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Name: Like I'm gonna tell you! tee hee! call me Cello :-P

Age: You don't need to know that

Hobbies: I like irish dancing, drawing, tennis, and writing stories, although they're not as good my friend's. Gothika sup? ^_^

Fav.Mangas/Animes: Kodocha, Marmaldae Boy (haven't read it yet but my friends tell me it's good! ^_^), Yu-Gi-Oh, Rurouni Kenshin, Yu Yu Hakusho, Inu-Yashsa, DBZ (Dragon Ball Z), DBZ-GT, DB (Dragon Ball), Mobile Fighter GGundam, and so many more I can't think of them!!!! ^_^

Mangas I wanna read/get: Chobits (my friend thought it was gay but it turns out it wasn't tee hee ^_^U), Inu-Yasha, Zodiac P.I, the rest of Kodocha, and some other mangas in which I can't think of at the moment. ^_^U

Want to know a great site for pictures of animes/mangas? try this site: . It's an awesome site! DEFINATELY check it out if you wanna see tons of pics. A great variety too!

Wanna e-mail me and chat about stories, movies, mangas, shows, pics, and whatever? Go ahead! My e-mail should be listed on this page so e-mail me if ya wanna chat! But please don't send me any junk mail or advertisements or crap cuz then I'll get mad and make sure that you don't send me any e-mails! muwahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!... *cough cough* OK, I'm done now ^_^U tee hee. ^_^

~* I don't own any of the animes/mangas that I base my stories on. *~*

~*Please review my stories! I would really appreciate the reviews/contructive criticism/comments/compliments/tips you give me! However, please do not flame me if you think my stories are completely lame. I got into this huge flame fight with this person and we still haven't made up yet! I don't want that to happen again! If you have comments about the stories you don't like, just say what you think and don't send them in a flame! OK... thanks! ^_^U*~*

Ok, just to let you know that some of my stories are messed up. When I loaded them onto the site the paragraphs where the people talk are all together. Sorry if it causes confusion.

I wrote "Hyrule Tales" 4 years ago, so please excuse the writing of it. In class, we were learning to descirbe things in detail and I might have went overboard with the descriptions, but they do lighten up later on in the story. I'm sorry if the descriptions bore you.

Note: Due to the fact that I'm new to the whole "chapter management" thing, default chapter for "Hyrule Tales" is the whole story. So, Chapter 2 is really "Chapter 1" and Chapter 3 is really "Chapter 2" etc. It might be easier just to skip to Chapter 2 for reading the story.*

Between Chapters 4 and 5 of "Hyrule Tales", there is supposed to be another chapter and I guess I forgot to put it in. (^_^U) So, a summary of the missing chapter is that Link goes back to the cottage and packs his things. Meanwhile, at the castle, Zelda has a dream of this guy who kills Link and almost kills her. She wakes up and she gets Link upset because she got out of bed. So she tells him the dream and that leads to the next chapter. Sorry for the inconvenience.*

OK, some of my stories may not be exactly like the anime/manga because there are some things I'm not completely sure of. So please don't flame me when there's some wrong information in my stories, just tell me in your review and I'll try and make the correction in my story.

Well, I really hope you enjoy my stories. I have a few stories that are a "Work in Progress" but hopefully they'll get done soon. Review and enjoy!*


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