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Muse: Kiro is my one and only muse. He's a very anti-social light user but he serves his purpose well. He sometimes does comentary on my stories. If I ever use one of my OC's in any fics I always use him. And like many others I learned my lesson the hard way; muses, sugar, and flamable materials don't mix.

Favorite anime: Um...let's see,Ronin Warriors, CCS, Yu-Yu Hakusho, YuGiOh, Ruroni Kenshin, Digimon and Gundam Wing are on my viewing list. ( My parents are very particular about what comes into this house, so most of my viewing is done when they're away. If they're home I'm strictly confined to Y7 shows, yippie!)

Favorite games: Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Ages, Fire Emblem, and the Final Fantasy games.

Favorite Pairings: Eh...mainly whatever I'm in the mood for. I don't mind shonen-ai and yaoi and I have been known to write fics along those lines.

Gender: My lips are sealed. Mwahahahahahah...*cough cough.*

Age: In between one and ninety.

Eye color: I'd like to say prussian blue, but I've been told angelic blue, ocean blue and mercury blue as well. So for the sake of simplicity, blue.

Height: Jus' tall enough.

Weight: Getting a little personal there...

Hobbies: Writing, listing to music (Simple Plan all the way) drawing, hiking, playing RPG's, mountain biking, running, and surfing the net.

I love challanges, so if you think of any good ones feel free to contact me.