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Hey everyone! i love Ron/Hermione stories and Ginny/Harry ones too.

Short bio (sorry stalkers this won't give you much information hehe):

a little bit about me (as a person):

gender: female

astrology sign: gemini

birthday: may 25th

family position: only child

hair color: blonde -- well it really depends, in the summer it's really light but right now it's like a dark blonde bordering on dishwater like blonde

Favorite tv show: Wildfire (ryan sypek is soooooo hot)

Favorite band/singer: there's really WAY too many to name but here's a few: My Chemical Romance, Evanescence, Cascada...and many more

Favorite song: this changes constantly but here's my favorites at the moment: "everytime we touch" - cascada, "i'm not okay (i promise)" - my chemical romance, "don't wanna think about you" - simple plan, "beep" - pussycat dolls, "missing" - evanescence

where i live and my education: i live in the us. and i am still in school (middle school or high school you guess!) right now it's very cold (and it's april!)

favorite movie: HARRY POTTER AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE! (and harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban). I also like the Lord of the Rings movies (although i still haven't seen the third one) and HOTEL RWANDA! omg! saddest movie EVER. we watched it in social studies and like 10 of us girls started crying!

favorite books: i must say i've taken a liking for the "Gossip Girl" "The Clique" and "A-List" books. and of course i love harry potter.

friends (you won't get any "real names"): One of my guy friends...let's call him "Al" he looks EXACTLY like Harry Potter - not even kidding. hmm...what else...okay i have like three groups of friends and we're all in different families and i call one of the groups the "Fox Crew" (i spend the most time with them). i have like 5 bffs - dreamer, bubbles, quackers, pepsi, and myself - drama queen (we all gave ourselves nicknames)

b/f: none...but my heart is taken

okay! i'll shut up about myself now!

Some random things about myself:

~ I have a strange obsession with icons and song lyrics. i know i'm a strange child. lol.

~ i like to write songs, too. but i really don't like to show them to people i don't know...for some strange reason.

~ my favorite candy is 3 musketeers...especially when they're frozen. YUM!

~ i absolutely HATE pop (or soda or whatever you people call it)

~ one of my best friends is obsessed with loons. she's a strange child too.

~ i am awesome at helping people getting over writers block. my head is full of random story ideas! if you need help just private message me! lol

~ i have a ficitionpress penname andiwishiremembered look me up!

hope i didn't bore you too much with that pointless information. hehe.

Thanks so much to Sallie who puts up with my constant Harry Potter chatting (and obsessing). Where would I be without you?
Stories Still In The Making:

1. A rewrite of Christmas at the Burrow. It's a Harry/Ginny story. I'm not really sure where it will go though...cuz we all know what happens in Half-Blood Prince between them...sigh.

2. Hermione and Ron both get kidnapped by Death Eaters but a different times. It's a complicated story and in my honest opinion sucks...but what can I do about that?

3. This one is just plain stupid: a Hermione/Draco fanfic - i don't really like them but they keep things interesting. Doubt this will go anywhere though, i do like some parts of it.

4. This one I actually like: It's a sequal to The Inner War. At the moment I have 4 pages and 1 line and it's all written on graphing paper that I took out of my math binder since i didn't have any other paper. The plot is good so far i has a lot of potential - at least in my opinion. But enough about this one! I haven't even finished typing up The Inner War yet!

5. a Ron/Hermione story (i'm fans of these) I've typed up most of what I have so this will be posted soon

Stories Finished & Posted:

1. The Inner War. A Hermione/Ron story and later to be a Harry/Ginny story too. It's a little sad (but for sal it's terribly sad -- she started crying when she read it). But it's really good (at least I think so)! I FINALLY FINISHED THIS! well...sorta...i still have some parts i need to tweak and some parts that i need to fill in because i forgot to write them but overall it's done! I decided to repost this because it was making me depressed that nobody could read it so I hope you enjoy! p.s. it has a happy ending! which makes me happy. and being happy is good.

that's all for now!

much love and may your wands stay brightly lit...rupertgrintfanatic

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