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If anyone is reading this, hi. I'm new to this sort of thing, so if you're reviewing any of my stories, please be kind.

Erin is my pen name, I am thirteen and live in the UK.

My favourite books: The Percy Jackson series (My favourite character is Annabeth, we're so similar)

My favourite TV show: The Big Bang Theory (I ship Lenny)

My favourite games: I love the Professor Layton series. My pen name is a reference (Luke Triton, he's just so adorable!) and I have played the first four games. Hopefully I'll have Miracle Mask and The Azran Legacy next year. I ship Layton/Claire and Luke/Flora mainly, but I'm fine with the Layton/Luke pairing. I can't choose a favourite character, there's so many!

I won't be publishing anything straight away, but I will as soon as possible.