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About Me:

They call me D

I love writing with a passion.

I write in fiction press under the name Tragic Bliss

I haven't updated here in a while, which i am terribly sorry for.

I am still writing, just more on fictionpress right now.

umm... but i am going to try and start writing on here more.

I'm taking all stories down except for "Problem Child"

Unless there is an overwhelming desire for any one of these stories to come back, they will not be back until further notice. I really want to focus on one story at a time right now. and "Problem Child" is currently inspiring me to write. Okay? Thanks, and goodbye!

-Stories: All in Progress.

"A Past Left in Darkness." - PJ Halliwell has had just about enough drama in her life, but sometimes, just because you've had enough, doesn't mean you're not in for more.(DOWN FOR RECONSTRUCTION!)

"Problem Child."- Paige is out of control, she's out on the streets, dealing to whoever will buy. But, will this hardcore teen have a change of heart after her street lifestyle begins to hurt the people she loves? (NEW CHAPTERS TO COME!)

"How I Survived: The Story of Paige Matthews."- After escaping an abusive situation, Paige must face her fears, and go against her foster mother; not only for herself, but for her new family (TAKEN DOWN FOR RECONSTRUCTION!)

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