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Welcome to my crazy little world!

I guess I'm not such a newbie around here anymore (oh, that feeling)... So, you don't get to know why I set up this account or exactly how high I had to get to start writing that story down there (scroll, scroll - do that, if you want to avoid reading my crazy ramblings and read my equally crazy fic instead). Nah, you only get the boring stuff now. Excited?

What you should know about me I wonder... How to make me happy? Yeah, I'm sure that's the one thing you really need to know - because that's the one thing you'll ever want to know - am I right, you serial killers with a soft spot for barmy eighteen-year-old female students out there?

Step 1: Make me a nice cup of tea - black, no sugar.

Step 2: Have a meaningful conversation with me - I find them harder and harder to come across these days.

Step 3: Recommend me a good book - classics are an enduring obsession of mine, the thicker the better.

Step 4: Go windsurfing, jogging, hiking, snowboarding or ice-skating with me - if you do that and enjoy it, rest assured you are at least half as crazy as I am. Yay!

Now, let me, the no-longer-newbie that I am, tell you about the unsolvable mysteries I have encountered on so far...

Why did you, fanfiction, rename my country to Czech Revar? Did you perhaps find the word Republic too long? Is it supposed to be an abbreviation? If it is, I can't see the right letters in there from whatever angle I look *sighs* See? Unsolvable mystery no. 1.

How am I supposed to enjoy a greatly written great story with a great plot and a bloody submissive Harry? To me Harry equals strong-willed, stubborn and rebellious. How those adjectives can project a pathetic damsel in distress to anyone is beyond me. Unsolvable mystery no. 2.

How could Ansketil and Lilacs write such a brilliant story together without tearing each other's head off in the process? No. 3.

Having skipped a few hundreds of unsolvable mysteries, we get to...

Just why is there an HTML editor when you can't actually edit anything? I wanted to turn my background black and my font way cooler! *pouts* I suppose one can do magic only in one's stories here... Yeah, let's move on to that :)

Taken by Surprise

On one bleak, rainy, October day, in one bored mind pestered by an importunate headache and a high fever a character was born - and along with him the spirit of this story. As much as I love him, it was not my Harry. Neither was it my Tom, nor my Severus. Surprisingly, the founding member of the crazy bunch was the craziest one of them all - the old man, Mr Sanderson...

The current condition of this story is messy - as things inside my head tend to be. If I had one hundred hands, fifty laptops and a brain with the potential to handle them all, this story would be finished in a few busy all nighters. Sadly, my hands uncompromisingly refuse to procreate, insidiously having formed a coalition with my brain cells and finances. Therefore, my dear readers, you can only hope that auntie Alzheimer will keep on forgetting to pay me a visit until you will be Taken by Surprise as fully and completely as I am now.

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The Easiest Thing reviews
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