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It's been quite awhile since I wrote anything--nearly four years!--but I've got the bug again, as well as some new things to fiddle with. If you've any questions or requests, do message me. My fanfic tends to soothe the fluff-romance in my brain and be that escape; I've original pieces I write for my serious needs.

Mini Bio: I'm 24 year old polyglot, live in coastal Connecticut with my boyfriend, a ball python, crested gecko, and shiba inu. I participate in improv theatre, MMORPGs (WoW, and the Pirates of the Burning Sea beta) and some historical reenacting groups. I love blades and weaponry, costuming, and masks. My current reading material is a re-read of "The Subtle Knife" by Phillip Pullman; my current favourite song is "Strip Polka" by Johnny Mercer--I heard it today in the car and died laughing! For 'regular' music, I listen to everything but will confess a weakness for early Ani DiFranco, the Offspring, and generally alternative music. XM's station 54-Lucy-is my lifeblood, along with the BBC and NPR.

From me, you might see...

X-Men: I love Storm in all her forms, from Ultimates to classic. She's my most beloved character from any work. As you can see, when I started writing before I was legally old enough to drink--it was 'Ro!

Firefly/Serenity: I've loved this for years, and may or may not try my hand at writing some fic, but I fear of marring Whedon's incredible work. Jayne is my favourite character--I do love me some bad guys!--and the rest all mingle in my heart.

Bones: I was introduced to Kathy Reich's work when it was first published and have been devouring it since; when Bones came on the air, it took some adjusting to, but I've grown to love the "TV Tempe".

X-Files: Would you believe I'd only seen two episodes up until the early part of December? I've devoured the first season and with the Ultimate X-Files DVD set on order and due to arrive Tuesday, I'm fairly confident that eventually I'll drop into the X-Files fandom and do some writing.

Torchwood: While I love Dr Who, I love Wales and Welsh more... so Torchwood has quickly shot its way up into my heart. Ianto is hands-down my favourite (I think Gwen is a nuisance somtimes!), followed closely by Jack, Owen and Tosh.