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Story Info:
Living a Lie
: Chapter 19 up 9/01
All Alone in Love: Chapter 6 up 7/20
He Gets What He Wants: On hiatus for now. I just cannot get anywhere with the story. If anyone has any suggestions for me, please feel free to let me know. Thanks. (=

Lost, The Newest Member of Team Extreme, Born to Fly, My Angel, and Daddy's Girl are on permanent hiatus. I wrote them all in like 2002 and I cannot bring myself to delete them from here. Maybe one day I'll actually rewrite them. (=

WWE survey

current favorite wrestlers: Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, Randy Orton.
all-time favorite wrestler: Jeff Hardy
current favorite divas: Kelly Kelly, Mickie James.
all-time favorite diva: Trish Stratus
best finisher: Swanton, Shooting Star Press
best weapon: TLC
best entrance: Jeff Hardy, Batista
best-looking diva: Kelly Kelly
best-looking wrestler: Jeff Hardy
favorite interviewer: Eve
raw or smackdown?: Smackdown
randy orton or john cena?: Orton
triple h or the undertaker?: Taker
kane: masked or unmasked?: Masked
trish stratus or victoria?: Trish
number of events you've been to: maybe 5
favorite PPV: Wrestlemania, Cyber Sunday
least favorite wrestlers: JBL
least favorite divas: Maryse
wrestlers you've met: Jeff & Matt Hardy, Kurt Angle, Superfly Jimmy Snuka (He lives in my town.)
nicest: The Hardys
meanest: None
wrestlers you still want to meet: any
Favorite Macmahon?: stephanie
theodore long or bischoff?: teddy long
for or against roster split?: against at first, but in the end i think it was a good decision.
best heel: Orton
best face: Jeff Hardy
heels or faces?: both
best theme song: Jeff, Matt, Christian, Orton.
stone cold or shawn michaels?: Stone Cold
elimination chamber or hell in a cell?: Hell in a Cell
favorite match: 1st TLC
edge or christian?: Christian
(old school question) WCW or ECW?: ECW
WWF in the late 1990's to 2000 or WWE currently?: WWF
tag teams: are they old or still great?: old...i think they really need to do something about the tag team division. it needs to be brought back to the days when the hardys, E&C and the dudleys reigned.
ric flair or hulk hogan?: hogan
mick foley or the rock?: rock
house shows or tv tapings?: tv tapings
iron man match or first blood?: first blood
chris jericho or chris benoit?: jericho
best WWE on-screen couple: lita & matt (before all the shit that happened.)
E&C or Hardy Boyz?: Hardy Boyz!! (=

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Living a Lie reviews
I was the new girl. He was a headliner. When he took me under his wing I couldn't have been more grateful. When i fell in love with him, i thought we'd last forever...that is, until I realized he was still in love with his wife. Orton,Cena,Hardy,OC. R/R
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All Alone in Love reviews
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Jeff Hardy has his eye on new wrestler Alicia. Will he get what he wants? Or will she make him work for it? Rated for sexual content and language. Appearances by Matt Hardy, the Undertaker, Kelly Kelly, John Cena, Randy Orton,and more. Please R/R.
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Lita's best friend Mandi is debuting in the WWF. On top of that, she is going to be in Team Xtreme! Will she make it? Will this be the begining of a fun-filled journey of love, or an adventure through the lives of wrestlers? Read to find out!
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