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20TH MAY: Back into the old PKMN obsession. Rewrote most chapters of TWINE: TKJ. Next chapter is half-finished. Please review 'cos I'm really getting back into this, hehe (supposed to be on study leave for exams, but whatever)...

1ST JAN: Whew, finally got time to update again thanks to X-mas holidays. Chapter 10 of TWINE: TKJ is online. The next chapter is also finished and I'll post it over the weekend, possibly. Haven't beaten PKMN LG yet. Haven't really had time. I have a Religious Studies module exam on 17th Jan so things are pretty hectic.

26TH OCT: Bought PKMN Leaf Green (Fire Red was sold out). Found some sprites. Next chapter of TWINE: TKJ will be up sometime today (it's now 3:30 in the morning). The chapter after that is also finished. I'll post it before the end of the week.

Name: Samara (aka Phoenix)
D.O.B: Friday 13th May 1988
Location: Manchester, England
Occupation: Student (Latin, Religious Studies, Information Technology, English Lang. & Lit. & General Studies)
Interests: Hockey (ice), Taekwon-do, Extreme Martial Arts (XMA), Pokémon, web design, music
Describe Yourself: Worryer, fatalistic, non-conformist, independent, obsessive, loner...

I've always loved writing since I was a little kid. English has always been one of my fave subjects at school and now I'm studying English Language and Literature at AS-Level and I love it. I'm going to do a degree in English, possibly with Linguistics...

I write poetry occasionally. These days it's usually hockey poetry. My current prose projects are:

The World Is Not Enough: The Kanto Journeys (first in a Pokémon fanfic series)
- Going Into Overtime (a hockey fiction novel that I don't show to anyone, lol)
- Deceiver of Fools - on hiatus indefinitely (a fiction story about a girl who does a deal with the Devil to become famous)

I don't know how I'd describe my writing style. I try to keep things realistic but interesting. I don't do romance very well, probably because I rarely read it. I love reading gore and trashy horror but I've never really tried writing it. I have to get dancing, cheerleading, martial arts, singing and/or hockey into all of my stuff. It's like a personal trademark. I read and re-read all of my work before anyone sees it. I'm a perfectionist. I'm never satisfied. I like analysing what I write and dropping subtle hints via little things like sentence length, word choice, imagery and other things that are probably unnoticeable anyway. I like dropping hints, in general. Don't ask me for spoilers because you will get them. Hehe.

To be honest, I don't spend all that much time on FF.net. When I do, I read stuff from:

Pokémon (any Team Rocket, Elite Four or Lance stuff; rarely romance)
- Monkey Island (serious stuff: I like darkness and drama)
- Powerpuff Girls (again, serious stuff, especially where Him is involved)

I occasionally read Pirates of the Caribbean and Lord of the Rings stuff, but not often. I'm over those obsessions. LOL!

I review occasionally but I find it hard to criticize, even constructively, so my reviews are mainly praises and 'please continue' messages.

- I am online way too much.
- I worship Lance (Pokémon). I'm married to him in some Internet clique and I also run his fanlisting:
- Team Rocket owns me. I have a Team Rocket uniform (kind of).
- I bought PKMN Leaf Green just to see Lance (seriously).
- Morty is adorable too.
- I used to be obsessed with Giovanni. Now I just like him. A lot.
- Pokémon gets all the cute guys, don't you think?
- I think they should make a Monkey Island movie.
- Kantaris is a sexy female villain in the video game Time Crisis. Sadly I don't look anything like her.

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