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Hiya! My penname is Jerseygirl. You guys can call me Jersey or JG for short, but I don't care what you guys call me.

Here's an outlook on all the fics that I'm currently working on.

Tail Spin: The Search for the Shoxing Jewel= Chapter 2- Rough Draft 40 completed. Working on it.

Swat Kats: An Orphan's Story= Chapter 2- Rough Draft 10 completed. Partialy working on it.

WERECAT= Part 3- Rough Draft 20 done. On a short hiatus until I finish one of my chapters.

Hey Arnold: The Other Part of Me- chapter 3- On my old hardrive which is 30 done but is on Hiatus until I get my old hardrive or whatever comes first.

Rugrats: Tommy Vs Mark the Horrible Chapter 3- I'm comptemplating rather to rewrite the whole fic or just continue w/ the script format. Other than that, it's on hiatus.

Jet Grind Radio: Daddy's Little Girl Chapter 4- Draft, but I may fully rewrite this fic someday.

I'm twenty years old and I live in the USA. I live in my dorm in NYC and I live in New Jersey...Or do I:P

I graduated High School in 2003 and I'm going to the School of Visual Arts in NYC for Illustration. Hopefully I'll get my degree in Animation, teaching art, or gaming design. Maybe if I get really good in writing I may become a writer-maybe? Who knows what the fuiture could hold for me. :D

I started writing fanficts aboutfour or five years ago but before I thought about fanfiction ideas in my head eleven years or more ago, but I was lazy and hesitant to jot down my ideas onto paper since my penmanship wasn't great.

I like to read. I've read most of the Harry Potter Series. I've read one to four, but I'm still waiting for year five to come into paperback :) I wish they're were illustrations inside the book for me to look at! Other than that, I like to read.

Other books I like is, Ordinary people and Catcher in The Rye. My favorite Short story is " The Transformation" By Franz Kafka.

I'm pretty good in the arts belive it or not and I wish I can show some of my peices to you guys. But I'm doing research how to make a web site. So...If I ever have my own website. Look me up :D

I made a promise to myself to make good, original, and interesting fics for you people to read! In other words: I Try Not To Write Crappy Fics.

Oh and R&R ALL MY WORK SO I CAN GET BETTER! Better yet, add them in your 'favorite stories'or add me to your 'favorite author!

C'ya on!

Jerseygirl :)

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Cats in the big kitty city are screaming in fear since the city is infested with a werecat, and our hero's The Swat Kats are out hunting. But this isn't going to be another hunt if it's in MKC! And what's this? Another werecat? Part 1 of Chap 3 is up!
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