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I've been writing ElfQuest fan fiction for the Tower Mountain EQ fan club since 1986, and have just recently gotten sucked into BtVS fanfic. My favorite character is (take a guess) Spike, whom I devoutly hope is on his way to being redeemed--just not TOO redeemed.

Update: Due to's NC-17 purge, I decided I wasn't going to post the sequel to Necessary Evils here, because frankly, it's too much of a hassle to worry about whether I've crossed the R-line. Especially as it seems to be pretty arbitrary. If you're interested, A Parliament of Monsters can be found on my web site,

Update#2, May 2012: Due to ffnet's renewed purging activity, I've deleted all my stories from this site. It's their site and they can do what they like with it, but I don't want to support a site that deletes stories and suspends accounts with no prior warning for very minor infractions of their often unclear rules. (And no, nothing of mine got hit, but it's the principle of the thing.) If you want to read my stuff, it's available at and at