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Konichiwa and welcome to The Diaries Guild!

Headed by Lord Archive, the Diaries Guild is a group of authors who write in the Digimon Diaries universe. The writers are as follows :

Lord Archive, Canis Black, Lady Iapetus, Kyle Evanick, Misc666, (Mr Digianalyser), Persona, Raikun Tabris, Rocker Starlight, Ryan Griffin, Ryu Izumi, Theodore 'Blitz' Leung, Shaun Garin, Akino Ame, Digital Warrior 2/Legend of Me/Simon Smith/P.Diddy, Tatsu no Houou, Black Knightmon, Digizane, CustomMagnum, Circeus, darkangel98s, Tetra Seleno, Master of the Chaos

The purpose of this Account is to post the works that are done that are not part of our stories per say. They are done more of a fun diversion, basing things off Diaries canon and non-canon, and poking fun at Digimon and other fandoms in general. With that in mind, have fun browsing our works!

(in absentee)

Misc notes for August 30: (Akino) Three new names have been added to the list: new members Tetra Seleno and Master of the Chaos, and darkangel98s, writer of Fading Light Diaries, whose name was mistakenly not added early. Sorry.

Recent Fun Quotes From Guild Members :

I like swords.
Welcome to Corneria! - Shaun Garin and Ryan Griffin

Not my headache, not my headache... - Lord Archive

And Axel is making me his woman in KH: CoM - Ryan Griffin

What, Mulan 2 IS a good movie!
No. You die for being coherant.
And that's a BAD thing?
You definately have different priorities. - Canis Black and Shaun Garin

The Paper Fan is such an intimidation factor. People think, oh, it's Paper. What's it going to DO to me? Then you hit someone with it. You know that loud WHACK sound it makes in anime? it's NOT exaggerated. - Shaun Garin

Manah Manah!
Doo doo de doo doo!
Manah Manah!
Doo doo de doo!
Manah Manah!
Doo doo de doo do de doo do de doo do de do do doo-do do! - The Diaries Guild Muppet Chorus

Ryan: And if you're a guy, turn back to the image of Hawkeye in a miniskirt. And stare at it until it replaces Armstrong.
Akino: Just be glad he wasn't wearing a kilt the Scottish way.
Tatsu: Riza in sexy clothes! Riza in sexy clothes!
Archive: You are evil, Akino. Truly evil.
Akino: I know. That's why I'm with the Guild.
--A typical Diaries chat

Ryan : I must be an idiot to have not watched Lion King 1 1/2
Shaun : hehehehehehehe. so did you watch any Mai Otome yet?
Ryan : One miracle at a time Shaun.
--A typical chat between Ryan and Shaun

Akino: ...You did not just spoil that for me...
Shaun: ...oops.
--How to make a topic taboo, by Akino and Shaun

Akino: Basically, it takes a world from Shaun's Digital Diaries Dimensions and expands on the universe. In this world, different choices were made, so things turned out a little differently. Different relationships happened, some people lived where others died... And somehow, things became completely insane. This thing is almost pure humor. It has its serious moments, but it's nuts.
Circeus: So, basically, It's a "crack on a stick" vesion of the Diaries universe?
Akino: Yep, that's basically the Reader's Digest version of it.
--The DCD universe, as summed up by Akino and Circeus

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