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Umm...(strange and creepy looking multicultural girl looks around in dazed confusion) hey.

(Girl shifts from side to side and taps her foot and scratching the back of her neck) I'm not so good at this...talking about myself thing, butI feel I kind of need to very muchly so. Please ignore my atrocious spelling, there is no spell check on this program thus, if you have difficulty reading what I've written now you should probably stop before giving yourself a appearence...umm

Eyes: Green/grayish/just creepy looking in general.

Hair: Dark brown kind of. My sister callsit mermaid hair. ? I think that just means its sort of curly


Build :...scrawny, saddly enough.

Skin: it tans way too easy so i end up with a crap-load of really creative looking tan-lines very muchly so T.T

Age: 17 and one third

Name:...After consulting with my other half, I am sorry to inform you that I am not at liberty to divulge such information.

And yes, after this you can assume I am a very awkward looking person.


Anti-social...Its not a preference really, unfortunately i'm just not good at speaking about matters that seem trivial to mevery muchly so. I tend to be cynical, sarcastic, or just oblivious. I have a hard time"Staying on Earth" so to speak. My most common facial expression is that of Daydreaming...but that's sort of a given. I have this thing about touching people...don't like them touching me very muchly so...only if they know me really well...I really do try to get over it but @.@...I get nervous around crowds.I also like to be clean...I don't mind getting dirty I just need to be clean after I'm done very muchly so.

My favorite food is peaches

My favorite cuisine is Japanese

I am an objective person but I'm not a sociopath or anything.

And my favorite color is dark dark red...don't ask why, it isn't something sick and twisted.

After leaving you with this random information on myselfI will send you off with a quote-

"Cluelessness- There Are No Stupid Questions, But There Are a LOT of Inquisitive Idiots."

Ja matte ne mina

Domo, for reading,very muchly so!

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