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Author has written 12 stories for O.C., Gossip Girl, and Twilight.

"When life hands you lemons, cut them into small pieces and squirt them in other people's eyes."--DJ, 2001

I actually forgot this page even existed...sorry to anyone who has come to this page trying to find some actual info about me. I haven't updated this profile since I joined in 2003, way back when I was the wise old age of eighteen...which should explain the seriously lame little blurb I put up here.

That was six years ago, but not much has changed. I still rock the OC pretty hard, albeit from afar. At least I represent.

I'm in my last year of med school which may or may not explain why some of my stories have medical undertones.

I hope you guys enjoy reading my stories because I certainly enjoy writing them...even though I think I'm completely unoriginal and utterly cliche.

Categories in which I've written or am writing stories:

Gossip Girl

Nate and Blair. I am a book series purest. I mean, I've read all of them, multiple times. In the books they are together. Therefore I will never accept anything else...even though Ed Westwick is totally the shit and even though I would love to see a Dan/Blair hate pairing. Come on, you know that would be totally hot. Anyway, there seems to be a real dirth of stories about N/B, so I do what I can to correct that situation.

I abhor Serena van der Woodsen. I've always thought she was vapid and selfish and so simple, it made me want to scream when she would appear in the books. I much prefer Blair because I'm every bit as much of a psycho as she is, and I love her for it. I like Blake Lively, but you'll probably never see a story about S/D out of me.

I loathe the changes that they made to Vanessa. In the books, she is this bald badass chick...and in the tv series, we're supposed to believe that she's the plain dowdy best friend from Brooklyn? Oh come on, Jessica Szohr is effing gorgeous. But...I don't like N/V together, see above. What they really should have done is not make Aaron Rose so skeevy, then he could have been hooked up with Vanessa...thus leaving Nate to be with Blair, and Chuck to be with his newly acquired pet monkey, Sweetie...just like in the books. See that, this is why writers should take cues from the fans.

I hated Jenny Humphrey in the GG books, I can tolerate her in the It Girl series (is it weird that I still read all these books even though I'm 23?), and I sometimes like her in the show. You've got to give me something more, tv writers, before I actually start warming up to her character. Yeah, and don't put her with Nate. It makes my skin crawl to imagine Chace Crawford hitting that.

I wish the Chuck Bass in the books was like the awesomeness Chuck Bass that he is on the show.

I've only read the first Carlyle's GG book, but I sort of really like the Jack character. Avery seems like so effing boring, like have a fucking original thought, why don't you?

The OC

Summer : You weren't the only virgin in the room.

Seth: What? You mean like someone was in there, taping us?

I think it is pretty self-explanatory. It's the show that started everything for me...on this website at least. It's the show that made everything I liked cool. Hell, it made being from Orange County cool and that is no small feat.

Seth. Summer. Their banterings, the arguments, the quips. I love them.

I also love Ryan alone, by himself. I think Taylor was fine, and early Marissa was okay...but you lost me with Sadie and Lindsay.

I'm still on my quest to become Julie Cooper. It'll happen, dare to dream.

Oh, and I'm still obsessed with the PFG's eyebrows. They're more exquisite now on DVD than ever.


I've recently become a fan of the "Twilight Saga," having read all four books in a span of five days. That's right, approximately 2500 pages in five days. I don't think I've read that much ever and I'm in med school. Stephenie Meyer really sucked me in with the novels she loosely based the four books on...three of my absolute favorites. Pride and Prejudice, which is my very favorite book in the entire world. I've read it about twenty times, and I am probably in love with Mr. Darcy. No, I'm definitely in love with him. Romeo and Juliet, my favorite Shakespearean work--and not only because of the Leonardo DiCaprio-Claire Danes movie. Wuthering Heights, which has to be one of the most tortured novels I've ever read. I love it. A Midsummer Night's Dream is a work that I can definitely appreciate--we put on the play when I was in elementary school. And, Stephenie Meyer and I have very similar music taste...although I was surprised Muse's Starlight wasn't on any of the Twilight playlists. It should be...that song is beautiful. It's the muse for one of the chapters in my story "Never Tear Us Apart."

The point is, Edward Cullen has made me into a fifteen year old fangirl again. I mean, I wept several times during the first novel at some of the things he said...a character hasn't affected me like that since Mr. Darcy.

Plus, I really liked the movie. They couldn't have casted Edward better than Robert Pattinson--I think it's a testament to to book, and in no way a slight to Mr. Pattinson that I am more attracted to him as Edward than as in real life. Like, he's a good looking dude, but not so much for me when he's not wearing all the makeup and when he doesn't have the bronze hair.

I'm currently outlining a story that is coming out for it!

Other shows I watch:

How I Met Your Mother-I would write a story about Barney Stinson, but there's no way I could make him be more awesome than he already is. Suit up!

Entourage-same goes for Ari Gold. Hug it out, bitch.

Saved by the Bell. Family Guy. Gilmore Girls. The Office. Scrubs. Any sort of reality programming. If they show it on VH1, E, or Bravo, I watch it. Sometimes I watch MTV, but I am so over the Hills or any incarnation of the Hills.

Music from my stories:

Never Tear Us Apart:

Inspired by Never Tear Us Apart by INXS

Ivy. Back in Our Town; The Killers. Mr. Brightside; Something Corporate. Ruthless; Death Cab for Cutie. Tiny Vessels; The Republic Tigers. Buildings and Mountains; The Killers. When You Were Young; The Cranberries. Linger; Fleetwood Mac. Go Your Own Way; Journey. Faithfully; Death Cab for Cutie. Title and Registration; Duran Duran. Ordinary World; Muse. Starlight; George Michael. Kissing a Fool; The Outfield. Your Love; Peter Frampton. Baby, I Love Your Way; Spoon. The Underdog; Depeche Mode. Never Let Me Down Again; Rihanna. Umbrella; The Postal Service. Nothing Better; Reason Why. Rachael Yamagata.

Because the Night:

Inspired by Because the Night both versions by Patti Smith and 10,000 Maniacs featuring Natalie Merchant

Bizarre Love Triangle:

Inspired by Bizarre Love Triangle by New Order (Frente version also good)

Simon & Garfunkel. The Only Living Boy in New York; Panic! At the Disco. Nine in the Afternoon; Chris Isaak. Wicked Game; The La's. There She Goes; The Beatles. Hey Jude; U2. One; New Order. Bizarre Love Triangle; Don Henley. Boys of Summer; Duran Duran. Hungry Like the Wolf; Simon and Garfunkel. Mrs. Robinson; The Police. Don't Stand So Close to Me; Cobra Starship. The City is at War; Kanye West. Stronger; The Hush Sound. That's Okay; Gavin Rossdale; Love Remains the Same; Chris Brown. Kiss Kiss; Chris Brown. Forever; Pussycat Dolls. When I Grow Up.

Music I'm currently listening to: Cobra Starship. U2. MGMT. The Police. Duran Duran. Incubus. Depeche Mode. The Republic Tigers. Linkin Park. Journey. Carolina Liar. Muse. Death Cab for Cutie. The Killers. Far. Paramore. Smashing Pumpkins. The Cure, as always.

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