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Hey I'm Kiki! I've always loved writing and reading so
finding this site that include's my obsession of
cartoons was way cool. I hope to publish some stories
on here and just get to read others.

-Cartoon Freak 146

Favorite quotes:

Avatar:the last airbender

Cabbage Merchant: MY CABBAGES!!!

Smellerbee: I know. You're right. As long as I'm confident in who I am, it doesn't matter what other people think. Thanks, Longshot.

Iroh: I know you're not supposed to cry over spilled tea, but (sniffs) it's just so sad!

Aang: My fire chakra would like to eat something other than onion and banana juice.

Toph: You noodlebrains don't have a clue what you're doing. I miss Sokka.

Longshot: (speaking for the only time on-screen) There's no time. Just go. We'll take care of him. He's our leader.

Katara: Why are feet coming out of it?

Total drama world tour

Noah: Keep up the fascinating facts and I'm gonna be aero-nauseous all over you.

Eva: Dumb, like a bunch of dumb girls in dumb plaid skirts. Like, kilts.

Chris: And with three votes against him, Noah! (in English accent) It's time to say, "Tally ho! Pip pip! Cheerio! Tootle loo-"

Izzy: Awww, look at Big O! His fear of flying is so adorable! (Owen is sleeping on a couch, bundled in ropes. He then falls on the floor, revealing he was sleeping on Noah all night.)

Tyler: (on choosing the team name) Team number one and number two!

What I Ship and don't:

LongshotxSmellerbee-Ok there are a few people that don't ship this and its fine but seriously you wanna' know why I watch LOK (besides the very obvious reason) so I can see little Smellershot babies running around for at least one episode. They hinted at it and now I won't let that shipping go their my OPT.

SokkaxToph-I can't quite explain it but they both need someone who isn't a stick in the mud and has humor. Plus I think Toph teases him cuz' she likes him.

Ty LeexAzula-Someone has to balance out Azula's upset and angry crazy with some happy crazy.

AangxKatara-I'm OK with this couple but there are points where it upsets me.

MaixZuko-It's moody love what's better (OK so a lot but...)

NoahxIzzy-I don't know why i ship this I think Noah's my shipping whore

NoahxHeather-There both not popular with the other campers and lets face it their Smart. Plus I HATE Alejandro.

The Courtney Duncan Trent Gwen love square- I ship non of them together I just don't. Trent He's ok but the rest of them took over the show with stupid as hell love triangle and it was stupid because it ruined most of world tour and will ruin all stars.

DuncanxKatie-I don't know but I read a couple good one shots and I was hooked.

HeatherxDj-It's cute m'k

LindseyxCody-The dude needs something happy and nice in his life.

NoahxCody-There Ok I've actually read some pretty good stories on this couple.

GwenxTyler-...Their my guilty little shipping pleasure

GwenxIzzy-Ok so this may seem weird but it's not terrible. It's a relationship that Isn't quite normal I love it's quirks.

Character's and why I love or hate them

Smellerbee: She's Freakin' fantastic. The only female freedom fighter girl introduced. She's got gut's and is my role model for how a girl should be. Smellerbee is a fighter and she can pull her own weight. I wanted to see more of her throughout the series but sadly she wasn't as main a character as I had hoped.

Longshot-Ok so he only spoke once but he had a part and I wish I could communicate through my eyes it would be so freaking cool.

Katara- I really would love to love her character but she comes across as bitchy a lot and it bugs me. I don't hate her but...

Sokka-Got's to love me some sarcasm. I liked him but I felt like he could have been used less as a comic relief character and picked on less. It made him seem like the worlds greatest idiot.

Aang-He was great he had the right amount of flaws wasn't overly stupid could be connected with and all in all the kind of main character you want. I also liked the fact that he loved animals and could bring that in to the show.

Zuko-He suck on his hunt for the avatar but after that I was surprised to have liked his character so much. It was probably because he stopped saying 'I must find the avatar' or 'I must restore my honor' and all that crap.

Iroh-He's a jolly old man who loves tea. Whats there really to hate? He had depth and stuff so he was alright.

Azula-Why do people hate her she is my third favorite character. She has promise and isn't some freaky girly-girl who can't crush the world. Just think about it at least she has goals


Duncan-HE'S THE GOD DANM WRITER'S PET HE'S AN IDIOT, HE KICKED OF ONE OF TEAM E-SCOPES MEMBERS, AND HE TAKES UP TO MUCH FUCKING SCREEN TIME!!!!!! OK now that that's out of the way I'll explain more. Duncan is more stereotypical then the other characters. He's a cheating bad boy punk who isn't that bad. He has no flaws other then cheating and that was a flaw attached to his stereotype. For once can he not be on the god damn screen. It's annoying I want Katie and Sadie, Team E-scope, animal curse free DJ, and a Sierra free Cody back not the bane of my existance.

Heather-She's smart and I feel she fill's her role nicely without becoming the repeating predictable alpha bitch.

Cody-He's not anywhere's near his stereotype but he's just so adorkable.

Gwen-Meh I don't see what the hype is.

Justin-I wish I could like him but he got old really fast and could have been a good bad guy but that didn't happen.

Courtney-Whiney bitch anyone?

Lindsey-I like that though a big busted blonde she was also a smart girl with the ability to stand up for herself.

Beth-I liked her in till season two where they ran her character dry.

Cameron-Is adorkable and he actually beat the jock. He's a cool cartoon.

Dawn-She's an outcast and weirdo but she can play the game and isn't a weakling.

Zoey-A mary-sue but I don't quite hate her they just need to do something more with her.

Lightning-MAKE HIM SHUT THE HELL UP! I hate him he is stupid and shouldn't have made it that far in the game. He had no purpose but to be a stupid jock. At least with Tyler he did stuff and Didn't last longer than he should have.

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