebony chair similar to the young woman's near her. You begin to recognize some of the other young men around her: Kurama, Youko Kurama and Hiei from Yu Yu Hakusho, Dracula, Sesshomaru and Kouga from InuYasha, Mamoru from Sailor Moon, Seto Kaiba from Yu-Gi-Oh, Zorro (the original Zorro not the one from that movie played by Antonio Banderas), Edward Sissorhands, Roux from Chocolat, Captain Jack Sparrow, Don Juan (De Marco), Malchior from Teen Titans, Aoshima from Ah My goddess, (the OVA not the Manga) Aoshi Shinamouri from Rurouni Kenshin, Jareth the Goblin King from Labyrinth, Legolas and Aragorn from Lord of the Rings, and of course Erik, the Phantom of the Opera. From round a corner, you hear a high pitched, almost psychotic laughter, and then muffled clapping, as a man in a purple suit, with toxic green hair enters the room. His face is painted white, almost like a clown. "Well well... isn't this the merry little gathering?" Says the man in a snide tone. "So sorry I'm late... but you see I-" He is cut off, by a sharp gesture from the woman.

"Sit down, and get in your chair, I'll have none of your puns now, Joker, there is time enough later for that."

The woman in the center stands and nods in your direction. Meanwhile the man in purple simply turns and stands behind his own thrown, a strange look on his face as he turns towards the woman. The other men seem edgy, ready to act if this one shows the slightest hint of violence towards her.

"I've been expecting you. Welcome to my humble abode. I am AngelMusic. Thank you for coming. Feel free to look around. I'd suggest a story of mine to you for some light reading, but none of them are very good so perhaps instead, you might read something from Mrs DeBris my good friend; or Kates, who beta reads my work." She says, raising a hand to motion towards the library.

Ok well you haven’t left yet so here's some mindless info for you about me that you probably don't care about:


Phantom Of The Opera

Les Miserables (Valjean, nuff said.)


Lord of the Rings



Dirty Dancing (It's a movie, get your minds out of the gutter please!)

Gerard Butler.

Michael Crawford (What a voice!)

More recently added to the list, is the Joker, (A la Mark Hamill, which is why the Joker isn't quite as... well behaved as the other men, seen above. For who could ever make that one behave, ne?)

(Too many more to list right now.)

...I have seen the ALW musical of Phantom once but I know almost all the lines by heart...

Pretty much the same goes for Les Miserables... With the exception that I have never seen that musical… Just the movie.

Oh! Are you still here?

A little about me:

Since no one on here will ever no what I look like, let's just say I'm a dead ringer for the Angelina Jolie, a la Laura Croft - Tomb Raider, Ok?


Utsukushii Kurai Bara: (Beautiful Gloomy Rose) ((A friend's nick name from years ago.))

The Phantom Angel of Music

AngelMusic (Many variations Including flat out “Angel”)

The Dark Angel of Music

The Goblin Queen (sometimes ‘Whiskers von Mittens’ the Goblin Queen ((Calling me this, or ‘Bubbles’ will almost certainly get you murdered in your bed. Understand?)) ‘Goblin Queen’ however, is all right.) ((This was more a threat to certain friends from years ago. You know who you are.)

My sites: , , (This forum seems to have been removed sadly. Another Phantom haven lost to time.) and (All my poetry has been removed, and nothing has been updated there in years. Time only will tell if that shall change.)

...-- IMPORTANT: All right. I will warn you now. I almost never leave a bad review. If I do it is because A) I'm not thinking correctly or B) I’m being threatened. I try not to flame. If I do please do not retaliate by flaming one of my stories. (I've had this happen a few times. It is SO immature.) Constructive reviews that point out what could be changed will be allowed. If you flame me I will block you and if possible report you. I am a beginning author; I left the sight for a long time, and even then had only written fan fics for about a year or so, most of my work here is old, and needs to be seriously updated. Criticism is wanted, while evil, vicious reviews are not. --...

About my stories:

Bizarre Undertakings:

NEW INFO 12/27/05: Okay, chapter nine is finished. I need to put it through my second Beta, and it should be posted any day now. Warning: Chapter 9:Character Death.If you want to see the story end the way it should, I suggest you people start reviewing. If not, bad stuff will happen to the characters. I kid you not.

NEW INFO 9/17/05: Found a new Beta Reader and have posted chapter 7. Chapter 8 should be coming soon.

Dammit Kates, I hope you become available as a beta really soon!

I am waiting on Kates to deliver the latest chapters back to me.

NEW INFO 9/16/05: Kates has just quit on me because of an overload of college work, so I am in the middle of finding a new one. Which means nothing will be updated before I find a new Beta. If anyone who is reading this would like to help me out, please e-mail me.

UPDATE 04/27/15:

At the end of Gaston Leroux's Classic novel "Le Fantome de L’Opera" the tragic story of a Disfigured Genius -Erik 'The Phantom of the Opera' died of a broken heart. Now one hundred years after the Phantom's death, young Christine Deia finds the story and through books and movies and musicals, begins to piece together the TRUE story of her muse. Her search for truth leads her on a labyrinthine journey that will forever change her life as bit by bit she finds that her very life is connected to the man and the music she so adores and the truth she has searched so long for.


Bizarre Undertakings:

Words – 14037

Chapters – 8

Reviews – 21

Hits – 61

Favs – 3

Alerts – 3

Is it just me, or is something about the above table, just not right? There is seriously something wrong here, folks,40 hits and only 13 reviews for one story? That's just WRONG! I'm Begging you people, if your read, REVIEW! Obviously there has been a drastic change in the numbers here, and obviously somewhere made a mistake in the numbers. However, this is still just wrong.

Phantom of the Opera Revisited: Hiatus. -Perhaps permanently. I need someone to rp with in order to finish this. If anyone is interested or can get a hold of Mrs Debris please tell me. Mrs Debris and I started this together and I have lost contact with her, so I have stopped work on this story.


Phantom of the Opera Revisited: Revisions, revisions, revisions! This work is currently going through a major overhaul thanks to a review left by a LOVELY fan all but begging me to continue the work! As the work was originally a role play betwixt myself and another, whom I have not seen for near on a decade, I will have to scrap the original format, revise, rework, and reword what was there, and make it well, me. If all goes well, (As they seem to be,) I will be able to write a jumping off point, and actually give this thing a bit of PLOT! My oh, my, and considering that, from what I recall, there wasn't a speck of THAT to be seen anywhere, well... teeheeehee... I'd say things are going good for this to (possibly) be continued. ALSO! The other works, (Gods willing,) will be getting the same treatment. So then. Allons-y!

Words – 5948

Chapters –3

Reviews – 18

Hits – 17

Favs – 3

Alerts – 0

Angel in the Dark: Random poems based on Phantom - Since I do not write poetry that often I don't know if any more will be placed here.


Angel in the Dark

Words – 272

Chapters –2

Reviews – 9

Hits – 7

Favs – 1

Alerts – 0

Coming soon:

Through this Labyrinth: My first Labyrinth fic. On Sarah Williams twenty first birthday she wishes herself away in order to be with the man she loves. But is fate willing that they should be together? Music fic. (I have to retype it since it was deleted when my computer crashed a few months ago)

A Rose of Three Colors: Yet another Phan Phic by yours truly. This is a random role-play that sprung up out of a conversation between my friend and I. He suggested I turn it into a fanfic so I am now converting it. I hate to say this but I think this one MIGHT just end up a Mary-Sue. (Gasp) Yes I know. Unthinkable right? Horrible right? I just couldn't help it. We'll just have to see where this one goes. I promise this will not be your classic Mary-Sue fic. This is more what would have happened if a Phan walked in during the final lair scene. Trust me the girl who enters in is not perfect. Is not your average Mary-Sue. I do so hope that you'll read it. - And that my beta reader won't kill me for this. Probably more along the lines of "another woman" phic. Still good, I promise you.

Byyeeeeeee! Bubbye, later, take care, God bless, have fun, play nice, tah tah, Ciao, Au Revior, Bon Soir, A Beintot, Ja Ne, Audios, Farewell, Arrivederci, and all that jazz thatchya see on TV!

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Just a little poem I wrote about Erik I hope you like It! Well I just addded another poem. You want to know what it's about? Then read it!
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This is what may have happened if Christine had chosen Erik please note that Mrs DeBris helped me write this. ON HOLD.
Phantom of the Opera - Rated: K+ - English - Drama/Romance - Chapters: 3 - Words: 7,817 - Reviews: 21 - Updated: 2/14/2004 - Published: 1/26/2004
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