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Author has written 16 stories for Harry Potter, Card Captor Sakura, Yu Yu Hakusho, Flatland, Lord of the Flies, Tender_is_the_Night, and Hetalia - Axis Powers.

Hi, I decided to make my profile shorter. Still kept the quotes though. I like quotes.

Well, I'm a yaoi fan who really isn't into writing yaoi...that doesn't make much sense does it? Whatever. Anywho I love to create and take quizzes, the non academic kind though, writing fan fiction (duh), and reading.

Fav. quotes from fan fiction or the shows, books, etc:
Heh, I'm adding a disclaimer to quotes, but whatever, I don't own any of these.


1. My name is Tom Marvolo Riddle, age ten and seven months, and I am the janitor. Unofficially. Have a mess? Call Riddle and he’ll mop it up with a smile. 1-800-FUCK-YOU. (Mirror, Mirror by starlit gossamer)

2. I wonder if there's a special place in hell reserved for idiots? (Crumbling Pedestal by Shivani Blue)

3. "Okay, I'll come with you." Harry stood. "But you have to hand over your wand. For all I know, you're a violent drunk. The last thing I need is a drunk Dark Lord in Muggle London."

4. Ron: Have any of you seen my brain? It vanished during the middle of the History of Magic exam; said something about a coffee break and just took off, and it hasn't come back yet.

5. "Followed me to further assault me with claims of my kindness to the elderly and affection for small animals?" Snape asked.

6. (What if Dumbledore would tell his staff about the Prophecy?)
Dumbledore: "So we know that Harry is Lucifer. So then, who is God?"
McGonagall: "Well God is the one who raised and taught Lucifer. But I don't know."
Snape: "That would be Dumbledore, as you are the boy's mentor."
Dumbledore: "But turns him dark?"
Snape: "Lack of trust, hiding things from him. And since Lucifer is the head of the demons, and the only true challenger to God..."
Dumbledore: "We could be in trouble."

A future vision:
God (Dumbledore) stretches out his hand to Lucifer (Harry). He had been working on him for months. Lucifer was finally beginning to trust him again. His wings were starting to turn back to white. And suddenly this board hits Lucifer and pushes him into the Abyss. God was not happy.
"What did you just DO!" God yells to his warrior angels (Ministry).
"We were simply getting rid of the demons (Dark creatures Lupin)," says the proud leaders of these angels (Fudge).
They hear below them a distant roaring.
God whispers, "Shit.”
(Okay, that was actually a review for a story, but it was funny)

7. He entered the store and immediately went to the Myths and Legends section. He grabbed about 13 books and stumbled to the counter. Throwing down his pile of galleons to the startled cashier, who secretly suspected that the oriental boy was related to that bushy haired girl, Hermo-ninny or whatnot, his grin widening. Life was good when you had the money of future terrorists and political psychos to spend.

8. "That’s like saying Ron isn’t a complete and utter arse, and Dumbledore would look sexy in a thong,” Blaise joked, grinning.

“Do you really think so, Mr. Zabini?” came a familiar voice. Hermione and Blaise froze, then turned pale faces to the figure behind them. It was Albus Dumbledore. “Interesting luncheon conversation, Ms. Granger.”

“Eheh, good afternoon, Professor. Is there something you need?” a shocked Hermione asked.

Dumbledore smiled. “Actually, there is. Have you seen the foreign boys, by any chance? I must speak to them about a rather urgent matter,” he said.

“Um, we haven’t seen them since free period started, Professor. Sorry,” Blaise said, a slight red tinge on his cheeks. He’d never been so embarrassed in his life.

“Oh. Well, then. I’ll leave you two to think about my possible undergarments. Good day.” And the sly old coot walked away with a slight bounce in his step, eyes twinkling. Hermione and Blaise fell over.

“Oh Merlin, I think I lost a few years there,” Hermione said, clutching her heart. “Where’s my copy of Hogwarts: A History? I need some comfort reading.”

“Where’s my stuffed bunny? I think I need a cuddle,” Blaise muttered

9. "What's 'Important Business' for?" Harry asked. He figured Muggles was for him, when he was off with the Dursleys.

"Grimmauld Place." Arthur said. "I couldn't get 'Off Plotting Against The Dark Lord And His Minions' to fit.

10. "Where has Kreacher gone off to, anyway?" Harry asked Ron. "I haven't seen him since we got here."

"We're better off that way, if you ask me." Ron said, cringing. "I'd rather hate to catch him snogging Sirius' dad's trousers, again."

"A sexually frustrated house-elf- now I have heard everything!" Draco said bleakly. "Is there anything else I should know about, seeing as I am stuck at this funny-farm for the remainder of summer?"

"Mundungus Fletcher is slanging shoddy cauldrons out the back door." Harry said dryly.

"Firebolt knock-offs, too." Ron added. "They're really Comet Two-Sixties, with a new paint job and the serial number charmed off."

"Perfectly normal." Draco said tightly, raising an eyebrow. "So that's it, then? No Dementors in the basement or anything?"

"Oh no, Harry's allergic." Ron quipped.

"That's right, I forgot." Draco said, almost smuggly. "Dragons on the roof, then?"

"Only when Charlie is in town." Ron said.

"Anything else?" Draco sounded weary.

"A werewolf lives here part-time." Harry said.

"Lupin." Draco pulled a face. "Of course." He sighed. "That it, then? No more surprises?"

"I caught Dumbledore shagging McGonagall." Ron offered.

"Morgana's Rosy Bum!" Draco swore. "That is the most disgusting thing I have ever heard!"

Draco looked back and forth between Harry and Ron, who seemed totally unaffected.

"You know what, Potter?" Draco sputtered. "This is a madhouse!"

"You know, I think you might be right, Malfoy." Ron said. (I'm pretty sure this is from phoenix song, but I could be mistaken...)


1. Hiei looked at Yusuke squarely. “Tell me what is going on. Now.”
Yusuke raised his eyebrows. “Oh, did I forget to tell you? Our next assignment requires you to be able to drive a car.”
Hiei’s jaw dropped open. What sort of bizarre assignment would need him to drive a ningen vehicle? What were they going to do, make a hit-and-run raid on a gathering of renegade oni devils? He hmphed mentally.
“We’re going to make a hit-and-run raid on a gathering of renegade oni,” Yusuke cheerfully told him. (Teaching a Fire Demon How to Drive by Tsukiyo no Yume)

2. "I've been a lot of pressure, killing you would be the perfect remedy." (Hiei)

3. "Tell me Kuwabara, how does it feel living in a constant haze of stupidity?" (Hiei. Can you tell yet that he's one of my overall fav. characters? You can't? How positively sad.)

4. "The only reason I was caught was because that ridiculous baby has some sort of fetish for demon relationships." It was true. Koenma would never find his hoard of goods. If Hiei bothered to get involved in the human ways of buying and selling, he would be the richest among the bunch. He planned on giving the diamond necklaces to Yukina some day, and the sword collection was for his own personal use. The snowglobes and piccolos he just found amusing to look at. There was nothing like turning a tiny world upside down and changing the weather with a small and violent shake for pleasure.

5. “Guy saves the world, still has to do algebra, makes sense.” ~Yusuke

6. Kuwabara: It’s such a pretty day too. Doesn’t seem right to be locked up in a school.

Yusuke: Uh, oh. I think I just got sick.

Kuwabara: Me too. Heard the arcade’s got medicine.

Yusuke: I guess we’ll have to go there. (Yu Yu Hakusho episode)

7. I opened my eyes and found a nice light green ceiling staring back at me... 'Ooh how I love the little green ceilings and their pointy bumps of death.' (Broken Windows)

8. Hiei: So, this is the entrance to Hell. It’s drearier than I expected.

9. Hiei: This wind coming in feels like home. It’s comforting and it soothes me. It tastes like freshly spilt blood and the rotting flesh of decaying corpses.

Mercedes Lackey:

1. I doubt She will answer my prayers; deities are funny like that. They have a perverse sense of humor, for sure. Deities with twisted humor. That’s just what we all need. (Something I Most Certainly Should Not Have Done by FrenchPea)


1. "What's the point of having cosmic balance and knowing the secrets of fate if you can't blow something up? (Reaper Man, pg 305)

2. "Would you mind giving it a push? The Door of Knowledge Through Which the Untutored May Not Pass sticks something wicked in the damp." (Guards! Guards! pg 7)

3. "You've got to face facts, boy. You'd be much more at home on the surface. It's in your blood. The roof isn't so low, either." You can't keep knocking yourself out on the sky, he told himself. (Guards! Guards! pg 24)

4. It certainly ha an important-looking crest at the top, but the signature was something like "Lupin Squiggle, Sec'y, pp." (Guards! Guards! pg 30)

5. It was a five hundred mile journey, and, suprisingly, quite uneventful. People who are rather more than six feet tall and nearly as broad across the shoulders often have uneventful journeys. People jump out at them from behind rocks then say things like, "Oh. Sorry. I thought you were someone else." (Guards! Guards! pg 32)

6. Say what you liked about the people of Ankh-Morpork, they had always been staunchly imdependent, yielding to no man their right to rob, defraud, embezzle and murder on an equal basis. (Guards! Guards! pg 173)

7. "Might havebeen just an innocent bystander, sir," said Carrot.

"What, in Ankh-Morpork?"

"Yes, sir."

"We should have grabbed him, then, just for the rarity value," said Vimes. (Guards! Guards! pg 206)

8. Vimes lowered the ape, who wisely didn't make an issue of it because a man angry enought to lift 300lbs of orangutan without noticing is a man with too much on his mind.(Guards! Guards! pg 299)


1. In a way the day was like something taken out of a pathetic little fairy tale. The one in which evil is conquered and nobody dies in the end. It was midday, the sun was shining, the birds were singing. All living things seemed to be in peace and harmony with each other, and the world was perfect and flawless.
For some unexplainable reason Bakura was sitting on a whicker chair next to the window with his head resting on his hands and his face against the cool glass. It was impossible to tell if he was deeply fascinated, or completely bored out of his skull.
Maybe he was simply observing the life going on outside his window. Trying to gain a deeper understanding of what it was truly like to be human, and the world he now lived in.
Of course such a statement is completely far fetched and he was in fact wishing the birds would die and it would rain for forty days and forty nights like in the bible. Due to boredom he was also trying to use the power of his mind to burn the yapping dog next door to a crisp. Unfortunately all attempts were unsuccessful.

2. There was screaming, Yami Yugi’s first reaction was to grab hold of his puzzle and prevent Bakura laying his hands on it. Thinking this was Bakura’s last resort for getting his Sennen item. This of course was pointless when the other was reaching for his throat, and proceeded to bang the Yami’s head continuously against the hard ground. Taking great pleasure in doing so.

After a minute of refusing to die it suddenly dawned on the once pharaoh that this was a murder attempt, and for the first time in three thousand years Bakura really, really wanted him dead.

3. I'm laughing right now. You know why? Not only because I'm crazy, because this whole situation is driving me even more nuts. It's pretty funny if you think about it, really. Actually, I'll laugh some more to show how crazy I really am.Okay...that didn't really work out. My throat hurts now, damn you. Wait, I'M the one who offered it in the first place to demonstrate myself? Okay, damn Yami Bakura. Happy? Of course you're not. Great, now I'm talking in third person.

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